Is there a 'true' sisterhood amongst women? Society sayeth so, but is it really real?

Is there a 'true' sisterhood amongst women? Society sayeth so, but is it really real? Topic: The sisterhood tlc
June 27, 2019 / By Joetta
Question: There is this new show on TLC call Sisterhood. Its about ministers wives and how they role. Well.. there is one black woman who is married to a WHITE minister and the other black women were giving her the business. It seems the one in the interracial is more educated and sophisticated. The other black females felt very insecure in comparison. Now there is also a white dominican chick married to the most successful minister who is black, and the black sister wives are cool with it. Do sisters really support one another?
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Gay Gay | 7 days ago
LOL I watched that show! And no, there is no sisterhood between women. It's because all women hate each other, and we don't all get along very well. Women backstab, betray, and lie to one another. And also, women absolutely hate on beautiful women. It's just the way it is. :/
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Gay Originally Answered: WOMEN ONLY!How do women expect to be viewed in today's society?
I think society should treat women as equals. I want society to realize women are capable of doing almost anything men can do (and viceversa of course). We should be paid the same as men. I don't want special treatment for being a woman, only the level of compassion shown to everyone regardless of gender. I don't want to be seen as helpless. I want society to view me as a thinking individual with value outside the role of wife/mother.. people say that the idea that women are inferior died out long ago, but still see discrimination from time to time. Even today, I don't expect to be treated exactly as a man. I'm not sure society is ready for gender roles to be completely done away with, though I wouldn't protest it one bit. I hope this reply makes sense. I'm half asleep. Good luck with your research project.

Debby Debby
Maybe they secretly dislike the white Dominican woman married to the black man but won't say it out loud. They may talk about her behind her back (or realized the black man was a sellout way before and can't be saved.). Or perhaps they are jealous of the black women married to the white man because they want one too. I don't know that show doesn't represent reality. Mind you, a lot of those so called "reality" shows are scripted.
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Britney Britney
No. I'm.sorry to say, but I believe with BW we aren't as United as before. We (general sense not literal) are jealous, envious, hateful, nasty, mean spirited, and unkind towards other BW. We like to see them unhappy, miserable, unhealthy, bitter and so forth. It wasn't like this before. We argue over LS and DS. We assume one is better due to how they carry themselves. We are not happy when one has bettered themself. It's ridiculous. But many of us are kind, happy for, happy people, supportive, grateful and helpful towards each other. And that's awesome, yet I just dislike the disunity between us... Society deems it okay for a WW to date a BM.... but a BW can't date a WM.. I asked a question like this earlier. It's sad and I hope it changes. I believe that the WW/BM pair is more "acceptable" while WM/BW isn't.
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Alicia Alicia
i guess some girls have animosity towards interracial dating and marriage...guys do the same thing too....(welcome back)
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Alicia Originally Answered: Is it true all women secretly fantasize about other women?
I read that same study--it was linked on someone's Q. Here it is again: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/25/magazine/25desire-t.html You have to remember that women are basically men but with different loads of different hormones; however, sexual desire, from what I know, is strongly influenced by testosterone, the male hormone, so it's not surprising that some or most of their bodies respond sexually, like males, to other women, even if mentally they don't want them to. And then you have to understand this was one study--it needs to be replicated with the same results numerous times for it to be scientifically true. Also, anyone who studies the bonobo is probably looking for signs of homosexuality (given the nature of the bonobo), and is more likely to taint the research. Scientists lie all the time, especially if it keeps them in the money.

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