Mcdonalds JOB APPLICATION question?

Mcdonalds JOB APPLICATION question? Topic: an application letter for employment
July 21, 2019 / By Lorina
Question: Okay, so I am 15 and a half years old. I am applying for a job at Mcdonalds. I filled out the application online and clicked continue. Then this new thing popped up saying "You are at a website used by your prospective or current employer to recruit and select candidates. To proceed with this you need a User ID and PIN provided by an employment representative." ...But also, above that it said "Thank you for your interest in pursuing a job opportunity with McDonald's!" So I was wondering what that is all about, the User ID and PIN? Do I need them, or how do I get them. Ugh, applying for jobs is so frustrating! HELP Judy, if i could go in person, i would (trust me) but you have to apply online now for privacy issues, so what my sister who worked there says. Thanks for the good advice(: it'll help lots when i go in for my interview!
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Katharyn Katharyn | 4 days ago
Number one rule: Filling out applications online is a waste of time. Go in person. Dress well. Be prepared with all your info to fill out the appliation - including paper and pens. When done, ask for the manager to turn it in. Shake his/her hand and sell yourself hard to him. Compliment the store cleanliness (they like clean people), and tell him how much you would like to work there. Practice this with a parent. Return 2 days later with a typed thank you letter. Make sure to remember the managers name. Again, ask for the manager to turn it in Go in off hours - not during lunch or dinner and not afer 4pm This will also show them that you have transportation to the location. You'd be surprised how many 15 year olds apply and have no way of getting there. /
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Katharyn Originally Answered: Question about job at mcdonalds?
I was 16 in April and applied , they gave me a job but wouldn't let me start till July this year (first shift yesterday , second today ) so that's rubbish that they can't hire you till your 18 , and anyway surely it asked for your dob, so why give an interview when she can tell your not 18? Anyway, you could try again, although I've only had one shift I don't think it's a bad job as you get to know what a work environments like and you deal with the public and it's a fast paced environment. Generally all the people you work with are nice as theyre all there for the same things, money and experience If you do go back, Good Luck! (btw I live in UK if that helps for the law thing, plus see if there's anyone working there whose around your age) And yeah , of they're doing interviews every week , chances are she will have forgotten you, and the interviews aren't that long anyway :p

Helena Helena
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/ax7k6 Ok for all of the people saying you have to be fifteen or sixteen to work at McDonalds SHUT UP! I am 14 and I work at McDonalds. McDonalds does hire rather easily, I mean I am 14 I filled out my application, completed the survey, and they called me the next day and I had my interview the day after I filled out my application, was hired on the spot. Then started 3 days later... so I would call to see if they are actually hiring or just taking applications (they do that an they'll call in a few weeks when they need more people) and also make sure you filled out the evaluation survey
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Dulcibella Dulcibella
If you want the job this is what you are going to do son: find out the manager's schedule and go every day while he's working and ask him for a job. If he says he's not hiring that a good thing. Stay persistent, and he will hire you sooner or later. Dress well every time you go. Make sure your rocking a fresh cut and are well shaved if you got facial hair. Make sure your not wearing clothes that call too much attention or look like a street cat. Act and talk with confidence. Ask the manager if he's hiring and if he says no, don't just leave. Be like "No? I need a job, trust me i could work." I hope you get the idea. Be persuasive. Ask the manager for a number you could reach him. The more questions you ask about the job the better are your chances. He might hate you at first but sooner or later he'll start liking you. That's how i did it. And by the way f**k McDonalds for laying me off. I work at a pharmacy now.
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Cecelia Cecelia
Believe it or not there are still plenty of people that do not have the Internet. I am a counselor for a teenager job program, and I can tell you that they still do issue paper applications, and in fact I recommend it over the privacy online application shell. So I would march right down there and get an application in person. In fact there are somethings that you can take to enhance your chances of getting the McDonalds job. Those are none other than at least (2) letters of reference. Where might one get those? Try some teachers or relatives or adults that have interacted with you in any charitable organization or church.
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Cecelia Originally Answered: Important Mcdonalds job question?
I'm pretty sure McDonald's wouldn't judge of physical appearance for you to get the job...it is likely that the manager was just checking you out, sorry. The Now Hiring sign usually means that they are currently looking to hire people so that should increase your chances, but I'm sure getting a job there isn't too hard, as long as you're nice, and friendly and can show them that you'll work hard. Calling you for an interview can take a week or two for them to collect all the applications and review all of them

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