If a branch falls down in an empty forest, does it make a noise?

If a branch falls down in an empty forest, does it make a noise? Topic: How to make a paper tree with branches
July 24, 2019 / By Gage
Question: With regards to quantum physics. No one is there to detect the noise (including wildlife, the situation is hypothetical).
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Denver Denver | 8 days ago
Yes, of course it makes a noise. Sound waves exist independent of their being perceived, as does everything else. When we speak of measurement in quantum mechanics as being fundamental to the collapse of a wavefunction and thus creating relative certainty about a single event as opposed to the various possible events that might have occurred, we are not speaking about perception but of complexity and interaction. Any interaction of sufficient complexity, and it doesn't take much to be sufficient, causes the wavefunction to collapse. A branch of a tree can never be in a quantum superposition between having fallen and not or anything remotely similar. If it falls, it generates sound waves (unless there's no atmosphere, but that's a different question), whether anyone perceives them or not. EDIT: Josh Hulks mentioned Schroedinger's Cat. I've studied it fairly extensively and written on the subject as an undergrad studying the philosophy of physics (I got an A on that paper, actually). The thought experiment was meant to show the ridiculousness of a theory in which perception is paramount. Schroedinger was in no way suggesting that a cat could be in a superposition between dead and alive. Rather, it was a flaw in the standard model that it used language of perception. At the time, there were no concrete theories on what causes collapse. Now there are, though it certainly isn't fully understood, and so quantum physicists don't speak of perception when discussing it anymore. Now it is understood how complexity disentangles wavefunctions. The real open question is whether that process splits the universe into a multiverse of every possibility or whether it is the process by which a single possibility becomes a reality. Either way, it happens without any involvement from life forms.
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Ben Ben
You added in "with regards to quantum physics" so I recommend you do some research about a famous thought experiment theorized by Schrodinger called "Schrodinger's cat". The experiment was in contradiction to the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum mechanics. This will help you solve your "paradox" and gain an understanding about quantum uncertainty and Quantum entanglement.
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Aaron Aaron
It is a physical reality it has nothing to do nothing with quantum physics or classical physics.Reason is this that it has been the experience of observer that noise is made and if now observer is not there does not mean that the noise is not made.If events depend upon the observer then Archeology will have no meaning. IVAN
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Sheryl Sheryl
You must consult a dictionary for the accepted definitions of noise and sound, etc. Sound energy and noise is produced but there is no one there to hear the sound (required by the definition of sound).
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