What does the bible say about stem cell research?

What does the bible say about stem cell research? Topic: Research bibles
June 25, 2019 / By Monat
Question: okay, so we are have a debate about stem cell research at school. I am a Christian and i believe it is wrong but there always has to be these idiots saying it is perfectly okay. I need some good ways in the bible to prove them wrong. okay obviously some people do not get my question. yes i do know what stem cells are you need them to live and we are having a debate on why or why not it would be wrong to kill a baby in the womb to save the life of an adult. yes i know it does not directly state anything about stem cell research but there are probably things that state why it would be wrong. sorry if you did not understand my question. thanks
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Linsey Linsey | 8 days ago
There is nothing in the Bible that says anything about stem cell research. Also, even if there was something in the Bible, it really wouldn't help because NOT EVERYONE THINKS THE BIBLE IS ALWAYS RIGHT OMIGOSHWHOKNEW. If you'd want to PROVE a point, you'd need something SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. But, then again, there is no proven reason why stem cell research is wrong, so.... Sorry, can't help. But you have to think: Would "killing" the fetus really be considered KILLING something? At the stage in pregnancy where it is legal to terminate the fetus, said fetus cannot: feel, smell, taste, see or hear, and has no consciousness. Sure, its heart beats, but does that really make it "alive", if it has no consciousness and no senses? Think about it.
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Linsey Originally Answered: Iran/Muslims leading in medical research/stem cell research. Will supercede USA. T or F?
They are not going to blow up the world, I wish people would grow up and get outside of their box and actually learn something! I do not believe Iran will take the lead in stem cell research.

Kalysta Kalysta
Stem cell research is a very modern concept and would not be in the Bible. If anything, you will find references to the value of life, and to apply such ideas to stem cell research is so contrived that you might as well not debate at all. It's like saying that because the beaches are precious, we should not make glass lightbulbs. @mountainparadise: "Thou shalt do no murder" Oh shut it. Nobody is "murdered" for stem cells. Most that are used are grown in the labs, and the initial donors are either dead anyways (and were donated to science, not killed for science) or adults that donate their stem cells willingly and WITHOUT DYING. Edit: Abortion and stem cell research are two independent topics. The only connection between them is that sometimes the fetuses are donated to science, instead of being thrown away. Fetuses are not killed for research. Abortions happen for several other reasons. It's an ex post facto decision to use them for research.
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Hailey Hailey
If you'll remember, the Bible was written about 1800 years ago. Stem cell research goes back all of about 20, maybe 30 years. Therefore....NOTHING. Depending on your point of view...Gd says that we are to make people healthy, when that is possible, and live as long as we can....so...if it can make one person healthier, or prolong one life without endangering any others, then it's condoned.
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Dolanna Dolanna
The erroneously labeled "embryonic" stem cells are harvested from the blastocyte stage of development. At this point, there are only a few hundred cells, less than in the brain of a fly.
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Carlotta Carlotta
Stem cell research is the next step in medical science. Without modern day medicine there's a very high chance that you wouldn't be here, I know I wouldn't be here. So I think your argument will be quickly dismissed.
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Anetta Anetta
Well prepare to lose... In the case you're presenting, babies are NOT killed for their stem cells, they are merely donated, seeing as abortion is legal up to a certain point the mother would have figured that they might as well take advantage of those life saving cells.
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Wilburn Wilburn
If you have to argue against it...a religious view is not the one to choose since its far too modern a concept. Argue against baby farms then show the clip from south park of christopher reeve sucking the juice out of fetuses :) Though I think youre a massive and idiotic tool for thinking it could possibly be a bad thing...
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