Why am I so emotionally attached to every girl I meet?

Why am I so emotionally attached to every girl I meet? Topic: How to write a list of hobbies and activities
June 20, 2019 / By Newt
Question: The past few girls that I've dated, they all ended and I had a really hard time getting over them unless I found someone else. And it's happening again, I don't know why....I'm trying so hard to stop but nothing I do works. Going for walks, talking to people about it, etc. nothing. She always comes back into my mind no matter what I do. Is there some kind of mental disability that causes this? Only serious answers, please.
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Kirby Kirby | 9 days ago
It sounds like you need to work on you. You need to be ok with being alone before you can be with someone (and even get over losing someone). You need to be fully independent person who loves himself before you can be half of a unit. It sounds like the desire you have for this person (these people) is to help make you hole. They can't do that for you. Find hobbies that you like. (Go to the gym, take cooking classes, etc.) Meet new people. Write a list of the things you want to do/be/have in your life and try to figure out how you can work towards getting there. Make a plan (not a concrete plant but steps towards getting there). Try to make friends and get to know yourself better. Once you feel more comfortable withg yourself and love yourself for thye amazing person that you (which you need to figure out what it is about you that makes you amazing; there should be more than one thing), you'll see that less of your time will be spent obsessing on one person (it does sound like mild obsession). It's normal to feel for someone and to hurt if things turn sour but it sounds like it's happening more than what you consider to be normal. Just focus on you for a while and all the amazing activities you could do with friends. When you do meet another girl you like, try to leave room in your mind and in your life for other stuff too.
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Kirby Originally Answered: In the case that every girl you meet is like this?
Out where? Most of that ends when you graduate high school. Sounds like high school drama. Once you have to study for real or get a job, you don't have time for that [email protected]

Huxley Huxley
just dont worry about it. if it works it works if i doesnt it doesnt- there are millions of girls out there. so if it doesnt work try try again. do things that will take ur mind off the past relationship. exercise- cardio, weight train, those can help improve ur attitude,health, and physical appearance, also learn how to play a guitar, or harmonica, or something else. girls like guys who play Instruments well i guess most do. Good luck.
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Eryk Eryk
I have the same problem. I think it the fact that you spent so much time with them getting to know them that you have a hard time adapting back into your normal life were you aren't that close with someone like you were with that girl.
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Conner Conner
It's normal behavior for guys to get too attached, or overly attached, to girls. It's socially acceptable.
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