How can I teach myself to play guitar?

How can I teach myself to play guitar? Topic: Welcome to homework help
July 21, 2019 / By Carol
Question: I already have an electric guitar of my brother's, and an amp. I can't afford proper lessons, so I think I'll teach myself. Are there any excellent YouTube tutorials that are easy to understand? If you play guitar, what would your advice be to a beginner? Also, what are some good beginner songs? I realize I won't be playing Queen, Metallica, or As I Lay Dying anytime soon.
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Angela Angela | 8 days ago
Hello Joanna, welcome to the wonderful world of guitar playing! Learning to play the guitar should be easy and fun. One of the best ways to learn today is with online lessons. You really can learn how to play the guitar in just 15 minutes a day. You probably could spend hours and hours of time online searching for "free" guitar lessons. On the other hand, you might just as well check out websites that offer lessons at very reasonable rates (compared to private lessons). Visit: http://www.BestOnlineGuitarCourse.com or http://tinyurl.com/aceguitarlessons51 or http://tinyurl.com/adultguitarlessons51 Do your homework. Do your due diligence. Have Fun. Also you might want to look at: Best Online Guitar Course … Fact or Fantasy? http://goarticles.com/article/Best-online-guitar-course-Fact-or-Fantasy/4057915/ Learning to play the guitar online … am I too old? http://www.articlesbase.com/online-education-articles/learning-to-play-the-guitar-online-am-i-too-old-4230318.html Here's a Great Guitar for you to use when you take the Best Online Guitar Course! http://riffmyguitar.weebly.com/yamaha-guitar-offer.html If you play electric guitar, having a good guitar to play helps with motivation. Here’s a great electric guitar for under $500: Epiphone LP Standard Plain-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Heritage Cherryburst. You can see this guitar at: http://tinyurl.com/Epiphone-Standard or (for just over $500) the Epiphone LP Standard Plus-Top Les Paul Collection Electric Guitar, Trans Blue. You can see this guitar at: http://tinyurl.com/Epiphone-Standard-Plus Best of luck in learning how to play the guitar!
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Angela Originally Answered: Should I teach myself to play guitar?
Definetly do it!! I taught my self how to play about 16 years ago, and have been playing ever since. I recommend getting a Mel Bay or similar chord book to get you started. Once you learn a couple chords you can start learning songs or better yet write your own songs.
Angela Originally Answered: Should I teach myself to play guitar?
Yeah. Teach yourself. I took guitar lessons..... It didn't really help at all. I hated going there. I taught myself songs I like (The Beatles) and I'm doing fine. YouTube is a great site to look for lessons, because you can pick which song you want, and it's completely free! So yeah, teach yourself. You will have way more fun, won't block your schedule, and you can learn songs you actually feel like playing.

Wilfred Wilfred
I taught myself folk guitar. If you fish around youtube you will find tutorials, but first I'd invest in a book and learn some chords and build up your calluses. If you have friends who play, ask them over to show you stuff. Once you have chords and some runs under your belt it's a matter of learning from other people. In my opinion you don't really benefit from lessons until you've learned the basics. My son learned just by practicing on his own and hanging around his friends who were in bands.
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Scott Scott
Yeah. Teach your self. I took guitar classes..... It did not rather support in any respect. I hated going there. I taught myself songs I like (The Beatles) and I'm doing great. YouTube is a pleasant website online to seem for classes, in view that you'll be able to select which tune you desire, and it is totally unfastened! So yeah, educate your self. You may have far more a laugh, may not block your time table, and you'll be able to study songs you truthfully suppose like gambling.
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Scott Originally Answered: How can I write a guitar part if I cant play guitar well enough to play it?
Sorry to say man but usually when song writing (at least in my experience as a guitarist) the majority of the song is written by the guitarist. The drummers I am used to can usually put a decent beat down as soon as you have shown them the music. Next the bass player uses what the guitar player is playing to come up with there part. And finally the lyrics and the melody are written and meshed with the song. Bass players don't usually write the songs unless they are experienced guitar players.

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