It think I feel Strep Throat coming?

It think I feel Strep Throat coming? Topic: Anti homework studies
July 23, 2019 / By Aric
Question: I think that I have the beginning signs of strep throat (spelling?). I have been taking driving class till 6 30 every night and then coming home to scarf down food and finish homework by 11. It is the week before finals and I haven't even started studying.Basically, I'm majorly stressed and my throat is killing me. So, how do I get this to go away without seeing a doctor or anything? I need to get rid of it soooooon!
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Trix Trix | 6 days ago
You may just have cold symptoms that are aggravated by dry winter weather and the stress of school. You are probably dehydrated, so drink lots of water throughout the day. Get plenty of rest, too. If your throat is really sore, anti-inflammatory meds like ibuprofen may help with the pain. And try to relax, at least for a little while each day - stress and anxiety can have SO many physical effects, it's unreal.
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Trix Originally Answered: Questions about my strep throat?
White pockets on your tonsils may be strep, but also are common with adenoviruses. The three symptoms I look for before treating strep are: 1. Fever, over 101 2. White patches, like yours 3. Swollen lymph glands in the neck. If all 3 are there, I treat without a culture. If 2 are present, I offer a swab test or rapid test, with the option of starting antibiotics until the culture returns. Only 1 symptom, rapid test, with culture to prove positive before treating. Remember, the only reason we treat strep throat is not to get you better faster, but to prevent the small possibility of developing post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis& rheumatic fever. This only happens about 1/10th of 1% of cases of untreated strep. The public generally thinks they will not get better without taking antibiotics, and this is just not the case.

Samantha Samantha
i get strep throat all the time and it hurts very much. Sawllowing is usually especially painful. So, if your throat hurts badly and it is going around , then you probably do have it, so go to the doctor and they will run a strep test. Then they can give you medicine and pretty soon you will feel much better! Get well soon!
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Noa Noa
Well, you can wait and suffer. Even if you go to a doctor, for him to accurately diagnose strep throat he would have to take a swap and have it cultured, but that's no problem either. Has your nose been stopped up and/or running lately? It might be inflamation from sinus drainage, what they call post nasal drip. But that requires a doctor to treat too if you don't want to suffer, and if you want to get better quicker. So just go to a doctor.
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Lynsay Lynsay
The best thing you can do is to take some time to relax so your body is able to take care of itself. Even 15 minutes relaxing in the tub will help you. If a strep infection does develop, the only way to get rid of it is antibiotics, and you can only get those from the doctor.
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Lynsay Originally Answered: White spots on tonsils, strep throat or tonsilitis?
I'm not a doctor, but I've raised two children and am also director of a licensed child care center. Seen lots of sore, swollen throats with white spots on them. Some of these were at the child care center, of course, but sometimes it was my own personal children's throats and sometimes it was my own throat. You have my sympathy. Your description sounds like what I used to call my "razorblades in my throat" feeling. Terrible. So, for what it's worth: My daughter and I have always been very susceptible to strep throat. Most of the time when the doctor diagnosed this in either of us, we had your symptoms exactly. The doctor called these white spots "pus pockets" (I know; sounds gross). Said this was stuff that had accumulated in the pockets of the swollen tonsils. He would sometimes actually take a very long swab and push around the edges of the spots, "pop" the white matter out and we'd spit it out. He warned that pushing in this part of our throats might activate the gag reflex, which it did. He tried this procedure because, while it didn't heal things, it did often lessen the throat pain quite a bit. My daughter can especially attest to this. Then any time the doctor did diagnose strep, he prescribed antibiotics and we got better over the next few days. It's vital to take ALL the antibiotics and not stop early. Swollen tonsils love to hold onto infection, and if the infection doesn't get completely cleared up by taking the full prescription, the infection can come back in full force in a few days and you may be even sicker this time than you started out being. I hope you will see a doctor. If this is strep, you don't want to play around with it. Doctors have always told me that strep doesn't go away by itself, and untreated strep can turn into rheumatic fever, which can then damage your heart. In the meantime, gargling with warm salt water can truly help some with the pain. Popsicles can be a little soothing. They are also good because even when your throat hurts so much you don't want to swallow anything, you still HAVE to get liquids in you or you can get dehydrated and very weak. The infection can make you very weak by itself, but dehydration will only make everything worse. Some over the counter products like Chloraseptic or Sore Throat Sucrets help sometimes. My daughter even rigged up her own long-handled swab (scotch-taped a Q-Tip to a long pencil) and popped out her own white spots in the back of her throat for some pain relief. NONE OF THIS WAS INSTEAD OF BEING TREATED BY A DOCTOR TOO. This is a long "answer", and it's the first time I've participated in the Yahoo! Answers thing. Again, I am not a doctor, but I've done a lot of personal sore throat research over many years and have had a lot of occasions to talk to doctors about this. I am only telling you what many of them have told me. I'm not suggesting anything that has not been recommended to me personally by trusted physicians. I didn't have time to write all this(!), but your question touched my heart, and I felt for you. Hope you feel much better soon and that some of this helps. Blessings.

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