Why do the citizens of FYROM want to use -and actually monopolize!- the terms Macedonia and Macedonians?

Why do the citizens of FYROM want to use -and actually monopolize!- the terms Macedonia and Macedonians? Topic: Case study definition of terms
May 25, 2019 / By Don
Question: I study history in UK and by definition I know some things on the issue: 1. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, a very new -since 1991- state in the Balkans with citizens mainly of Slavic and Albanian origin decides to use and monopolize the Greek terms Macedonia and Macedonians which was given to them by Tito in 1944, despite the fact that those terms are used for 2800 years to describe the actual Macedonia, a Greek land and the actual Macedonians, a Greek people! 2. FYROM only occupies less that 10% of the ancient Kingdom of Macedon. The middle and northern parts of FYROM (with the capital, Scopje) did never belong to the ancient Kingdom of Macedon. It belonged to ancient Dardania and Paionia and the ancient Paionians were enemies of the ancient Macedonians. Furthermore, FYROMians are of Slavic and Albanian origin and not Greek as true Macedonians were and are. Then why on earth do them want to call their country Macedonia and themselves Macedonians? Pure brain washing?
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Brady Brady | 1 day ago
I think unfortunately that’s because of pure brain washing by Tito and the Comintern… The fact is that there is not one mention on a Macedonian land or people other than Greek land and people before the 19th century what so ever. It was in the beginning of the 19th century that the Ottomans decided – for their own reasons- to name a non-Macedonian land with that name, simply because it borders with the actual, Greek Macedonia, so it made it easy for them. And I’m sorry to say, modern FYROMians who have nothing to do with the real Macedonian heritage -since they are mainly of Bulgarian and Albanian origin- do attempt to monopolize both those Greek terms, how hilarious! The citizens of FYROM would have every right to identify themselves as ‘Macedonians’, only in case they were of Greek origin, which they are not, or in case the term had just a geographical meaning (even if that geographical meaning is very recent, since late Ottoman era…) like as if a man of Italian origin who was born and lives in the USA is an American or a man of English origin who was born and lives in Australia is an Australian. But because the terms Macedonia and Macedonians are used since ancient times to describe Greek land and Greek people, the citizens of FYROM cannot and should not identify themselves as Macedonians because they simply are not Macedonians, like as if an Italian who lives in the USA might be an American , but by no means is a Native American or an English who lives in Australia might be an Australian but by no means is an Aboriginal! Thats all, I hope I helped.
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FYROM people avoid to look at the evidences and most of it they deny what they see at their own museums. I think they are stupid, not because they are FYROMERS but because they support their government's propaganda when they should had seek for the truth instead being so fanatics. There's no point supporting statements with no proofs and facts. The archaeological Macedonian findings, written in the Greek alphabet, mean nothing to them? And those links are for those who think i speak nonsense. Here are what i am talking about: ancient Macedonian script http://www.alexanderofmacedon.info/images/photos/filippvn-oria.jpg an ancient Macedonian coin "ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ" http://www.beastcoins.com/MacedonianKingdom/AlexanderIII-Macedonia-Price-2799.jpg an ancient Macedonian coin "ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΩΝ ΠΡΩΤΗΣ" http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd311/macedoniahi5/10zz.jpg another Macedonian coin "ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ" and you can see the Star of Vergina at it. http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/macedonia/kings/demetrios_poliorcetes/Newell_051-r.jpg Macedonian coin says "AΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ" -Alexander's- : http://www.wildwinds.com/coins/greece/macedonia/kings/alexander_III/Price_0520-r.jpg This is the true Macedonia: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/70/LocationMacedonia-MAC-2-z.png The only truth in this http://i254.photobucket.com/albums/hh95/esciona/verginaestinounellaskaiimacedonia.jpg FYROM was not Macedonia, FYROM was this: http://www.bulgarmak.org/vardarska_stamp.gif Fyrom, this is the truth face of them.

Adin Adin
Neither Macedonia, nor Macedonians opt to monopolize use of the call/term. The question is, "Why can no longer Greece appreciate that a rustic named Macedonia exists that borders Greece's northern province of Macedonia?" solid God, a state of Georgia exists interior of u.s., in spite of the certainty that the republic of Georgia has existed in the Caucasus for hundreds of years. numerous comparable examples exist. You even reported that "FYROM" (which for my area is an excessively politically splendid term) encompasses numerous the territory of the classic kingdom. what's the great deal some call? Does Greece relatively have faith that when MK will become across the international recognizd as such, it relatively is going to forge a declare on Greece's norther province? recover from it.
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Steph Steph
The Macedonian Slavs have lived in the area for over 15 centuries, and have called themselves Macedonians for over 10 centuries. They aren't trying to monopolize anything from anybody. They are just being true to their own heritage. There are other examples in history where people call themselves after a land where they have settled. Americans, for example, and the Germanic Prussians, and the Germanic British.
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Queena Queena
It is part of their propaganda. They actually believe that Alexander the great was Slav! Till 1945 they were called Bulgarians. Tito's propaganda changed it all and some of them actually believe that they are linked with original Macedonia of Greece. Check this question top see the another interesting question. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Every educated person in the world knows that original Macedonia is in Greece. It furious the Greeks and the original Macedonians of Greece exactly like the Germans will be furious if a new country appeared calling itself "republic of Bavaria" themselves "Bavarians" and their language "Bavarian"! Can you see know how ridiculous this situation is?
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Huh....imagine that. It looks like you've spent a lot of time compiling a list of names. I don't see the problem though.

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