Help me understand- Why McCain/Palin?

Help me understand- Why McCain/Palin? Topic: The sisters brothers governor generals
June 17, 2019 / By Crystal
Question: I'm a firm liberal, but I really don't understand this. What is there to like about the McCain/Palin ticket? I'm trying not to be insulting, but here is my reasoning: This ticket represents the same economics as the current administration, which have sent us into a recession. Problem. McCain's plans for foreign diplomacy threaten to further alienate the rest of the world- he is committing to longer involvement in Iraq, beginning something in Iran, and ignoring that the terrorists who actually pose a threat are in Afghanistan. And Palin has absolutely zero foreign policy experience, so there is no back up for McCain here. McCain and Palin are focused on off-shore and other national drilling to "solve" the energy crisis and eliminate dependency on foreign oil, but this provides little to no funding and support for alternative energy research. What happens when those new wells go dry and we haven't developed alternate technology? I don't understand the choice of Palin in general. She is way too inexperienced (don't say Obama is too. She's a first term Governor of one of the least populated states who has no political background. Obama has been involved in politics since he worked as a community activist in the South Side). She's involved in scandal. As far as I can tell, she brings nothing to the table other than the fact that she is a woman. I'm insulted that she is supposed to draw in Hillary Clinton's supporters. Okay, so now you know how I feel. I want to know how you feel, with good support. Not stupid jokes, not blanket judgments, but a well predicament. Why is McCain a strong candidate? Why should I stop being so harsh to Palin? To clarify- the scandal to which I am referring is the "Troopergate" scandal. Palin allegedly used her power as Governor to fire her brother-in-law, a state trooper, who is involved in a nasty custody battle with her sister. This was being investigated well before McCain picked her for the VP spot. If this was thought up by liberals threatened by a woman, those were some pretty clairvoyant liberals. I'm sorry for obsessively editing, but McCain has had two rounds of cancer, is the oldest person ever picked as a non-incumbent nominee, and is not exactly sound health-wise. There is a big enough chance that Palin would have to take over for him that I will not accept that her inexperience does not matter because she will be "just the VP." Regardless, the VP has a huge amount of power, including breaking tie votes in the Senate. Read about it before you put your country in Sarah Palin's hands. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vice_President_of_the_United_States
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Betty Betty | 9 days ago
It's ironic, but as much as Obama has preached the word "change" he has no plans or abilities or good changes in mind. With sarah palin, we get change. Change of gender, change of ideas, selling the state jet on ebay...she doesn't stand for much excessive spending.
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Betty Originally Answered: Has McCain lost his mind? See attached article where McCain accuses Obama of being the anti-Christ.
If McCain said it, he's not alone in this belief. Many people see Obama as the anti-Christ. This isn't just lip service being paid to this man, many of the traits written about the anti-Christ can be seen in Obama.

Aila Aila
The Obama's "struggled" even though they made more money than the Palins which had more children. The Palins had no need to write a book about their woes. That whining from Obama and Biden about how hard everything is obnoxious. McCain also showed conservative individualism although he does have some weak spots there, most notably his first divorce. That's why conservatives didn't want to back McCain and needed somebody like Sarah to get their vote. Now they are happy. Low key can do individualism is very much part of the conservative base. Those types of people can survive anywhere and without a government and find it odd that others NEED the government for them to live. Palin has talked about alternative energy in Alaska and not just oil. Alaska has a lot of wind, thermal energy and the biggest waves (hydro energy) in the U.S. The Republicans plan on putting an environmental plank into the Republican platform during the convention although because of the hurricane it probably won't get the mention it deserves. The troops in Iraq will be taken out of Iraq before 2011 no matter what according to a recent agreement between the Iraqi government and the U.S. Terrorists and pirates are all over the world. 120,000 people launched a ralley in Mexico because the crime got so bad. Fighting such crime is one of Palin's jobs hence all those corruption charges she brought on other people. Obama and Biden have never done anything like that. At least Obama is pro corruption hence all his racist and criminal friends that have been around Obama. Bidin's foriegn experience is mostly from Post-It-Notes from aids. Part of job as governor of Alaska is to be commander and chief of the Alaskan national guard, linked with NORAD and have diplomatic ties with Canada and Russia. Neither Biden or Obama have been in any situation like that. They don't get those 3 a.m. calls when the Russian bombers buzz Alaska (something the Russians have started again since after the Cold War). When Obama or Biden were unsure of something, they could vote present or not vote at all. If they turned out to be wrong on an issue tey could flip flop and try to hide that they were wrong (like Biden trying to divide Iraq up into 3 parts) Palin had to give a yes or no and then live with her decision. I would say both Obama and Biden are inexperience in anything about the executive branch. Otherwise Obama wouldn't be preaching Carter's message from 1976, a message that completely failed so bad it revived the near dead Republican party four years later. Carter was so bad, that when Reagan got into office, Democratic congressmen switched parties.
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Tobiah Tobiah
1. This ticket does NOT represent the same economics as the current administration. We are not in a recession; the economy is in good shape, contrary to what the liberal media would have you believe. 2. The whole "Afghanistan" thing is a tremendous mistake, only fabricated to oppose the current conflict. I don't have a problem with scaling down, but to just leave abruptly would be a major mistake. 3. The governor of Alaska deals with foreign policy concerning Canada and Russia. 4. No one is trying to "solve" the energy crisis with drilling. That is a temporary fix while alternative fuels are investigated. Everyone knows this. Anything else you hear is propaganda. 5. Palin may be a first term governor, but at least she is a governor, with executive experience. 6. Obama may have been involved in politics for much of his life, but that's not necessarily a good thing. He has personal friends who are terrorists, if you want to talk about scandal. He also thinks that discussing that topic is "distracting from his message." I'll say. Sorry, but your entire line of reasoning is wrongheaded from the get-go.
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Randolf Randolf
Here are the short and sweet answers to your questions. And I am a conservative. 1. McCain has a 25 year record of working with both houses of congress and senate to get things done. He does have work knowledge of how our government runs. Obama will be on a learning curve trying to figure things out. He has only been a Senator for 1 term and has spend most of it preparing to run for office, that is why during the debates with Hillary she nailed him to the cross about not voting on over 70% of the issues on the hill. His excuse was he wasnt there because he was preparing for his campaigne. 2. McCain does believe in STRONG US involvement and enforcement in the middle-east. The fact is that no one wants to be in a War but we cannot ignore or pretend there are not people in the world who want to destroy us at any cost. its a reality there are BAD people in this world who get there thrills from dominating and controlling other people and even killing them. We as a Leader in the Free world should fight terrorism and tyrranny on all fronts at all times. The cost of not fighting is to expensive...are you prepared to give up all your rights as a woman or as a person? 3. McCain has military experience which makes him even more qualified than Obama. Reading a paper about how something should work vs actually doing it makes a big difference. McCain has served his country in War and really understands what it is about...all Obama has done is read about it...does make him more qualified then McCain? 4. McCain believes in building a strong economy. He will be able to use all his resources and relationships he has built over the years to help him make the economy stronger. Also keep in mind that most people realize that the economy moves in cycles and Presidents have very little influence or impact on it. There are things they can do like give tax breaks or tax incentives but overall the economy is driven by supply and demand. The reason why the housing market is bad is because there are more houses on the market then their are people who can buy them, credit card industry is in the toilet because the financial companies gave loans to people who could not pay them back, this is bad business practice and now all the investors for these companies are suffering the losses with their stocks. 5. Palin is a good choice because she is a Washington outsider. Joe Biden has been on the hill for 30 years. Is this the kind of change Obama was talking about? Palin has strong family values and is pro-life which shows she has strong moral and ethical characteristics. This is what the country needs. So these are just a few of the reasons why you should vote for McCain.
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Martie Martie
Ok the reason I am voting McCain is because of the fact that he is not a socialist, and has the military experienc obama lacks. He wont take away my second ammendment rights and intends to let me continue to chose who i want to have for health care. And yes he did vote with bush 90% of the time, but so did everyone else. He actually differed from bush more often than Obama did. I just do not believe he is ready to be president. I think he has nice ideas but no real way to implement them and they are for the most part un realistic. And the fact that people like Fidel Castro supports him scares me to be honest. He would be a puppet to other nations, and they could easily intimidate him and i dont think our president should be intimidated. Sarah Palin is a good choice not because she is a woman but because she is qualified. I dont want to talk about her experience being more qualified than obama because you will just disagree. But She is very conservative and has very similar views to McCain. She was chosen because she has a brain, not a vagina and I am so beyond sick of hearing that the only reason is to sway HC voters. She is pro life, pro guns. pro oil, and has the attitude I think our VP needs. I am sure she will learn anything she lacks under McCain and will do so quickly. I think that over all they are the better choice. And they are the only real alternative to Obama who speaks about allllll this change and then chooses Biden. He is constantly changing his mind depending on who his audience is and what other democrats tell him to do. I cannot support him especially because my gut just plain tells me not to. I cant help that i see through his lies and fresh face.
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Jesimiel Jesimiel
McCain recognizes global warming a a problem and believes in funding for other fuels and energies but believes that people need affordable gas in the mean time. Palin is involved in no scandals that haven't been thought up by liberals who are threatened by a conservative woman. Obama has been in nothing short of an abundance of scandals. Obama's foriegn policy is a speech in Germany.
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Glen Glen
I trust Laissez-Faire's answer with here additions. First you employ the term Republican and conservative as though they're synonyms, they do no longer seem to be Republican is a occasion whose platform has a tendency to lean greater Conservative. Conservative is a political ideology. next, i do no longer settle on your premise that Conservative are the wealthy. I make below $30,000/ 12 months and am very Conservative. look on the earning of our senators and representatives, you may desire to get rather a strategies down the record earlier you come to the conservatives on the income scale. so a strategies as your assertion with regard to the tax cuts, everybody have been given the comparable % of help it fairly is greater honest then the confiscatory device we at present use for taxation. the wealthy get greater back and in doing so create artwork for greater people. whilst the undesirable get $3 hundred they purchase nutrition, clothing etc. (all reliable issues) yet whilst the wealthy get $50,000 back they purchase luxuries (It takes an excellent form of folk to construct a yacht) or placed funds right into a company. (whilst became into the final time a nasty individual gave you a job?)
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Dougal Dougal
I have conservative views. I vote for the person who best represents those views, which would be McCain this time around. Palins 'inexperience' doesn't matter to me, shes going to be VP and I still believe that she has more experience than Obama. If you read McCains policies you would see that he does support alternative energy research.
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