How to get out of the jehovahs witness religion?

How to get out of the jehovahs witness religion? Topic: How to write a leave letter for death
July 24, 2019 / By Joan
Question: DO NOT TELL ME TO STAY! Please, I DONT want any part of it anymore ive never been a religious person, though I believe in God but not as a religion. I really dont want to go anymore, my dads an elder and im baptized I got baptized because my parents wanted me to. Since im a respectful person I dont want to bring this up with my dads congregation because hes been through enough with my siblings. Should I just write a letter and disassociate myself? what should I do? just leave it?
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Frederica Frederica | 3 days ago
I recommend that you quietly walk away and try not to get yourself disfellowshipped. You will put your family in a position where in they have to chose their religion over you and you will lose them. As you know the Witnesses change the rules all of the time and with the internet they are actually starting to treat those who are inactive like they are disfelloswhipped. I disassociated myself 28 years ago and at the time it was ok to be an active part of your Witness family you just weren't allowed to discuss spiritual things...NOW they are not even allowed to speak to you unless there is some family issue that is crucial for contact..EXAMPLE" My Nephew committed suicide this summer and the family did not feel that that issue was important enough to contact me about and I found out about his death on Facebook. Move away and have as little information go to your family about your life as possible...that is the best way...do you have anon Witness relative who you can go live with? You are going to need help and support with this and you can always e mail me I have been through it there are not many people who really understand what you are up against....There is a high suicide rate with ex Witnesses and we worry about people who are in your position.
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There is no "dress code" at Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses, although extreme cases of foul stench or disgraceful uncleanness will rarely be long tolerated. At their meetings in the United States, most Witness men wear jacket and tie and most women wear dress or skirt. Congregation meetings on Sunday mornings are generally at 9:30 or 10. Many Kingdom Halls are shared, and the first Sunday afternoon meeting is typically at 1:pm. Learn more: http://watchtower.org/e/jt/index.htm?art...

Darlene Darlene
i understand , since you dont want me to i wont preach to you, i can see some didnt respect your request. What they dont get is you cant spend your whole life trying to please your family. This has got to be your decision and yours alone. If its not in your heart no use faking it. i suggest writing a letter although eventually i think you'll have to discuss it with your elders im not sure exactly how that works. Hopefull although im sure it will hurt them your parent will come to accept your decision. Have a nice life , i mean that :)
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Breanne Breanne
Well it depends on your particular situation – living situation that is. If your parents are in the society and you live with them this could be a real problem for you. You mentioned problems with your siblings, might that also have something to do with their religion?
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Alethea Alethea
I have had a family friend who was Jehovahs witness. Depending on how devout your family and congregation is... it might be hard. I have heard stories of families abandoning and never talking to family members that leave.
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Tucker Tucker
If you believe in the real Bible just tell them that you believe in the Truth and show them a copy of the Holy Bible, I think that will probably do it and honor God in the process.
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Most certainly! We are not overly concerned with terminology - if you prefer the use of the words church or hymn or minister, and you use those in your questions, we will understand what you are referring to. We do not take any offense if you use whatever terms you are familiar with. Our "ministerial servants" are referred to in some churches as deacons. We understand the usage of both. Yes, you may be offered a Bible study - but if your project is limited in length and you just want on the spot answers, there is no reason to not say that is the reason for the one time visit. Do not feel obligated to study to get the answers for your interviews. We have many one time visitors - relatives from out of town, curious neighbors, even officials from the community have visited Kingdom Halls. School mates and workmates have come to various services, whether they be one time services such as weddings or funerals, or any of our weekly services. Any attendant can direct you to an elder to get more information. He may help you to get others to be interviewed also. Our young ones, should they be asked to be interviewed, of course would have to get the permission of their parents, and it would be reasonable to expect that any questions directed to them would be in the presence of the parent(s). (We are very protective of our kids!) One thing you might find interesting also is to visit more than one Kingdom Hall. You will see the unity of services and the unity of congregation structure. Each one of Jehovah's Witnesses has a UNIQUE account of how they came to a better knowledge of the Bible and became one of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is something that we love to share with others. For some who have been a Witness for decades, their life experiences could FILL a book - fast paced, action filled, and very interesting. We, among ourselves, LOVE to hear the accounts of others, their struggles, their quest for knowledge, and the joy they have obtained by knowing their Creator, Jehovah and his Son, Jesus. Our sermon on Sunday is typically a half hour in length. And the Bible will be referred to often. I hope your project goes well, and that what you experience will help you to get to know us a bit better. Thank you for selecting us as one of the groups that you observe and interview. EDIT EDIT EDIT I liked Guy Withagrin's idea, so I will also answer a few questions. When I was 5 years old, I attended a Kingdom Hall with my 15 year old aunt. She would occasionally give me WT literature to read. But I was attending the Church of Christ. Then when I was 7, I changed to the Methodist Church because they wanted me to sing in their choir - I came from a family of professional musicians. At 9, my parents began to study with Jehovah;'s Witnesses from a knock on the door. I began regularly attending, and continued attending even while I was in college. Got out of college, got married, and my husband and I got baptized when I was 21 in 1969. I have not looked back since then. I have attended meetings VERY regularly since I was 9. I am 66 now. So 57 years. The Kingdom Hall I attend now I have been attending since it was built in 1997. But before then, I was attending in the same town since we moved there in 1991. So yes, I converted from a family of Church of Christ ministers and attenders. And yes, my husband has been an elder since 1974 - 39 years ago. He is from a Baptist background.

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