How to correct amblyopia (one eye much worse than other)? HELP?

How to correct amblyopia (one eye much worse than other)? HELP? Topic: Slowing aging research article
May 25, 2019 / By Humphry
Question: Since I am left-handed, my dominant eye is my left eye, but it has been significantly worse than my right since I was 6 or 7 if I recall correctly (now I'm 14). Now, without glasses (which I've been prescribed to around half a year ago), my right eye is at between 20/40 and 20/50 while my left is something over 20/200 (I don't remember the exact number, sorry), a significant difference in vision, which led to me seeing objects far away with only my right and my left virtually shutting down. Physically, it doesn't seem like I have lazy eye [yet], my eyes are aligned, although my left eye is smaller than my right, and by which I mean to a larger degree than a normal asymmetry would be, but nevertheless not noticeable. I only wear glasses when I need to see far away, which is getting more and more frequent as my right eye's vision deteriorates at a frightening rate. I've read online while researching on this topic that wearing an eye-patch on my strong eye for a duration would help treat it over time, and that it works quickly if done to children under the age of 6, whereas one article that I read eerily says that if left untreated for too long, it may be irreversible, which got me really scared. Would this work for me (once again, I'm 14 right now) and hopefully reverse my left eye's nearsightedness if I used the eye-patch? One a side note, is there any possible methods (or life hacks, if you will) to slow down the rate that my right eye is losing sight? Thanks for following through and I appreciate any help (particularly from professionals)!
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Best Answers: How to correct amblyopia (one eye much worse than other)? HELP?

Erroll Erroll | 7 days ago
If your eyes were fine until age seven, you don't have amblyopia, the condition that is treated with patching. You are probably more myopic in one eye than the other. Patching won't fix that. You need to wear glasses or contacts so you can see.
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Confucius Confucius
You shouldn't be trying to correct things using eye patches yourself. That is something you need to consult a professional about and what is best to do for you. Fine to research so you know about things, but dont' self treat. With your right eye its not losing its sight. You are not becoming blind. Poor eyesight is about teh shape of your eye which changes as you get older and typically your eyesight gets worse. It will always be correctable with glasses. This isn't a disease which is progressing towards blindness, your eye just doens't focus light perfectly. There isn't anything you can do about it, its just one of those things. Annoying but not a major problem.
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Arin Arin
It is quite possible that wearing those glasses at all times you are awake might slow things down. There is no "shame" in wearing glasses. The only thing I do without mine is go pee in the middle of the night. as for the patch if the eye doctor though it would help, he would have said something about it.
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Trudy Trudy
This is too much for me to handle here....but I have serious doubts re your diagnosis, therefore your treatment. I think you have other problems requiring a professional (MD) evaluation. If you've already had an Ophthalmologist's opinion, you are entitled to an explanation and treatment guidance. If that's a problem, seek a second opinion.
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