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July 24, 2019 / By Barbie
Question: I have a job interview wednesday, and i'm kinda nervous. Does anyone have any tips on making a good impression? and what to do and what not to do? Thank you : )
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Adelaide Adelaide | 6 days ago
First, make sure that you are dressed nicely. If it is a business casual or business environment, I would suggest a navy blue skirt or pant suit with a nice white or beige shirt underneath. Wear hose or tights and closed toed shoes. Make-up and hair should be stylish and modest. If you are a man, I would say that you should wear navy pants, a white or blue dress shirt, and a tie. Nice shoes, too - not gym shoes. Research the company that you are interviewing with. If it is a larger company, make notes about important current events with the company. It might not come up in the interview, but it never hurts to have the information. Bring a notebook with you. Before your interview, jot down some questions that you have for the person who is interviewing you. Ask about the responsiblilities that are involved with the position, what a normal day is like in the job, how the team dynamic is, what the hiring manager thinks that the best part of the job is, etc. I would also ask about benefits and the like within the first interview. Normally, I ask the interviewer why she called me in for an interview, what she thinks that I can bring to the team, what her requirements are, etc. ASK QUESTIONS! It shows your interest in the job. Also, everyone is nervous while interviewing. Try to keep that in mind. I have been on both sides of the table - both the interviewer and the interviewee, and I know that sometimes giving interviews is just as stressful as going through them. Try to put your best foot forward. Don't criticize former positions, managers, companies, etc. Be positive, but also try to be truthful. Eye contact is a good thing also. Don't stare at the other person, but do meet eyes with them. Smile. Shake hands when you walk into the room and before leaving. Thank the interviewer for his/her time and interest. Write and send a thank you note to the interviewer - put it into the mail once you leave the interview. Also, some say that it is good to bring two copies of your resume into an interview. You give one to the interviewer and keep one for yourself for a reference. If you are going to a group interview, find out how many people will be in the interview and bring enough copies. Above all, just remember that they are selling you the job just as much as you are trying to get it. Smile, be confident, accentuate your skills... Good luck to you!!!
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Adelaide Originally Answered: How can I search an entry level job in USA where they will take only phone interview or skype interview? They will give me VISA and expenses?
As you have no practical experience within your job role, it would prove too expensive to employ someone requiring sponsorship and visa's - You would have to show exceptional skills, qualification and past experience in the job role for a company to sponsor you. In any applications or covering letters you should express that you are not a US Citizen and may require a Visa Sponsorship, if you don't you will be getting interview appointments that will do nothing but give you false hope.

Tate Tate
You don't say what type of business you will be interviewing for, but, there are some really good suggestions already. Being nervous is pretty normal. Take a deep breathe and put your shoulders down when you get to the building - **Dress professionally (even if you won't be dressed that way on the job) **Have clean hair out of your face (you might want to put it up if long) **No gum **Clean well manicured nails **Not much jewelry - no dangly earrings **Shake hands with the interviewer when meeting her/him **Wait till they are seated and then seat yourself **Listen more than talk - don't interupt **Find out about the company on the internet **Ask at least one question from your research abou the company on the internet **Ask for the job **Thank interviewer for their time as you shake their hand when exiting Good luck!
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Pete Pete
Dress one step above the job you're going for. Example: If workplace attire is casual, wear something professional (not a suit). Practice basic interview questions and answers, so you'll be prepared and won't have to pause and think for every answer. Keep eye-contact. Don't cross your arms. Don't slouch. Take a pen and paper to write down any questions you have, so you have something to say at the end when they ask if you have any questions. Don't ask about salary until you've been offered a job--it's considered unprofessional. Many interviewers ask for your biggest flaw. Make yours either neutral ("I sometimes have a hard time putting a name to a face"...no big deal.) or positive (I'm a perfectionist. I hate not finishing things. I have to do everything properly, and cannot take shortcuts.) Be prepared to explain any gaps in your work history. Smile! and don't give a wimpy handshake. Last, but perhaps most importantly, just before you leave, express your desire to work for the company. "I look forward to having the opportunity to work for *fill-in-company-name*. Don't be too nervous. Good Luck!
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Luke Luke
Do a little research on the company, shows you are interested. Have a resume done, if it is your first job list the subjects you took in school, any volunteer work you did, awards won, your hobbies etc. Arrive approximately 10 minutes early Dress appropriately for the position(no jeans or tank tops) Meet the interviewer with a firm handshake Make eye contact Mention that you have knowledge of what the company does Don't stutter when answering questions Don't be afraid to ask questions State why you would like to work for the company Find out when you will know if you got the position or not End with a firm handshake Good Luck
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Jeduthun Jeduthun
Prepare. Look up the company online-even if it is an entry level job at McDonald's. When they ask if you have any questions, always have a question. For example, if it was McDonald's interviewing you, ask "Have you seen a decrease in sales since you have published the calorie content of the items offered on the menu?" -- things that show you did your research. Dress nicely, close toed shoes, nice pants, business like shirt-not too much jewelry, makeup, or perfume. Be about 5 minutes early for the interview. Bring along a copy of your resume and whomever you are using for references. Make sure your references KNOW you are using them and you have their permission. At the end, ask how you will be contacted about your interview. If they ask during your interview what your weaknesses are, turn it into a positive, like "I am a stickler for being on time and that has translated well into both my personal and business life" or "I am a very detail oriented person-it drives my family crazy but then I make sure tasks are fully completed"--things like that. I hope this helps! Go get that job!
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Jeduthun Originally Answered: Review Interview q's prior to interview?
Yes, to be fair to all candidates they will ask the same questions to everybody. When I worked for the school district they would have a panel of people to interview you at the same time. They would rotate by reading off the questions to you. Any of the people on the panel could ask for clarification or more information. There was a big microphone in the middle of the table to record the interview just in case there was a question about how the interview was conducted. One interview I got excellent ratings by three people, and I person graded me as poor. She said that I took too long to answer the question. It was an communication problem with the interviewer. She kept on saying UH, UH, and I thought that she did not understand my answer. So, I would add more information to my answer to help her understand what I was saying. After the personnel person played back the tape she discovered that the person was from a foreign county and and in her county it was like saying OK OK in our county. Be straight forward with your answer, and do not use any slang or street talk. Keep the interview very professional, and have good eye contact with the person or panel that is interviewing you.

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