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July 23, 2019 / By Cordelia
Question: I've been having some issues. I live next to a golf course and I like to watch Bruce Willis movies with my 7.1 surround system at full blast. However, ever time I do. Some knee-sock wearing golfer comes and complains about it being too loud and that he can't seem concentrate on his swing with how loud it is. Also these kids that live up the street keep writing dirty words on my door and putting spongebob stickers on it. I've had enough of these kids. Problem 3 is that their is this 400 pound guy who uses a credit card to break into my house everyday and sits on my couch and breaks it. I've boughten 7 couches this month but he keeps breaking them. I called the police and they couldn't fingerprint the area because he has so much grease on his hands from KFC chicken he doesnt leave any fingerprints behind. I decided to rig up an electric door mat that is soaking wet and attached to a solar panel on my roof. That way these idiots come to my hosue they get zapped. Was this a good idea?
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Bessie Bessie | 4 days ago
Great Idea. Try putting the voltage through a step-up transformer, say 10kv, then attach it to the doorbell button, rather than the mat, as the inconsiderate boobs may be wearing rubber shoes, and not get shocked. Take the bodies to the DMV or post office and stand them behind the counter. No one will know they are dead. Let me know if it works.
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Afrikah Afrikah
Hahaha..I love your sense of humor! That was definitely very creative. My favorite part was : "I called the police and they couldn't fingerprint the area because he has so much grease on his hands from KFC chicken he doesnt leave any fingerprints behind." :)
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Tiarnach Tiarnach
Yeah dude Get lost this for seriuos answers only. You forgot to hook up the doorknob with wires too just in case of the rubber boots. SHEESH! The guy above me is a dork!
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Radclyffe Radclyffe
I don't believe a word of your story. Get lost. This site is for people who seriously want to be helped, not nut cases like you. Call ADT or Brinks if you really have a problem
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March March
Hey man, if your smart enuf to figure out how to hook up a door mat to your solar panel then you should be smart enuf to install additional locks, I think this is a fabricated story, you should find better things to do with your time than make up stories like this. Beat it kid!
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