For aspiring novelists: How do you guys write?

For aspiring novelists: How do you guys write? Topic: Action research in writing
June 17, 2019 / By Cairo
Question: So how do you guys begin writing a novel? For me I start with making the beginning, then the ending. Then I fill in the gap in the middle and I have a plot. Then I start writing, and researching when neccesary. How do you guys start? Which way do you think is best? (best as in it suits you)
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Alex Alex | 7 days ago
For me, it depends on the story. Sometimes, it begins with the conflict and resolution, I then move on to the characters, and general storyline. Other times it has started with a character so big, and unique, that I started with that, and branched out to what they did, why they did it, and what happened because of their actions. Once I was even inspired by a location. The more I thought about it, the more interesting it became. What happened there, how did it happen, and the characters came last. Generally, I'll write a chapter or so before writing any other thoughts down, to give myself a feel for how I want the other chapters to go. Then I'll work on improving the original idea, add the characters etc. work out a rough storyline, review the first chapter, and move on to chapter 2.
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Tamia Tamia
I usually write down the main points of the plot so I know what my story is going to be about. Then I add a few points about the beginning and end of my story so I know what the beginning and end is going to be about. I basically make an outline of my story so I don't make things up as I go along for the whole story. After the outline is done then if research is needed I research so I don't have to stop during my story and look stuff up. Once research is done I start writing. I always write two or three beginning chapters and then write some chapters that go in the middle and/or end and then I fill in the gaps.
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Rhetta Rhetta
The way I'm writing now works best for me. My story began on a dream, so the first thing I wrote was everything that happened in the dream. This scene is closer to the end of my book. During this time there were a lot of plots going through my head, so I wrote them all down and they're all major scenes in my book, some happening at the beginning, middle, and end. I have all the major scenes, including the ending, written and now I'm going back and writing what happens in-between and trying to smoothly transition to the major scenes. The major scenes alone comprise about 52% of my novel, and right now I'm 58% complete, based on a projected 60,000 word novel. Also, the first thing I did after I wrote the scene from my dream was to come up with an idea, plot, theme, and characters based on that dream and then I began writing the major plots/sub-plots.
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Milicent Milicent
I start with an idea... A dream, a movie, a song, whatever that I like. I don't usually search for ideas. They come to me, whether I like it or not. Then, I just write the beginning, with no clue of the ending or the middle. After a few days, I'll have a rough plot, with no ending. I'll tell a curious friend a bit, and they usually ask questions... and when I tell them the answers, I usually have a new bit of info for my story. And the end tells me what it is... at the end.
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Liberty Liberty
It's bad practice to start in an order other than beginning, middle to end. It's wise that you write a detailed outline first. Sure, it can change on its on, as I have experienced in my practice writings, but that may not be a bad thing in some cases. The other idea may turn out better than the first. Tame the beast.
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July July
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