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What should i read? Topic: The sister keeper true story
July 24, 2019 / By Hedley
Question: Can you tell me what to read next? It needs to have romance in it please. I've already read; Sookie Stackhouse novels Vampire Academy series Vampire diaries series Twilight saga and more. Thankyou
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Eliphelet Eliphelet | 6 days ago
The Lovely Bones- Alice Seabold -The story of a young girl Susie who is walking home from school one day when she is raped and murdered by her next-door neighbor, it’s not a secret you know it in the very first page. Anyway, it’s her story from her “in-between” heaven point of view as she watched her entire family fall apart, the entire world move on without her.. and her killer kill again. It’s very sad and heart wrenching it brings out the true emotion of the reader. I don’t think I was able to keep a dry eye the entire time. It’s amazing and I recommend it for everyone.. My sisters keeper-Jodi Picoult -The story of two sisters, Katie who is sick was cancer and Anna, the younger sister who was genetically created to donate body parts to her sister in the event she ever needed one. Anna is tired of it and eventually brings about a lawsuit to fight her parents for the rights of her own body. This book is a roller coaster of events and a real page turner you will never guess what happens in the end and what does happen will stay with you forever. Don’t watch the movie, they didn’t even stay true to the book! White Oleander-Janet Finch -Amazing book about a girl named Astrid who is thrown into foster care after her mother is arrested and convicted of kill her boyfriend. Astrid goes from home to home dealing with some of the worst issues I have ever seen, she even gets shot by one of the foster parents.. it shows just how flowed and full of holes the foster system has. It’s a beautiful book and a great movie! A million little pieces and my friend Leonard-James Fray -James Fray is the writer who lied about his stint in rehab and hardships just to publish his book, remember Oprah, she handed this guy his ***.. but still the books are great and make a great story if you have ever delt with an addiction this is a good story for you. Both books talk about the life in rehab inside and outside of the walls and what helps keep you sane in these particularly trying times of your life. Crank,Glass-Ellen Hopkins -Two books written by a great author, it’s about Kristina, and her fight with the monster, a.k.a Crank. It shows her point of view of going to stay with her dad in a hotel, meeting a very handsome guy and doing drugs for the first time, after returning home to her mothers she is full blown addicted and stops at nothing to feed it.. she steals, lies, prostitutes herself and does whatever she can to get the drug.. it’s an amazing story of over coming and relapsing addicition, the third and final installment is due out next year I think! Burned-Ellen Hopkins -It’s about a young girl who lives in a religious family who absolutely does not accept her outspoke and different ways, even the kids at school make fun of her and make her feel unwelcome. She goes to live with her aunt and meets a guy that makes her feel like she is loved and happy but after an unspeakable tragedy everything gets turned upside down and you start to relate to why bad people do bad things.. it helps you see the side of someone so beat up so misunderstood that you could understand their actions. Swimming sweet aero-Maureen Gibson -Consider this book rated R it’s dirty from the very first page. It’s about a girl who lives in a small town, and her life as she is sexually and verbally abused by her boyfriend. It gives insights to her past and her parents.. I was amazed that this was in the public library.. I loved it but its very. ..nasty in a good way lol Love the one your with –Emily Giffin -The story of the one that got away! While working for a news cast this girl runs into her long lost love, 10 years later, after she has met and remarried someone new.. and she starts to just think about the past and her college years and what made them fall apart.. she questions her new life now, and what she really and truly wants.. she decides to forsake all she has now and to pursue the one that got away but twords the end you really start to see that if it’s out of your life, it’s there for a reason and you should love the one that you are with! It’s her greatest book by far!!
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Cherokee Cherokee
House of Night series by PC Cast and Kristin Cast. It goes by: Marked. Betreyed. Chosen. Untamed. Hunted. Tempted. Burned. Awakened (Coming out January 2011) :) The main character is a whore though, well, in the end of the latest books she is :)
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Alwyn Alwyn
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