Jehovah's Witnesses: Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have A Pedophile Problem?

Jehovah's Witnesses: Do Jehovah’s Witnesses Have A Pedophile Problem? Topic: Cover letter of organization
July 24, 2019 / By Sammie
Question: This is quote straight from your Elder Manual Book... http://jwleaks.org/boe-letters/ @ "Our elder Manuel book is the holy Bible. Perhaps you should read it." Done that.. it can be download from above link.. I still don't understand how Jehovah's Witnesses Cant see THEIR RULE doesn't protect the congregation but only protect and harbor predator... @Gabriel Svoboda In the case of an bona fide child molestor, this means the molestor continues without punishment from the Jehovah's Witnesses congregation, and that the victim will likely repeatedly face the molestor at the five weekly Jehovah's Witness meetings (or perhaps more often if the molestor is a relative of the victim). Their key procedural flaws lead to the children/Women of Jehovah’s Witnesses being routinely exposed to predatory sexual abuse/ pedophiles within the organization. Example of 2 Witnesses Rule... and why it is $%%^ http://d.yimg.com/hd/answers/i/4c6c301c5... ( above link dont works anymore... lol ) http://d.yimg.com/hd/answers/i/4c6c301c5... @djtunes I find your reasoning and red herring avoids engaging with the issue at hand, and instead shifts attention to extreme hypotheticals and Abusive ad hominem ( false accusation ) .i am not sure whether it is because you found the 2 witnesses rule are difficult to understand, or are unaware of how it works. you questioning made out like it's probably not true. http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/local_n...
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Noele Noele | 1 day ago
This entire issue a very simple fact of law... any adult that molests or otherwise engages sexually with a minor, a minor being defined as a young person under the legal age of consent, for the sole purpose of achieving sexual gratification, whether penetration occurs or not, such a person is committing a CRIME. In our society, molesting children is a CRIMINAL ACT that deserves a long prison sentence, one typically served by a legally appointed judge at the conclusion of a trial in a criminal court of law. The Watchtower Society seems to consistently disregard this 'inconvenient' fact of law, choosing to deal with the matter internally, when it can legally, on the basis of the ridiculous, shameful “2 or 3 witness” rule, viewing the matter as moral lapse rather than what it actually is: A CRIME. While the WT reports these incidents to the local police in those states that mandate such reporting (currently in 27 US states), the other remaining states do not legally mandate its clergy (WT is clergy, by the way) to report known child abuse and the WT is only happy to oblige, keeping its known or suspected pedophiles incognito. Even when elders reluctantly report the matter to the authorities by law, the actual number of cases reported will mitigated by the 2-witness rule. As “Consider this” and “Caribbean Man” both indicated, the WT Society is more focused in keeping these incidents “under wraps” than doing the right thing, which is to immediately contact the authorities. It has always been and always will be about “looking good” in the public’s eye, giving the appearance of being a clean, spiritually and physically wholesome organization but the heralded “utopia” has its shortcomings, i.e. the well-documented pedophilia problem within JW congregations. Please visit www.WatchtowerDocuments.com. When such incidents of child molestations become public knowledge via the press (as in the Candace Conti case & many others), the WT Society will make statements in their publications that such reports are “lies and exaggerations”. Say what you will about the Catholic Church, which has been experiencing its own molestation problems, notably by its own priests, at least, it has public acknowledged and has taken full responsibility for the problem, paying millions of dollars in compensation to its victims. On the other side of the spectrum, the "spirit-directed" Watchtower Society continues to deny it has ANY problem and continues to feverishly cover up all and any lawsuits brought forth by the victims. This is shameful yet the WT Society acknowledges no shame, just more cover-ups!
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Lyra Lyra
See how fast a jw elder will counsel, reprove, set straight, the jw who says the bible is their elders manual. Maybe that jw would like to tell us why the elder assigned to handle the child abuse case, must follow exactly what the Watchtower legal department instructs him to do? Maybe she can set these haughty elders on the right path, those who do not look straight away to the bible, but spend hours mulling over the ultra secret elders manual? Wonder if that so-called 'proclaimer' can really be honest about 'the truth' of the matter? Maybe she just does not know what actually goes on behind those closed doors in the back of the KH. If only KH library walls could talk, she would be shocked on just how little the bible is consulted vs the little elders book. Most jw women have no clue about the reality of the workings of their beloved organization.
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Keighley Keighley
Jehovah's Witnesses don't have a pedophile problem - in the sense of being uniquely blighted with more cases per capita of pedophilia than any other organization. What Jehovah's Witnesses have is an organizational pride problem. Pride causes their organization to not deal with the problem as openly and as aggressively as they ought to, by always reporting allegations of pedophillia to the police. In the past victims and victim parents have actually been disfellowshipped for making reports to the police! Because of pride, the JW hierarchy do not want instances of pedophilia becoming known to the public as that would wound their pride as being a clean organization. They have to keep up appearances as being superior to the catholic church and all of christendom and this is why they seem to do all in their power to cover up such allegations at the expense of the innocent victims. In their quest to keep up appearances, they have instituted policies that put justice for and safety of the innocent children of the congregations in second place to the image of the organization. They are willing to sacrifice the innocents of the congregation to keep up appearances. Disgusting! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ep4h2lKWR...
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Ina Ina
How strange, that you are aware of all this horrible abuse and crimes, but you do nothing about it, except to tell people here on Yahoo. Why are you not reporting these crimes to the proper authorities? That makes you an accomplice. And if you know all this and it is so well known, then shouldn't the police know it too? Apparently, these crimes are well known by you and others on here, so are the police just ignoring this? Why are these crimes not in the headlines everyday, like other religions crimes seem to be? Since you know about all these horrible things, then they are not covering up anything, now are they?
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Elaine Elaine
You ask about a pedophile problem, but your quote is about child sexual abuse. Note 90 % of child sexual abuse are committed by non-pedophiles and most pedophiles never abuse any child.
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