Essay help? 'Perspective' essay- I need examples?

Essay help? 'Perspective' essay- I need examples? Topic: Examples of historical essays
July 24, 2019 / By Avery
Question: I have an essay on a quote that basically says 'looking at things from another person's POV is a key to success.' I have everything else written, but I need an instance (PREFERABLY literary or historical) that involves a group working together. Said group has to work together on something, and to complete it they need to be able to see things from each other's point of view. Also, it can't be an instance of something YOU and YOUR friends/classmates/etc. did. I'd prefer for
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Abiah Abiah | 4 days ago
whats up dude! such as you, i'm taking the test day after today. i've got arranged rather slightly, and all of my tutors and factors say the equivalent ingredient approximately the essay. you desire 2 concrete examples which you're very knowledgeable on in 2 stunning physique paragraphs. those examples is often individual comments, historic, or fictional. in fact, SAT essay readers do no longer ascertain information, so in case you're bullshit representation is buyable sufficient and pertains to the subject you will have the potential to make up an entire representation and mold it to healthful your thesis. Like an further answerer was once asserting, the representation would not constantly might desire to pertain to the question as long as you furnish thorough assessment and a great number of info. good success day after today, and remember approximately: this is basically a test.
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There are plenty of famous people who compromised their ethics for success. Political: President Nixon during the Watergate scandal. Pop culture: Ashley Simpson caught lip synching on Saturday Night Live. Bussiness: Anytime a company falsely advertises, or misleads its consumers on purpose (diet pills). Keep your SAT essay's intro short--you want to spend most of the time in the body of the essay. The best way to start your essay is with a quote. If you can't think of a quote, then ask a rhetorical question.
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Martha Stewart and Enron company are two that come to mind. A good introduction can come in the form of a question. Then have your essay present the facts and your last paragraph complete the thought, answer the question etc......

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Albert Einstein. A genius. He was kicked out of school because he was too stupid. He was tremendously gifted, but as a child he lacked common skills like tying shoes, and would often walk into traffic. However, he grew, learned, and became, possibly, the smartest man ever. Walt Disney was kicked out of a newspaper comics company for a lack of ideas. He later grew into the man that made pretty much all of the classic cartoons, and of course, Mickey Mouse and The Disney Company.
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The stock market crashes Or you could be like the second paart of the quote is not true because we are in anotehr mini depression Same goes for any type of war Or you could do racism

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