Looking for somebody who can help me with an ESSAY?

Looking for somebody who can help me with an ESSAY? Topic: Essay on game and sports
July 24, 2019 / By Reggie
Question: well I have to write an essay about SPORTS DAY IN MY SCHOOL. Ive already done an introduction part, but a body and a conclusion i have been completely running out of the ideas. soo could you help me??? this is my introduction Every school has a sports day, aka ‘A field day’, it’s a special day at school when there are no classes and students compete in sports events. At my school it was called ‘Pikul Games 2008’ which was held on November 7, 2008. Sports day is extremely important to every school that it makes students advantageous; for example, students learn to live together in perfect harmony.
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Mayson Mayson | 7 days ago
okay start of with example's . like most students pack out on junk food , but instead they go out and get active. sports day is an oppertunity for students to keep there mind out off that drama and get focus with sports. ^^ maybe this should help ;] GOOD LUCK !
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Johanan Johanan
Ok, I will not write this for you; but, perhaps if you answer the following questions and add your own ideas you can get a body and a conclusion for your essay. So: Have you a list of the EVENTS of that day? Pick some of your favorite events (or one's that you participated in) and describe the processes and some of the accomplishments of the less "athletic" students--even tho' they TRIED HARD and the most POPULAR events. What are some of the advantages, besides the winning and bragging rights that participation and trying your best for your friends and yourself? Why is "Sports day ...extremely important to every school". Are there positives to "skipping" classes (with permission, of course) for one day of physical activity and friendly competition? What are some of the disadvantages of missing a day of academic studies replaced with sports ALL DAY? Who came up with the name "Pikul"? What is the "story" behind this name? What happens at the end of the day when everyone's finished completing? Do they (or certain ones) go on to City, county or regional competitions? Which standard do those who continue up the ladder to larger competitions have to meet? Is there "hot dogs" and "chips"? Or drinks throughout the competition? And, are there any particular activities modified for physically disabled students (such as wheelchair racing)? Do disabled students compete with able-bodied students as "guides" (Like a blind Olympic skier whose brother acts as his guide while skiing down mountains). Can't remember his name. But he competed in Paralympics in China and wants to compete in BOTH regular and paralympics in Vancouver. Anyway, that's off topic somewhat. But do you get the idea now? Hope I have given you some useful ideas to expand on for your essay. Good luck with it.
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Griffith Griffith
BODY:further elaborate on the reasons why sports day is important and your other points..1 paragraph-1 point/reason CONCLUSION:sum up all your points good luck.. :)
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