How can I get a military pen-pal? All the sites on go on you have to be 18, I'm only 15?

How can I get a military pen-pal? All the sites on go on you have to be 18, I'm only 15? Topic: How to write assembly
July 24, 2019 / By Elric
Question: I want someone I can send care packages, letters, and stuff to over seas. I am 15 and all the websites I get on you have to be 18. Do you know of any websites that don't have a age requirement?? Thanks!
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Best Answers: How can I get a military pen-pal? All the sites on go on you have to be 18, I'm only 15?

Clare Clare | 2 days ago
We used occasionally get stacks of letters from schools. You might start there. Have one of your teachers (history, civics, English) do some of the legwork. You won't be able to pick a sailor or soldier, but you can let them know you would like to keep in touch. They might have to write to you at your school, but that's a start. Keep letters light. Don't ask questions you think might be classified. For example, don't ask them where they are. It's not even a good idea to ask them what they do. Don't ask if they've been injured, or if they've killed anybody. Don't get into political discussions -- that includes when the war's going to be over, what the Iraqi/Afghan people think about us, stuff like that. If you're not sure if you should ask a question, you might start it, "If you don't mind my asking..." or "If you can tell me..." I was in the Navy 25 years, and I still use both of those a lot. Once you establish a line of communication, you may find that they'll volunteer stuff you weren't sure you could ask. That's ok. What can you talk about? What you're doing in school, how you're doing in school, maybe patriotic assemblies, maybe something your family did over the weekend. Something like... "The weather's turned warm here. Last weekend we had a barbeque in our backyard. It wasn't anything really great, just hotdogs and hamburgers. Mom makes the burgers. I don't know what she puts in them, but they're fantastic. Dad let me cook a couple hotdogs. I dropped one. Scraps, he's our dog, got to eat it. It wasn't given to him. He got it almost before it hit the ground. "This is my first year in high school. Right now I'm getting ready for finals. My favorite subject is...." "I have to go study now. Thank you for your service. Take care of yourself." Honestly, some of the neatest letters I got were from kids I coached on the city recreation department swim team the last two summers before I joined the Navy.
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Tina Tina
Because you are a minor it 's for your own protection that you are not allowed to contact servicemen and servicewomen. However, you can, with your parents permission, volunteer at VA hospitals, USO and Red Cross centers. Websites like Any Soldier.com, Soldiers Angels.org, Kitchen Table Gang, Veterans Voices.org, Welcome Back Veterans.org, or the Wounded Warriors Project.org. are always looking for help. There is one site that will allow minors, such as boy scout/girl scout troops, etc to send e-mails. "Children can write to our troops directly via email at a special account we have created just for them. Should you/they wish to receive a possible reply to their email, they should also include their email address at the bottom of their email as a part of their signature. We can then forward the information to the participating military service members and their commands. However, because you will be acting as their guide for this program, you will want to register in order to have your troop or class participate. Together we can find the projects that will be the most beneficial to the children and our military service members." http://www.emailourmilitary.com/questions.html
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Royse Royse
On this website you have to be 18, but you can have your parents fill out the form. PLEASE. Just do it yourself and say they did it for you. Good luck :D http://soldiersangels.org/index.php?page...
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Natille Natille
You can have your parents do the pen-palling until you turn 18. Then you can continue on with your favorite killer.
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