A good way 2 lose weight(read description)?

A good way 2 lose weight(read description)? Topic: Hypothesising exercise
July 23, 2019 / By Helene
Question: So I already run 40 minutes on week days and 1 hour on weekends but I am not losing the amount of weight that I want.....Wat should I do? (Please no diet pills)
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Dulcie Dulcie | 8 days ago
Make sure your constantly eating small meals through out the day. The reason you lose weight when you run is that your body is burning your fat for energy. So tomorrow, go through your day normally eating how you normally would (which will be impossible now that youll be thinking about it) and then at the end of the day just try to hypothesize how much you ate (do not count calories that always ends up in failure, instead estimate the portion sizes you just consumed) then take all 3 meals and cut them in half (maybe skim a little more off each one so your consuming less calories) Now just find time to eat all 6 half portions spread through out the day, So an easier way is to just skip on the highest calorie thing in each meal. so breakfast if your having eggs bacon and toast, skip the bacon. then 2 hours later eat an apple or orange. then 2 hour later eat a half a sandwich, then 2 hours later eat a handful of nuts or some crackers, then 2 hours later eat dinner but skip out on the mac n cheese, and then before bed eat something that is low calorie BUT will take your body a long time to digest. This along with exercise helped me shed sooo much weight for wrestling. Really you need to get your metabolism up, so in short 1. NEVER SKIP MEALS 2. eat less, but more often. NP
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Dulcie Originally Answered: I need to lose weight? Is this a good plan??
First of all, something a lot of people don't understand about getting a fit and mean body, is that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. In the past two years I have gone from being a chubby child to having a really slim toned and fit body. At first I struggled with losing weight because like you, I was stuck in a bit of a rut. Only when I realised that I was the only thing stopping myself from achieving my dream body, was when I started to see real results. You see, it's really easy to kid yourself into thinking your eating really healthy and making changes, however if you want to lose weight, you really need to crack down on yourself and be really picky about the content of your food. Never cut out any particular food group from your diet, as this can have the opposite effect and make you put ON weight! Instead it is really important to have a balanced diet. You also have to wake up and realise that there is no such thing as a diet! If you want to see permanent results, you need to make permanent changes and make health and fitness a lifestyle choice. Try eating less red meats and more lean chicken or fish. Also, aim for your 5 portions of fruit and veg every day! Fruits like blueberries and strawberries go really nicely with Greek yoghurt ( I recommend Total 0% Greek yoghurt because other brands are often full of sugar) and are great for overall health! Something that I absolutely swear by js green tea! It may take a while for you to get used to the taste, but drinking 3-4 cups of this each day will do your body wonders!! Cutting out little things like sugar in tea and coffee and switching to skimmed milk may also help you! On the other hand, don't get so caught up that you deprive yourself of treats! Instead of eating sweets on your cheat day, find other ways to help your hunger! Try eating two pieces of dark chocolate every day (which is good for you in small amounts) to help keep your sugar cravings at bay! Also, drinking water and tea before and during your meals will help you fill up sooner and help digestion! It out fizzy drinks from your diet completely, even the diet ones are terrible for your body! Just check the nutrition content on everything!! Now, when it comes to exercise, I find that doing 30-60 minutes of cardio 5-6 times a week is a good way to lose weight. Try something like tennis or running or take up some other sport! I know you may be embarrassed to be in a costume, but swimming is the most amazing activity for losing weight and toning up your whole body. Also, you could try doing squats, sit ups, planks, press ups (etc) every night! These will help build muscle which will help to burn some of the fat from your body quicker. A combination of cardio and strength exercises like these should be the best way forward! Something else I strongly recommend is the 'my fitness pal' app! It's amazing! Logging all the food and exercise you do is a really good way of sticking to your healthy eating plan and will give you an insight to the nutritional content of a lot of foods! Losing weight the healthy way will take a long time, so you have to be incredibly patient! As long as you do so, you will eventually lose the weight! Just stay strong and good luck!!

Cecilia Cecilia
My best advice is an Atkins diet! The Atkins diet consists of low carbohydrates and high protein, along with that you can have a night to eat one thing fatty or sweet that is NOT in the Atkins diet! If you have any other questions about the Atkins diet i can get you more information so just go ahead and email me at [email protected]! I'll help all i can!!
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Anngela Anngela
Personally I might move with #three and begin out slowly and paintings your means up like figuring out as soon as each and every week then regularly operating your means as much as 2x each and every week. (Just throwing this in the market) Lower your meat consumption. I'm now not announcing reduce it out thoroughly but it surely obviously is helping while seeking to shed extra pounds quicker. Hope that helped relatively. Good Luck!
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Wystan Wystan
i only walk 30 mins a day, do 100 situps, and few other simple things. but i do drink alot alot alot of water. i lost 10 pounds in one month!!! drink up to 3 litres a day, and cut out any other bevrages. worked for me.
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Shealtiel Shealtiel
eating healthy, it takes a while plus you do gain muscle before you loose fat which btw weight more. but you're body burns more fat in the morning so try that
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Shealtiel Originally Answered: Pressure from mom to lose weight? how to lose weight fast?
Food: Stay away from white grains like pasta, bread, flour, and rice. When eating grains go for whole wheat, it’s a lot healthier and has fewer calories. When eating meat, always go for lean or extra lean if available. Also stay away from junk food – of course! But, don’t demonize it, because if you are the type who loves their chocolate bars and you completely cut yourself off, you’ll only want them more. Cut down you junk intake to once a week, and on the day you have that chocolate bar make a mental note to get an extra 15 minutes of exercise that day. Make sure you drink lots of water; it helps your metabolism and hydrates your body (obviously). If you don’t drink enough water your body will think its going to be starved, and will go into “survival mode” – this’ll cause your body to retain all the water you do drink and all the fat it can get because its preparing to be starved. Also, drinking green tea every morning increases your daily metabolism by 17%. You can take vitamin b complex to increase your metabolism as well. Try eating 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism working, and never skip breakfast! Skipping breakfast will slow your metabolism for the day! When you snack only snack on fruits and veggies – they’re nutritious and delicious! And low in calories. My doctor recommended eating a slice of cheese with a piece of fruit as a snack so your also getting protein with your fruit. Try to stop eating after 7 pm, and only drink tea, milk, or water after that. This’ll prevent you from going to bed with food in your stomach that won’t be burned while you’re sleeping; it’ll just get turned into fat that you don’t want. Exercise: For exercise, make sure you get AT LEAST 30 minutes a day, but I’d recommend 60 minutes. Do cardio exercise every day as well as strength exercises like push ups and crunches. Combining the two exercises will help to prevent having saggy skin once you’ve lost weight. Swimming can be a good strength exercise if you like going to the pool or lake – it tones everything at once and its fun! While you’re doing cardio (like jogging or running) make a routine that’ll challenge you but not over work you. Try running for 5 minutes then walking for 5. If that gets too easy try running for 6 walking for 4 etc. For the stretch marks if you want to really fade them go get some vitamin E oil and rub it onyour stretch marks every night. Also try taking vitamin B-complex, it helps in skin elasticity. I'm sorry but the run thing is kind of adumb excuse. I just graduated with almost all A's and I still found time to go out for an hour and get some exercise, there's no way that you don't have a spare hour in your day/night where you're not doing homework. Try not watching tv. My boyfriend got rid of his cable and its the best thing that ever happened to me. I found myself with nothing else to do but go outside and exercise (not saying you should cut off your cable). No matter what you have to make time for exercise or else you won't lose weight very fast, maybe 1 lb a week if you really eat healthy and only 1200 calories a day. hope this helps.

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