I hate school is it illegal to skip school?

I hate school is it illegal to skip school? Topic: Less school homework
July 23, 2019 / By Kestrel
Question: I hate school i think there is no point to it i just sit here and do stuff i dont need in life i know if you dont have a high school degree but you wont get a good job or be succesful. I want to enjoy life not sit here and do nothing and be miserable. Is skipping school ilegal in florida because i dont want to get in trouble sith the cops.
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Jael Jael | 4 days ago
I live in Britain and I'm almost done with secondary school, I start college in September. I hate school as well, but just think of break time when your with your friends. When I do homework I always listen to music, as its a lot less dull.. Try to turn it around, and find something fun in it, just look forward to the weekends.
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Since you only stubbed it a few hours ago, it should soon feel much better than it does right now. Ice it and elevate your foot. Sleep with your foot on a pillow so you do not roll over on it while you are sleeping. Tomorrow morning take some advil and wear a sturdy closed-toe shoe so you do not stub it again. You would be surprised how often you stub your toes throughout the day and do not notice until one of your toes hurts! It may hurt to wear a shoe that touches your toe, but it will be much worse if you stub the toe or if you foot gets stepped on. If it is so bad that you feel like you can not walk, go to a drug store in the morning and buy a pair of crutches. If you still can't walk in a couple of days, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist or orthopedist. I would go to school and tough it out tomorrow, save your missed days of school for later in the year when things aren't new and interesting. Plus, first impressions with your teachers are important and if you miss class the first couple of days you could miss getting books or important papers like a syllabus.

Emily Emily
Yes it is illegal, and you will get in trouble. And school does have a purpose in life. Hate to break it to you, but life is full if boring stuff to do. You will have to support yourself one day, And do you think that crappy job you are going to have to get, that pays almost nothing, is going to be fun? Grow up
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Chrystal Chrystal
it's a stupid idea to do but as long as you're enrolled in school, it's not illegal. But you'll get in huge trouble with the school and probably your parents. I hated school too, but I can guarantee that if you drop out when it's actually legal to do so, you'll regret it later on, getting a job will be extremely difficult considering most well educated graduates have problems finding a good one, you can say you'll enjoy life, but becoming the person that works at mcdonalds, lives in their parents basement and can barely afford the gas to get to work...doesn't really seem like enjoying life. Stick it out and then when you get your diploma, do what you want.
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Avis Avis
Yes it is illegal. First the school will be contacting you and your parents, Then a truancy officer. And if you miss too much school, they can take your parents in to court.
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Abigayle Abigayle
of course it is illegal to skip school!Everyone should go to school!I know sometimes i even think like that!But u just have to think the boring lessons are interesting!
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talk to your parents and you can start the search together. This not something a kid can do by themselves. Homeschooling is something parents HAVE to be a part of. There are laws to follow, there are steps to be taken that will remove you from the public school systems and often papers that need filed to let the state know you are homeschooling. True homeschooling is just that - School is at home. Teachers are your parents. The main reason to homeschool is to get out of the traditional school system. Real homeschooling you have full control over your education. You have the say in what you learn, how you learn and when you learn it. You do not have to follow a set of lessons required from your local school. You learn the way you want. You are a self learning. If you sign up to some free public school online learning thing then you are just following the same thing you were learning at school. No different from at all. You still have set rules and you are still in control of the state. Find your local state laws here - http://www.hslda.org/laws/default.asp

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