Can Anyone Give Me Some Benzodiazepine Help, Please?

Can Anyone Give Me Some Benzodiazepine Help, Please? Topic: Case stand for tablet
June 17, 2019 / By Mollie
Question: Okay so I had a really bad panic attack 2 years ago and ended up in the emergency room at 2am, I'm really trying to get a benzodiazepine like Xanax, Klopolin, or Valium because in the experience of people I trust those work very well. I can barely even do anything anymore and I'm starting college soon and being in that environment is going to be HELL. these are the things I was planning on telling my General Physicitian: - Anxiety gets so bad that I haven't gone to my sports class all week and I try to hide from my friends from class because I'm scared they will ask about class or if I am going or not - Can't even go to the store without feeling Anxious and having trouble breathing - Tell him about the NUMBERS obsession and that I can't watch tv if the volume isnt at certain numbers - constantly adjusting the volume in the car with friends so it is at certain numbers - waking up in the middle of the night and making sure all of the deadbolts are locked - waking up and turning the tv on to make sure the volume was at 8 or 12 when I turned it off - when you're waiting for class to begin you have to stand in the same certain area which is away from almost everybody else even though i've been going there with the same people for over a year now -never go to any family reunions or events and when I do I stand in one spot the whole time - went to my Girlfriends family reunion and didn't eat anything because fear of puking or choking due to anxiety, even though it lasted almost 12 hours - when talking to almost anyone aside from my Mom and Girlfriend or friend speaking in full sentences is almost impossible because i feel like im going to puke if i keep my mouth open for too long - only ever walk the dog at night because im scared of confrontation with a neighbor or being around people -went to an all day concert with my Girlfriend this past week and we spent a lot of the time in the back of the venue because I felt so anxious around all of the people and almost passed out so we left early - going on dates is almost impossible because of public situations what else specifically should I say or ask? I really don't want to straight up be like "HEY, can I have some XANAX for my anxiety?" Because this is my first time dealing with any type of medication from this doctor and I don't know what to do and really don't want to come off as just looking for a high. ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED and thank you!!!
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Linnette Linnette | 5 days ago
I have a lot to say about all of the above but you are missing 1 key component- if you are starting college soon, you will pay a health fee and that covers all on campus clinician/Dr,/therapy visits. First week, make an appointment, go into the office and have your chief complaint be that you are having a hard time accepting the fact that you are going to need to withdrawal from the college and disappoint yourself and your parents because your anxiety is so intense that all of the cogitative therapy skills you spent the summer trying to master so you could attempt school without needing to rely on your medication aren't working. Establish that you know you have anxiety, you are working the non-drug methods for coping (look them up if you haven't already- simply understanding that fearing a panic attack causes more physical discomfort than actually freaking out in the supermarket and puking everywhere {that was actually enjoyable compared to the anguish I have put myself through reliving it with the, what if that happens again rush snuffing the life out of me}) Educate yourself on the medication that way you can drop the name without it sounding like you have read the DSM and are seeking a specific drug. Just so you won't become a total junkie- the biggest incentive for someone to avoid abusing these drugs is that your body develops a tolerance for the drug. Start taking too much, too often and when that panic attack that you fear comes along, you will have single-handed ruined every chance that the medication will be able to help you through it. You should always leave dosing room just in case you actually have yet to see the worst of it. Tell the Dr. that you wanted to get established with someone on campus because being without your meds is really causing you more stress since you are away form home. Brand name is Ativan generic is lorazepam 0.5 mg tablet (lowest dose) 2 tablets a day keeps me from retching every time the door knocks or my mother-in-law shows up on the caller ID so it should work well for you. In closing, do not use street dope- see a Dr. to make sure you don't have some crazy CNS blip that will send you to oblivion- do not post things like...can anyone score me some illegal drugs on sites like this unless you want a whole other type of drama heading your way :) I was recently prescribed Ondansetron which is freakin' sweet- it's main purpose is to control nausea and vomiting but it is similar to the benzo class being that it works with serotonin and it has great GET-A-FREAKING-GRIP benefits. I felt better knowing that I had something in my corner designed just for the hurls because I hate the thought of humiliating my sons but my body physically reacts to things my mind has been trying to say are harmless no matter how hard I try to avoid it. Take advantage of the campus health center and have a blood panel drawn to check testosterone, thyroid, cortisol, and any other possible things that have anxiety as the chief symptom just to make sure your body is in the best shape to help you through some of this.
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Kalisha Kalisha
I believe you have General and Social anxiety disorder. Also obsessive compulsive disorder. I'm sorry but benzos aren't the answer. They might give some immediate relief but after some hours they start wearing off and your anxiety problems come back....but worse than usual. Even if you kept taking them before each tablet starting wearing off then you could very well still experience bad anxiety, but also major depression as well. The best medication for your 2 anxiety disorders and OCD is anti-depressants. The most effective anti-depressants are the new SNRI ones, Desvenlafaxine is what is recommended, in addition to cognitive behavior therapy, which is usually done with a psychologist. I've been where you are. I know it's soo bad. But it does take time to get better. Good luck.
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Hadley Hadley
I would start the conversation by saying I'm having some symptoms that I need help with. I think, that if you go to your doctor with all of these symptoms (print them out ) so you don't forget them. This is enough information for a doctor to make a diagnosis. The doctor will prescribe something to help you or they will send you to a psychiatrist who can help you. Do not ask for any specific medication because, doctors always like to make their own decisions about medications.
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Dlila Dlila
Try getting a supplement from a health food store or vitamin store called L-Theanine. It has been shown in multiple studies to be even better at reducing anxiety than Ativan which is another Benzo similar to Xanax. Plus its naturally part of green tea, something which is quite healthy for you.
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