How to meet guys AS FRIENDS! (I'm a girl)?

How to meet guys AS FRIENDS! (I'm a girl)? Topic: Girls doing homework missing
May 25, 2019 / By Berniece
Question: Hey, I go to an all girl school so I don't see guys often. A few years ago i went to a coed school. I dont go to church or anything and I am in middle school. no, i don't want answers like go to the mall but more consecutive things. thanks!!
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Affrica Affrica | 8 days ago
I had this same problem when I was in high school. I also went to an 'all girls' high school for four years. The only guys we ever saw were the priests and the janitors. However, there is an advantage to this situation.....you don't get distracted by guys, which gives you more time to study and concentrate! This is what I did: I stayed with my girlfriend on the weekends and we went to the USO every weekend to dance until they closed at 2AM. I met so many really nice service men. This was San Diego which has a large Navy base. I don't know where you live, but you might check into other options in your area. If it's a 'service town' they will have a USO. If you really want to meet guys, I would suggest you ask your parents to put you in a public school and stick to your guns. Tell them you're missing out on a lot of things that other girls your age are not. There are advantages and disadvantages in going to a public school. Get your ammo ready before you confront your parents. Get a sheet of paper and fold it in half, on one half list the disadvantages and the other half the advantages. You could do it for both private and public schools. Talk to other girls your age and ask them for their feed back. Use the internet. There are advantages to socializing with guys, and disadvantages. Do your homework. Good luck my friend.
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Affrica Originally Answered: What do guys want out of a girl to be even friends?
Well guys just like Guy friends better because they can talk about dude stuff like hooking up with chicas, and it's just awkward talking about stuff like that with girls unless you're really close....

Theodore Theodore
I can't see how that is possible since you are at a girls school and you don't go to places where guys go... and you want to meet guys as friends that is going to be especially difficult. Unless there are guys at a future part time job or you end up in another coed school your stuck with girls. I would not go to partys if it is friends your looking for btw.
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Prosper Prosper
get reading up on different subjects, like cars, bikes football, so then when your in a crowd of mixed people and boys are there if any of these topics are mentioned you can put forward your opinion let them know you have a brain, as well as being feminine, Or you could do something like my friend did, she joined a army cadet corp, learned to drive a tank, when she mets guys and gals, and they get on about iraqq, she says come with me sat , i'll show you what i can do, she gained lots of friends, and respect afterwards, smile be yourself.
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Malcolm Malcolm
wow your basically out of luck but if i were you i would just hang out with a guy in the neighborhood
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No, don't get mad. I think you should wait untill he tells you, But if he doesn't, then you can ask nicely and dont look like you are sucpicious about it and or dont look like you are mad. My boyfriend did that too, but it's a different case like yours. He went to a girlfriend's bithday ( friend from highschool) without telling me untill the next 6 months later he told me. That's even because we were fighting about something and he told me that. I know the girl, we had met before and i told him that i didn't like her. So, my bf said that he didn't want to tell me because he didnt want me to get mad or jealous because of it was her. I think all men are the same when it comes about best girlfriends or friends, they dont usually tell us about things. I know how it feels for us ( women )..so, good luck...

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