Changing Word 2007 defaults to Word 2003 defaults?

Changing Word 2007 defaults to Word 2003 defaults? Topic: Word 2007 change case sentenced
June 20, 2019 / By Flurry
Question: When I close Word for the day, the 2003 defaults I set revert to 2007, then I have to reset them all over again the next morning. I want to permanently set default at single line spacing for sentences and paragraphs. HELP.
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Dandrenor Dandrenor | 1 day ago
Do this: 1. Click in an affected paragraph. 2. Click the Home tab on the Ribbon. 3. Click the arrow in the lower right corner of the Styles section. 4. The style for your paragraph should have a bold box around it. You may have to scroll down to find it. 5. Hover the cursor over the style. A listbox arrow should appear. Click it. 6. Select Modify from the list box. 7. Click the Format button and select Paragraph. 8. Make your paragraph style changes. 9. Click OK. 10. If you want this to carry forward to other documents based on the template this one is based on, click the radio button for New Documents Based On This Template. 11. OK out of everything. All paragraphs in the document with that style should adjust themselves. When you close your document, you may see a warning message asking if you want to save the changes to Normal.dotx. This is an anti-virus measure, intended to alert you that something has changed in Normal.dotx. In this case, you made the change, so you want to accept it. That should do it.
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ohkay so you need to resave it. Go to Save As... then under the "File name" there is an option of "Save As Type:" Then you open that and save it to "Word 97 - 2003 Document"
Dandrenor Originally Answered: How To Print a Word 2007 Document in 2003?
If you've already installed the compatibility pack , the only way to print it as-is would be to use Word 2007. Apparently you used some features and formatting that are only available in the 2007 edition and therefore the formatting gets crazy in Word 2003.

Bonduca Bonduca
When you go to change the settings at the Font and Paragraphs windows, before clicking the OK button, click on the Default button. It will ask to confirm if you want make the changes to the NORMAL template which is where it picks up all the styles and formatting every time you create a new document.
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Alanna Alanna
you may desire to open an Explorer window. basically double click My computer. pass to kit -> Folder innovations -> document varieties. stumble on checklist and DOT interior the record. they are your word archives and word checklist templates. once you click considered one of them, you will see factor under says Opens with .... , click on substitute button, it enables you alter the courses that opens the checklist. basically go with MS word for it. There are yet another button progressed, in case you go with directly to alter the courses that handles Edit, Print instructions to your checklist and dot records, you're able to do it from progressed button.
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