Who thinks Obama is a fraud? Edit?

Who thinks Obama is a fraud? Edit? Topic: How to write a million dollar book
June 25, 2019 / By Nikkole
Question: I dislike Obama and Mccain, but Obama overall due to inexperience and greedy. This is what i found in obama website regarding Poverty issue: There are 37 million poor Americans. Most poor Americans are in the workforce, yet still cannot afford to make ends meet. And too many poor Americans are single mothers who are raising children. Barack Obama has been a lifelong advocate for the poor -- as a young college graduate, he rejected the high salaries of corporate America and moved to the South Side of Chicago to work as a community organizer. As an organizer, Obama worked with churches, Chicago residents and local government to set up job training programs for the unemployed and after school programs for kids. The fact, Obama made more than $2 million writing books. Instead of using the money to help South Chicago residents get out of poverty, he bought a million dollar home in Hyde Park (south chicago). In other word, what he did was selfish. If Mother Teresa's had more than $2 million, would she buy herself a milion dollar home or would she used the money to help the poors. The point is, if Obama cares so much on getting people out of poverty, why did he buy himself a million dollar home? Do we all look like we can afford to buy a million home? If he is a democrat member, he MUST share his wealth to the working class people no matter how hard he works. That is the fundamental principle of being a democrat (liberal, progressive, communist) Obama is nothing but a greedy selffish person. He gives great speech that brainwashed million of americans
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Lynne Lynne | 8 days ago
actual, the FBI has been refusing to check out Obama's marketing campaign donations even however they have had a number of request from the FEC to look into it. i think that in simple terms like interior the Olympics, and a few substantial activities, whilst an athlete shatters documents they are straight away drug examined and the comparable could desire to prepare to politicians who be able of enhance over six hundred,000,000 money(a hundred and fifty,000,000 interior the final month on my own,) hence not shattering previous fund elevating documents yet destroying them. i'm not accusing something or absolutely everyone good now, even though, it relatively is a strategies boggling volume of money and we owe it to ourselves to make effective each and every thing is legitimate. I implore to anyone accessible you are able to desire to question how this money replaced into raised and not only settle for that it relatively is the consequence of massive help and with an user-friendly donation of $86.00 solicted in the time of the internet. It could desire to be examined. enable's not overlook concerning the glaring like we omitted baseball and the own loan marketplace.
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Lynne Originally Answered: Who thinks Obama just needs to simma down nah?
He really should "simma down nah" TO: Reality has a Liberal Bias • Won approval of the second $350 billion in TARP funds *before* taking office. NO, BUSH DID THAT FOR HIM • VP Biden already made his first foreign trip *before* taking office. IN WHAT CAPACITY, HE COULD NOT HAVE MADE ANY PROMISES TO ANY WORLD LEADERS WITHOUT BEING SWORN IN. • Ordered the closing of the prison at Guantanamo Bay, with 16 retired generals and admirals standing behind him in support. NO, HE ORDERED A REVUE IF & WHEN IT SHOULD BE CLOSED. • Ordered a pay freeze of his top staff. WOW, I BET THEY ARE THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE IN WHITE HOUSE. • Ordered stricter controls on lobbyists in government. AND BENT THE RULES TO GET AS MANY OF THEM IN HIS ADMINISTRATION AS HE CAN. • Ordered compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. IS THAT WHY WE CANT SEE ANY PAPERWORK FROM HIS PAST? • Confined interrogation techniques to those in the Army Field Manual AND IF NEEDED TO USE CIA MANUAL TO GET INFORMATION • Ordered a review of auto emissions standards. REVIEW??????????????????????? • Met with GOP leaders of both Houses of Congress to improve the interurbanage.Arabiaan interArabiath Al Arabiya TV, improving our reputation in the Arab/Muslim world. IT'S HIS JOB TO TALK TO GOP, IF HE WANT BI-PARTISAN GOVERNMENT • Talked to every leader in the Middle East. IS THAT WHY KIRGHISTAN IS CLOSING THE CLOSEST AMERICAN BASE TO AFGHANISTAN. • Named George Mitchell special envoy to the Middle East. Mitchell is already on the scene. IF HISTORY TAUGHT US ANYTHING WE WOULD BE SENDING SPECIAL ENVOYS TO THAT AREA FOR AS LONG AS ISRAEL & PALESTINE EXISTS. • Got most of his cabinet confirmed. SO WHAT, IF MOST OF HIS CABINET HEADS ARE TAX CHEATS. • Made family planning advice more available to women in Africa. THAT CAN REALLY HELP AMERICAN FAMILIES • Met with top business leaders, who endorsed his stimulus plan. WOW, SAME LEADERS THAT FINANCED HIS CAMPAIGN, GE & GOOGLE • Geithner put limits on lobbying from bank who receive TARP money (something Paulson could have easily done.) SAME Lehman Brothers Inc LOBBYIST THAT HIM AND PAULSON WORKED FOR? • Condemned Wall Street bonuses SO DID THE REST OF THE COUNTRY • Quickly released federal aid to fix power outages in Kentucky. AFTER FOUR DAYS OF THEM FREEZING • Provided healthcare to 4 million poor children. WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF THE POOR CHILDREN? • Created a Middle Class Task Force, led by Joe Biden WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT PROGRAMS (NOT), WE CAN'T AFFORD THE ONES WE HAVE. • Directed more than $20 million for "urgent refugee and migration needs" in Gaza THIS WAS A WAIST OF OUR MONEY, READ SOME HISTORY BOOKS ABOUT PALESTINIANS. Please get your head out of your a $ $.

Keeley Keeley
Obama worked to help the poor in Chicago, matching his words with his deeds, giving up a lucrative career as a lawyer, but he spent his book royalties on himself, so Obama is a hypocrite. McCain has done nothing to help the poor, even though they are a tax on our society, both economically and socially, but he never acted like he cared, so he is true to his core values. I'll take the alleged hypocrite over the dangerously out of touch any day.
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Ileen Ileen
Don't equate Democrats with Communists. Where do you get this? There are wealthy Democrats, but many more wealthy Republicans who are willing to move factories and jobs overseas if it means more profit. What are they doing for the working class?? The Kennedys, although very wealthy, were advocates of poor and middle class Americans,
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Eglantine Eglantine
His citizenship is in question. I heard they can't prove where he was born. His birth certificate is supposedly forged. If his stepfather did adopt him, even his name may be different. I heard there is documentation that states he is islamic although he denies it. I feel he has a very shadowy past, which may or may not be his fault, still our president needs to have a good solid foundation.
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Chelsea Chelsea
Me; I agree oh bummer is a fraud, but worse than that he is an unpatriotic fraud...and a liar...and a racist...and a bigot. Vote John McCain, the real American!
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Arline Arline
yea they're all frauds too bad people aren't civil enough to run a country themselves without a leader
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Zed Zed
obama never gave a speech, he read a speech... very different. I think obama is an idiot, when he talks you kinda just wish he would shut up and stop embarrassing himself and people that vote for him.
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Zed Originally Answered: Will the Supreme Court rule against Obama's birth certificate FRAUD tomorrow?
I think Phillip Berg will win his case. There's so much evidence. Don't believe these Obama supporters flooding yahoo answers. This youtube video was submitted from rosaryfilms, called Obama Is Not A Natural Born U.S. Citizen And Is Therefore Ineligible For The Presidency / Documentary Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWTs1YyhFRg&feature=related It doesn't mean anything if a Hawaiian official says she saw a short form of his birth certificate. And this happened after his recent trip to Hawaii. A registration of birth is not a legal document, if his mother's parents did that to get him a passport. Only "Long forms" of birth certificates are copies of birth certificates. Obama only has a "short form" posted on his website, a long form doesn't exist. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYrZQLbFhb0 Obama is not a NATURAL-BORN US citizen. His mother was a minor and couldn’t transfer US citizenship to him, even if he did go to Hawaii after when he was 18. A birth certificate is on file for Obama in Mombasa, Kenya. (But, the maternal grandparents probably put a fake newspaper anouncement of his birth in Hawaii when he was 9 days old to try to get him a passport). His mother received Indonesian Nationality through her second marriage. By doing that, she not only lost her US citizenship, but her son’s entitlement to US Citizenship. Neither Indonesia nor Kenya recognize Dual Citizenship. He became a Kenyan citizen in 1963 and never renounced it. Dual citizenship is not allowed for a Presidential candidate. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAYWAoSgS0w&feature=related There's so much wrong with this candidate. His past drug use could still be a problem. I really never cared if someone was bisexual or not before, but his gay boyfriend Donald Young was just murdered in December of 2007. Just watch the Larry Sinclair videos on youtube (he claims to have had a sexual experience involving drugs with Obama): This is getting scary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6w4Dl8QcY0&feature=related

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