How is my essay so far? Grade 11 Essay?

How is my essay so far? Grade 11 Essay? Topic: Media industry case studies
June 20, 2019 / By Rosalyn
Question: This is on how "The media literacy has a strong hold on responsible citizens" A “Media” Impact The media is one of the most persuasive and pervasive elements in our society. It has a profound impact on the audience in the terms of the ideology and values that are later perpetuated in the messages which are later internalized. Most are caused to rely on the media for the most part of their lives. If the world was mostly media literate, the hidden messages Firstly, the media has a profound impact, for example, media critic by the name of Neil Postman had argued that the media, especially the television is used as the first step to education as a child first watches television until their old enough to attend school. This is the reason why the media is known as the first curriculum of education. Audiences of all ages are attracted to the media which is why there is not a very high chance of it dying out. If more and more people decided to not watch television or use anything related to the media industry would lose profit and close down with a small chance of it returning because something new would have hit the market. Secondly, the ideology and values that are presented are later internalized. The major role taken to notice is the gender role. The role caused the men to have a certain attitude, which allows them to think of themselves as a powerful, strong, or a macho-man, who is in charge of everything around them. The women play the role where they are used as sex objects, and have to obey anything the opposing gender states to be taken seriously. They are also passive. The media gives a bad message where they give the male gender more strength and a better image than the one given to the female gender. Ideology and values also affects the religion as it shapes up the fears and desires. The media affects what we believe through shows and several internet links. Media causes some to be devoted and more to be pushed away from their religion, for example in the religion of Islam, it is a big sin for Muslims to consume alcohol, but today most Muslims drink alcohol due to the media, which causes them to be pushed away from their religion and disobey their god. The television also send the wrong message by promoting violence, this is how the media also has a negative impact. “Stop believing the news and the media and eating the fake they feedin’ ya” once said Rapper Belly. This quote is clearly stated with the message being that the media is not always correct but it always believed by everyone because of its strong hold. If more and more of the world’s population became media literate, they would acknowledge the media and will not rely on it as much. The media is good in some of the cases, as it gives out an understandable message such as “make peace” but in most of the cases it creates problems around the world compared to anything else. However, it will be a very difficult to overcome this obstacle and make the change of how the media currently functions because of the strong hold on the audience level. If the audience were to study media literacy, they would be able to read and write exactly what the media’s message is, a great way to do this is through school. The school would be a great way for this because it helps understand the meaning of the message and explains it in better terms by exposing the hidden message. It also involves deconstructing the texts and examines the effects and elements. In conclusion, the media is however one of the most persuasive elements in our society but as stated it has a profound impact on the audience which as a result are perpetuated in the message which is internalized.
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Morgen Morgen | 10 days ago
It is great your talking about japanese interment. It is an often overlooked but still relevant issue. As it stands right now I have to give you 70. Whats missing is in the introduction I need to have a more gripping first sentence and then before you have this explanation of what the issue was you need to lay out the structure of the essay by saying what you will be talking about in each section. Then you need only to tell the reader what this was about but also explain why its significant and inttroduce some analisys. One interesting item you could include is the long term reprecussions on the japanese. Many resided in steveston but were then forced out of their homes which were then sold to others. Now these homes are among the most expensive in the cuty and the japanese have recieved no atonement for their lost property.
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