I had a dream that I killed everyone who bullied me and then I meet?

I had a dream that I killed everyone who bullied me and then I meet? Topic: Both handed writing a business
May 25, 2019 / By Virgee
Question: In my dream I m chasing someone bear foot and with a knife in my right hand. I m in some kind of forest at night, the moon is full in the sky. The person I am chasing falls to the ground and I realize that it s a girl in her underwear. She begs me to stop then she says "Im sorry". I shake my head then I get down in my knees and stab her. When I stand up I look down at my hands her crimson blood drips off my finger tips, I look and see her body crucified on a cross. Then I turn around and see dozens of crucified bodies lining a narrow road made with obsidian rocks ending towards a huge Romanesque style building. I look at the faces of the deceased and realize they where people I knew I’m high school, they either bullies me, said something rude or turned me down. Men and women with words such as, whore, bully, creep, drug addict carved onto their chest. When I open the front door I see a man in a black business suit sitting on a marble throne. He was cleanly shaved with dark brown eyes and slicked back black hair. I walk over to him and I notice that his finder nails where a third of an inch longer than a normal person, he also held a cain in his right hand that had a silver dragons head on it. He smiled at me and when he smiled I realize that his eyes where not brown but black as cole. Last thing I remember is him in a deep voice saying "I will never forsake you unlike everyone else will and I will never lie to you, unlike those who have and those who will." I felt pity for some of the people crucified on the crosses but then I abhorred them for what they did to me. If I looked at one of their faces I would see... whatever they did to me flash before my eyes. But I was also disgusted with myself for feeling anything other than hate.
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Shanice Shanice | 2 days ago
This is an interesting, creatively written revenge fantasy. The icy rage with which you exact your vengeance on those who have wronged you becomes personified in a protector figure, a modern Dracula in a business suit, who is a projection of the power and untouchability you would like to possess. His vampiric immortality is suggested in the words "NEVER forsake you," and the last words, the chilling prediction that people will eternally lie to you, put the final seal on your attitude of mistrust. This defensive attitude is what will never forsake you, because you have decided to close yourself off from your own human feelings, which make you impervious to both pleasure and pain. This makes you feel safe. The happy ending is that you did make it home. As an afterthought, you seek to redeem yourself in the update by expressing pity for the crucified and disgust at your hatred. Maybe the feeling is not so eternal after all.
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Oprah Originally Answered: I'm getting bullied.?
Nothing anyone can do or say to make this all better. Your dad is right, it will pass and stop as you become an adult. Do your best to stand tall and be confident, try not to show weakness as the bullies prey on that. Good luck with your testing and someday you'll be successful!

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