I have Tourette Syndrome: A drug rehab didnt help me at all. Please help me?

I have Tourette Syndrome: A drug rehab didnt help me at all. Please help me? Topic: Case software and books
June 27, 2019 / By Tempest
Question: My teenage years were not nice at all. I know most people did not enjoy puberty but when I went to high school I started getting terrible panic attacks. My parents thought it was just a normal thing to happen but it started getting worse. I went into a deep depression and withdrew from everything. I panicked and shook like a leaf all day and night. I eventually started bunking school. I was thrown into a type of military school where there were other children who did far worse things than bunking school. However after a week I found out that I was put in the wrong place and someone high up in the medical profession got me out. After about a year, not knowing was to do, I got in touch with a doctor who diagnosed me with tourette syndrome. I was happy because I didn’t know why I shouted and swore and blinked my eyes for no reason. I was happy and went back to school. I was put on Ritalin and fluoanxol (not too sure of spelling). Anyway to cut a long story short, I am 30 now, in my second year at university, and I am still on Ritalin but with Prozac this time. However I got into the habit of taking Ritalin (10mg) in the morning and after about 2 or 3 hours, I take a sleeping tablet (zopiclone 7.5mg) to relax and then after 4 hours I take another Ritalin and after 2 hours again I take an imovane. And then I take another 2 later at night to sleep. I was put into a rehab for 3 weeks but the rehab wanted to take me off all my medicine and one day they didn’t give me any and I started get panic attacks and severe depression the next day. I would rather die than go back to a rehab. Besides I can’t afford it anymore. I have run out of options and it feels like a hopeless case. Why is this happening to me? Why cant I just take my 1 Ritalin in the morning and then the other one at about 12 pm and then 1 imovane to sleep at night? This is how I always used to to do it. Please note I don’t take the imovane to get a high – It makes me feel normal and that’s all I want.
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Roni Roni | 7 days ago
Ritalin is not good for Tourettes, in fact, it makes it worse. I would say that you should completely clean out your system of drugs. Not that I am against drug treatments! I'm not. I think drugs are an effective tool. But you need to "take stock" of your current condition, and then decide with your Neurologist what meds to take. I know that Tourettes is life long, but it changes so much that you need to kind of "see where you are" without meds. Then I would recommend using only medicines that do not make Tourettes worse. You will need to ask your Neurologist. If you are not seeing a Neurologist, you need to. I am guessing that your prescription came from a shrink. Am I right? May I gently point out that you have placed this question in the mental health category. I personally believe that Tourettes is not a mental illness. Medical books have placed it in that category for classification purposes, but I disagree. The problems you ran into (depression, panic attacks, etc) were borne out of frustration and having to deal with Tourettes, although you did not know that at the time. Think of Tourettes this way: your software is fine (your ability to function and aptitude for learning), but your hardware is wired incorrectly and this causes vocal and motor tics. You are NOT a hopeless case. Just be sure to have your Neurologist check into the Ritalin for you. It makes Tourettes worse and that is a major part of the problem. Best wishes and don't give up!
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Roni Originally Answered: Supporting someone in drug rehab?
Its good that your sister is reaching out to family. The best you can do right now is visit, write letters and make phone calls. Unless it is for something specific and under 20.00 dollars don't offer money and best to buy it rather than giving cash to your sister directly. I trust the person but not the addiction. When you correspond with her, DON'T bring up any crisis concerning her kids (if she has them) a boyfriend or husband, any family pressures or bad things concerning a friend or friends. Your sister can only deal with her own issues at present. She may assume undue guilt or guilt she isn't emotionally prepared to amend at this time. Encourage her by praising her for the effort she is making and let her know you see that it is very brave to do treatment. Don't ask about her future plans unless she brings them up, like what she will do for a job, or where she will live or paying back a debt. She can handle things one day at a time, one issue at a time and its her call. Try not to bring up her past or how much trouble she has caused in the family. She will get to that part of her recovery on her own and if it is put upon her prematurely, she may give up and think she has done so much damage, she can't possibly rise above it. When she talks about legal hassles or bills etc, just tell her she will have time to work things out and to take it one day at a time. Let her know her family is emotionally supportive and will help if they can and if it benefits her and her recovery. Remind her that she can get through anything as long as she remains clean and sober. Don't go into long litanys. She is aware that you haven't the foggiest what addiction is like or how difficult recovery is sometimes. Just be a listener unless she asks for advice. When you don't know, simply say "I don't know but maybe your sponor or a friend in the (NA) program does." Encourage NA meetings about the time she is ready for discharge. You may offer to go to "open "meetings with her but don't insist. Let her know you are there if she needs you but if its too private you are okay with not going. Don't drill EVER about if she goes to meetings or if she got a sponsor. She will tell you when she gets a sponsor. If you are at a meeting with her where sponsorship is the topic the its okay to ask her if she has selected someone yet. If she says "no" you can only ask if she is looking. If she says "no" drop it!! There is a fine line especially to the sensitive addict between suggestion and encouragement versus nagging and control. You and your parents need to be in Naranon or Alanon at best. There are also Codependents Anonymous. The family deserves to heal and will need guidance on how to live with an addict, recovery or not, and keep healthy themselves. God bless you and I hope you will let me know how things work out. Some of us are miracles!
Roni Originally Answered: Supporting someone in drug rehab?
I am so sorry to listen to that you're having one of these hard time. I used to be a heavy meth person for 3 years and discovered that the Life Recovery Bible helped me and guided me. It follows the twelve steps slightly another way than the consistent AA or NA books do. Try to opt for up a duplicate of it if you'll. I am posting the Life Recovery internet site in which you maybe capable to touch any individual to uncover a aid institution to your field. It is a unusual software and I would not be right here in these days with out them!

Monat Monat
Hopefully, you already got the answers you needed, but if not I can tell you a few things. My 20 yr. old son has Tourette syndrome, which is a neurobiological syndrome with the onset usually between 7-20 yrs. old. A tic is a 'recurrent' uncontrollable motor and/or vocal movement. They can be mild, moderate, or severe in nature. The tics can wax and wane (come and go), and can also change over time. Many people with TS have OCD and/or ADHD. Only about 3% of the diagnosed have what is called "coprolalia", the cursing tics. Good luck!
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Linsey Linsey
Ritalin is for ADHD, normal college kids take it for better grades. Do you really need it? It sounds like you have been on it too long, since you're 30, try to get off it as soon as you're done with school. It sounds like you have a mild case of Tourettes, because blinking is a common habit that comes and goes, my nephew does that. The shouting is Palilalia and the swearing is Copralalia, not Tourettes. I have heard that getting Strep is the cause of these problems, it wears away the Myelin Sheath of the nerve ending in the brain and then whatever hereditary problems are in your family will come out. Just try to pass on this information to your family so any nieces and nephews can delay the problems, until there are better medicines. I don't know of any other drugs for Tourettes other than Clonazepam (Klonopin), but it's also for panic attacks (and seizures). It's not good to be on it for long, because it is a benzo class of medication(don't know the full name). The benzo's are addicting and you have to be weaned off them slowly, not put in rehab. You can go to a neurologist to figure out if you're taking the right drugs, they know of the latest and best ones. Also, a psychiatrist for cognitive behavioral therapy is a good idea while on the drugs, and they prescibe them. And there are self-help books for cognitive behavioral therapy, they show how you actually can rewire your brain and teach yourself to do your habits less and less. Then your brain starts to do appropriate behavior automatically. Eat a healthy diet, get alot of sleep. You probably figure out coffee and sugar can make you have a bad day. Also, I 've read that DHEA is produced while you sleep and people with Tourettes have less of that hormone. You can buy the DHEA supplements (10mg or you could lose your hair). Also, St. John's Wort is good for depression, if you want to get off medications (I don't know if it has bad interactions with meds..). Prozac does seem to be helping alot of people, you should stick with that one if it is working for you. Some people get suicidal thoughts from SSRI's, but you didn't mention that. (You might have been on one before, you couldn't remember the spelling, it might of been Fluvoxamine for depression and OCD). So, I hope SSRI's work for you. Try to think positive thoughts. Most people are understanding of your problems, stay away from the ignorant mean people. I know your problems are hard to figure out, you are at a stressful time in your life with college. Things will get better, you'll learn how to relax more (try yoga). Good for you asking for advice here.
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A story like this will definitely not hold up in court. You make it seem like you wanted it since you didn't even show any sign of resistance or even verbal resistance. Saying you're a virgin doesn't mean anything. Point is, he's not going to get convicted of rape. You're just going to degrade yourself in court trying to get it done. Be more responsible next time.

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