I really need advice.Ex girlfriend problems.feeling lost without her?

I really need advice.Ex girlfriend problems.feeling lost without her? Topic: How to write a happy birthday on facebook
July 23, 2019 / By Campion
Question: My ex girlfriend does make it clear everytime we talk that she has no feelings anymore and to move on.She broke up with me in March and now happy with another guy.We were together for 4 years and it was wonderful.Yes we had problems but always worked it out.I'm going crazy without her.3 months goes by and I'm still not taking it well.She was my everything.It hurts to see her in love with another guy.Problem with me is that I seem to be too clingy and needy.I'm always there and I think everytime we talk she knows I still have feelings.She has none,tells me to move on.It's hard to.I was hoping this was a rebound but i'm not sure anymore.If I just stay away for a few months will she start missing me?We talked a week ago after not talking for a month.It didn't go to well but I know when she left me it was hard letting go of me.She really did love me and I hope someday she will love me again.This guy calls other girls beautiful.I don't know why she puts up with that.Anyway what do you think I should to get her back?I know there must be some way.Please help .Any suggestions would be great.We are both 19 and never be through a breakup.It hurts worse than a family member dying.I feel like I lost my best friend
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Best Answers: I really need advice.Ex girlfriend problems.feeling lost without her?

Alic Alic | 9 days ago
How to move on from your ex: Remove Old Photos: Make sure there are no photos of you and your ex lying around the house. You could be having a great day and then all of a sudden go into a drawer and find a photo of the two of you hugging in a swimming pool. While you may not have gotten sunburned at the pool, you might have gotten burned by your ex and you don't need to be reminded of it. Pack up all of the photos and put them in a box far away from any place you could stumble upon it. Save cell phone pictures to a folder in a location you never or rarely go to. Go New Places: Going to the same restaurants, caf├ęs and coffee shops that you went to with your ex should be off your radar. It's best to find new places with new faces. Don't go into places where they know you as a couple when you want the world to now know you as a single person. Remove Cell Phone Reminders: Delete any old voicemail messages or texts from your ex. That birthday text message your former partner sent you last year might have been cute then, but if you stumble upon it now it loses its luster. Clear out your inbox and make room for all the new messages and possibilities. Select New Music: Don't listen to songs that remind you of your ex. There's nothing like making an effort to put your ex out of your mind and then the song that played when you started dating starts up on your iPod. Clear the decks and make a new playlist. Login to Your New Life: The Internet probably contains many reminders of your ex. Your Facebook may need the biggest clean-up. Head in there and delete any photos with both of you together. Also, the friends that went over to your ex's side of the fence once the split happened should be unfriended immediately. Think Positive Thoughts: It's not just physical things that can remind you of your ex. Thoughts that we have can change our outlook on life, so think positively. Don't remind yourself of all of the things your ex did that you couldn't stand. Instead, be positive and focus on all of the things you're going to achieve in your new life. Make Notes of Your Progress: Write down the progress that you're making as a new single person. Get a journal and put down your thoughts as they come to you. List where you've been and where you're headed. This will keep your eye on the prize -- happiness.
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Alic Originally Answered: Feeling like I've lost myself?
Hey Paul, I just want to say that as a person who has been through a similar situation as you, I know how you feel. Sometimes there are just so many bad experiences happening at once and it can make you feel mentally and emotionally exhausted to the point where you just want to give up with dealing with people and life. The hard truth is, nobody in this world is exempt from facing bad experiences, though. Wherever you go in this world there will always be an obstacle. The only way to win is to just become stronger, and to become the bigger person to overcome it. I don't know the specific bad things that happened to you, so I can't really give you specific advices, but know that even when you reach rock bottom, you are actually creating a reservoir of strength for yourself. Each time you go down deeper, you are giving yourself the opportunity to climb back and begin again as a wiser, powerful being. The climb back up is not always easy, but it's all about taking it step by step and taking care of yourself well. You did not lose yourself, Paul. You are just in the state of metamorphosis. You are reaching into the next stage in life as a more experienced version of you. It's like you're a Pokemon that's evolving (I just guessed you're a 90s kid and might like my metaphor lol). Take care of your body well: exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. Most often times, treating your body like crap will make you feel like crap. Treat it well, and it will make you feel well. The next thing is to find things that make you happy and as of now steer clear of things that don't. Go to the library and check out some books, go outside in nature and take a walk as you watch the scenery, etc. Find some peacefulness and mindfulness within your surrounding. You never know the good things waiting to be discovered until you go out and just explore. You never know what might spark up an inspiration and your passion for writing and philosophy again. Even starting up new things that interest you to add to your collection of skills and knowledge wouldn't be a bad thing. It's never to late to start rebuilding. There's no better/sturdier foundation than solid rock bottom is what I was told. Take care of yourself, buddy. You will make it through. You are here for a reason, and you need to go find it. You might like the book "Bird by Bird" by Anne Lamott. It's a book about writing, but it can apply to anything about life as well. It's funny but also very profound.
Alic Originally Answered: Feeling like I've lost myself?
If you can't get a job soon you might need to move back with your parents for a while. Sometimes it's best to have just two really close best friends that know everything. Sometimes insurance will pay for a therapist as well so you could try checking into that. Laying in bed all day will solve nothing. Try going out and applying for jobs. When your done with that. Try going to a park and walking for a while. You might even meet some new friends in your neighbor hood. And this will give you easier time to think and breath a bit easier. I don't know what your beliefs are. But if you want you could try out a few different church's. they have plenty of groups where you could find some new friends. Since your a writer maybe you could try publishing a book one day. I hope this helped some and I wish you the best of luck
Alic Originally Answered: Feeling like I've lost myself?
Okay ... first things first. God rules. second thing is define why you are here on earth. after this the third thing is get busy doing it. Example: helping others around you who are in need of help. And then you can see why... God rules! get busy:)

Tanner Tanner
Look man, you are done. It ain't gonna happen. EVER. So get your crap together and move on. Never think of her again.
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Tanner Originally Answered: Tips on how to show loves to my girlfriend who lost her hair due to chemo therpy?
George...I lost my fiance of 35 to cancer and watched him go thru chemo for almost 2 years of different cycles....trust me when I tell you that you going to as many appointments with her as you can, holding her, talking to her, making her laugh & smile, will ultimately mean more to her than any trip or spa package ever will. (I would leave out the references about her hair) Little things that make memories will express your love more than any gift ever will. Push her on a park swing, dance with her in the rain, sing her a love song...even if you suck at singing....sing it to her....I wish you the very best and hope that everything goes well for the two of you. I will hold her in my prayers....Good Luck!
Tanner Originally Answered: Tips on how to show loves to my girlfriend who lost her hair due to chemo therpy?
That is a great idea. But also realize she may not take what you say as the truth. She is feeling bad, and people going through chemo who lose their hair will go through many different feelings. Many different stages of emotions. You need to support her, even if she is getting on your nerves or lashing out at you. Hawaii is a good thing, better than spa. Tell her shes beautiful, but not too much, it will sound like you are just saying it. Give her plenty of affection and attention. Sounds like you are a good guy, good luck.

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