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Military spouses please? Topic: Service writing military
July 24, 2019 / By Arlene
Question: i have a very important question... it applies to either a present military spouse or an ex. my husband and i have benn married 9 years next month.... although he left me 4 years ago and weve stayed separted. He left me for his present girlfriend, they have a house in GA together everything, now since then i have tried to move on also... an aunt of mine told me to try and stay married till 10 years, then i would be entiled to 1/2 his retirement pay is that true?? and is there anyway i would still have benefits? PS I HAVE A JOB IM A NURSE!!!! oh yea he married me when i was 16! he was 27! somehow he slimmed his way into my mom consenting we have 2 kids, and the reason he did find someone else was because i was in nursing school and working full time so you know the saying if the cats away the mouse will play and thats what he did... when he did leave me i was left with nothing! except the kids i had to live with a friend and try to rebuild so why should this hussy get what SHE DIDNT WORK FOR???
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Zebulun Zebulun | 1 day ago
Active duty that remains married for twenty-years would automatically make you eligible for benefits. I'm not sure about the ten-year thing so I won't comment on that. If your husband becomes disabled and draw 100% Service Connected Disability that will entitle him to money for being married as well and so he gets additional funds for having a spouse which is you. If he is not disabled then you file for divrce and he would have to pay you half of the assets in argument or you both agree on a settlement. If he has served twenty-years in the Service and currently draws a military retirement then you are eligible for Tricare Medical because your still married to him even though your seperated. Your case will be tricky because you have not lived with him in over four years and the Judge may not rule so much in your favor unless children were involved. So now what you can do is seek an attorney and ask for what you want and if he agrees to that your divorce will be settled;However should he become 100% disabled by VA, that would give you benefits as his spouse and a check for the rest of your life when he dies as long as you remain married to him even though your seperated. He can't have his cake and eat it too. You would have to check with a Jag ona Military base about the the ten-year deal. I remember a case where this woman lived with a Veteran and he died after they were seperated for like six years. She never knew she was entitled to benefits and when she filed with VA she got a huge back pay check over $100,000 This is why I am telling what I wrote...you need to watch what he does because your not divorced yet.
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Zebulun Originally Answered: Any other military spouses out there whose spouse is or has been deployed?
My husband deployed after we had been married for 11 months for a 12 month deployment. I was also three months pregnant when he left. When he left I was super overemotional because of my pregnancy anyways, so I went into a deep depression for a while. Six months into his deployment our son was born. He got to come home for the birth, but he had to go right back. So then I got to be a single mom to a newborn for the next six months. I also had one semester of school left from before we were married that I decided to finish after my son was born. I moved to another state to finish school, and I was completely alone. It was the longest 6 months of my life. I never got a break except to go to class, if you can call that a break, and between homework and a baby that never slept I think I was getting an average of two hours of sleep a night. That was tough. I was also terrified that my husband would die over there and I would be left with this baby to raise completely alone, and I had gotten to spend less than a year married to my husband. ugh. gratefully he got home safe and sound... it seemed like it took forever, but he has now been back for about 8 months, and that time has really flown by.

Sim Sim
I was told that if you are married 10 years then you get to keep your military medical and dental benefits, this was told to me when I was getting divorced from my x husband. Your best bet is to talk to JAG or a lawyer who specializes in military law. You are entitled to a percentage of his retirement no matter what, I was married for 5 years and will get a small fraction. He didn't think it was fair that I went after his retirement, oh well tough beans. I stayed at home and raised the kids during most of the marriage and therefore, didn't have an opportunity to have my own retirement. I went after his retirement because he cheated on me and attempted to throw me and my children out on the streets. Don't say you wouldn't do it also if you haven't been in my shoes, I was thinking about my kids at the time. My x has nothing to do with my kids today, hasn't seen them in almost 3 years, his choice. I will use "his" retirement money to help my children through college since he doesn't want to contribute anything towards that. Don't judge me less you be judge yourself.
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Omar Omar
Well when you are separated for a long time and then wait until 10 years to try and get half of his retirement won't fly. If he can prove you two have been separated as long as you have said then that's all he needs to not have to give you a cent. I am sure you have to be together those ten years for you to gain anything from him. I would not even worry about it what's his is his what's your is yours. He has another women so why don't you file for divorce? If the other women is smart at all she will be riding your husband to divorce you here very soon. So don't be shocked you get divorce papers within this year. But no from my understand your separated and have been for sometime now he owes you nothing.
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Lawrence Lawrence
Bi, why are you looking for something from someone when you were not there to earn. Your aunt have given bad advice to get something out of nothing. The benefits only apply if you both are living together in the same house. You are both separated and move on except for the marriage. Be the better person and make your own money and stop trying to get what is not yours.
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Jabin Jabin
Yes, I heard of that law. My ex husband was not from the military but when I filed for a divorce the attorney did not count the years of legal marriage, but counted the years from the date of separation. If this is true, then you only get credit for the 5 years you were with him. So you might want to look into this before assuming you are entitled to collect any money from him.
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Jabin Originally Answered: Did you know non-military spouses collect retirement for life if they divorce and remarry?
whats with all the military stuff. here is simple answer if you dont like the rules dont marry while you in military. you are on some rant so your ex is after your money. lad you chose her. remember that

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