I want to start a business.but?

I want to start a business.but? Topic: Corporate business plans
July 24, 2019 / By Marnie
Question: I am tired of working for other people, and making other people rich. I want to start a business, but im not quite sure what to do that will be a surefire winner. I personally would love an events planning company, but i dont know if this would be viable. I know it's dependant on various factors, but i dont have much money so i cant afford to start a business that will drain the little that i do have. My bf opened a bar...and we all know alcohol sell, but his bar isnt making money at all. So, i know businesses are a gamble and that there is nothing like surefire....but i still want to try. So, if you have opened your own business, i would appreciate tips and advice. Or if you have any ideas on what would make money....please do share. thanks!! :)
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Lady Lady | 4 days ago
You already have the great idea of starting your own business, so hats off to you for that! Most businesses start because they meet a need. Other businesses are started because they can provide a service or product better than anyone else's. If you can meet a need or provide a service better than anyone else, you're on the right track. Make sure you research your market! If there is no one to buy what it is you're selling, you're business is going to fail. Doing this research is pretty easy with the Internet. Even easier is simply asking anyone in your target market whether they would pay for what you have/offer. Remember, its okay to start small. Not everything is needed right away. I bootstrapped my web design business for less than $1000 in start-up costs. You won't have the ritz, but you won't be out a lot of money. As far as your party planning idea goes - is it something that people would want in your area? Will there be enough clients to sustain your business? If yes, what kind of events will you do - weddings, corporate meetings, birthdays, etc..? Do some checking around to see if its a viable option for you. If you'd like to talk more, just shoot me a message. Hope this helps! Good luck!
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What ever you see and you feel that it is within my capability and capacity such as finance, work force, knowledge of work, financing support, technical support, space, selling team, knowledge of markets etc.

Jenessa Jenessa
Starting your own business is a wise decision. It is the surest path to financial freedom. You cant pass your job on to your kids or sell it but a business can do that. However, its not easy to manage and grow a business without the proper mindset and learning. The most important factor for the types of business that you have is POSITIONING. What will make you different from other companies? What will make your company as the expert in events planning? What makes your bar better than the others? Learn business skills! Businesses are not supposed to be a gamble or a game of luck. It is a science and an art as well. Know what it takes to attract customers not chase after them. Hope that this enlightened you. Ive got business ideas as well. If your interested, just contact me.
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Fern Fern
What form of commercial is it? You would possibly attempt to get funded through crowd investment or practice for a supply relying on your online business tasks. If you get worried with a financial institution, you'll have on the spot duties and stress that you just would in any other case hinder. Either manner, don't forget to organize a marketing strategy. Good success
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Crystal Crystal
Events planning is a good business to build. I see that http://www.joydeguzman.com/ is an expert in this kind of startup business. Why not consult him so you could start building your business.
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You seem to have taken the steps to knowing what you want to do so don't switch streams now. You have a marketable service... check out legality issues for permits and such. There is competition with many mail order pharmacy plans but not to say that some people and businesses don't buy independantly. Talk to one of the mentors at Score who can help with a business plan and contacts.

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