Need help in thinking of fake scenarios about hard decisions for youth club?

Need help in thinking of fake scenarios about hard decisions for youth club? Topic: Late homework slip
May 25, 2019 / By Hudson
Question: Ok, I am doing a class tommorow on making good judgements, and so I need hard decision scenarios to ask the children which they can discuss, an example is: You haven’t finished your homework, do you tell your teacher the truth, or do you make up an excuse? (The children are about 10 years old, so if you can keep the scenarios fairly child friendly that would be great :D)
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Enos Enos | 5 days ago
You did poorly on an exam and you need it signed and given back to the teacher. Do you give it to your mom or dad to sign, or do you forge their signature and give it back to your teacher? Your mom had to step out of the house to run a couple errands (shopping, bank, etc.) and she said that she'll be back in 1 1/2 hours. Your mom said to stay in the house and don't go outside or open the door for any reason.... and while she's gone to finish up your homework. You see two of your friends riding their bikes outside your house. Do you go outside and ride your bike with your friends and then get back into the house and lock the door before your mom gets back. Or do you do as you are told and do your homework until she gets back. Your mom is coming back late from work and likes you to go straight home after school. You know that your friends like to hang out and grab a slice of pizza at the local pizzeria (since both of their parents work and really don't care if they are home or not after school so long as they come home). Do you stop at the pizzeria before you go home.... making sure you make it back home before mom walks in the door. And on top of that.... you need money to buy a slice of pizza and a Coke. You know where mom leaves some spare dollars around the house. Since she's not home anyway, do you slip a $5 bill thinking she won't notice that it's gone missing... so that you can make your plan work.... get some pizza, a Coke, and hang out with friends... without her knowing?
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Colbert Colbert
You see a classmate take some markers from the teacher's desk while the teacher isn't looking. The teacher reaches for them and sees that they're missing. The teacher asks the class if they know where the markers are. Do you tell your teacher that your classmate has them? Hope this helps! I don't think I'm very good at these, though....
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This is a tough one as most people fear public speaking. In a class I took recently in which I had to give 3 speeches, 2 of which were 10 minutes long, I got some of the highest grades and I was still crazy nervous before hand, but here is what you can do to help mitigate. 1. PREPARE. This is the number one thing you need to do. By that I mean practice, practice, practice. Practice your speech, then practice it in front of a mirror, and then after that practice in front of your parents or friends. This will build your confidence to the subject you are talking about, the more confident you are, the less nervous you will be and the more likely you will be to combat the nervousness when your speech begins. Also if you do your speech in front of your parents or a friend (I use my wife personally), they will be your biggest critics so you will be less nervous in class. 2. GO FIRST. If you can volunteer for your speech order I highly recommend going first. It sounds scary, but think of it this way. Your teacher will most likely be a little forgiving of small mess ups as you are the first person to break the ice. The first person is generally known to be the most nervous so teachers give them slack. The slack part is true but the nervousness is not however. If you go first you knocked it out fast, if you go later, you sit there in class letting your nerves fester about the speech you have to give and normally you become more nervous. On top of that, when you listen to other peoples speeches you tend to lose concentration on your own. Just remember it's ok to be nervous. Being nervous is actually a good thing as it makes you alert. If you start panicing just breath in for 7 seconds and out for 11 to calm your nerves. And if you are super worried, you could take some St John's Wort the day of and Valarien Root the night before. St John's wort promotes positive attitude where as Valarien promotes good sleep and is basically a weakened version a valium (anxiety medicine) You can get those at most grocery store herbal sections or GNC. Those are the few herbs that I can testify to work. Hope this helps
Colbert Originally Answered: How to stop being nervous and thinking of worst case scenarios before a speech?
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