The writer of the gospel of John claims to be an eye-witness. Can someone prove otherwise?

The writer of the gospel of John claims to be an eye-witness. Can someone prove otherwise? Topic: How to write an overview of a paper
July 24, 2019 / By Kenith
Question: Atheists: prove to me that you have a higher IQ than a lemming. Offer something of substance this time. If you don't have EVIDENCE that John was originally written in Greek 60 years later, your claim is rejected.
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Best Answers: The writer of the gospel of John claims to be an eye-witness. Can someone prove otherwise?

Hiram Hiram | 4 days ago
Your claim. You need the evidence to start with In the Iliad, Odysseus claims to be an eyewitness to the Cyclops. See how it works now? The dates are determined by linguistics. It comes out to very late in the first century. The Wiki gives you an overview and links to the papers on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gospel_of_John#Date So all you are saying to me is that that claim was a lie. That brings the rest of it into serious question.
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It is hearsay. You can't just bring it up - that's why lawyers get paid the big bucks. Having said that- if you're in small claims court and representing yourself you can probably get away with it. Then again it may fit into one of the hearsay exceptions (which means it can be admissible) - statement against interest - admission or it can be offerred to show the state of mind of defendant rather than the truth of the matter But most likely you won't even need the statement b/c if you had a contract (albeit unwritten) you can still likely prove your case without the statement.

Elsdon Elsdon
The gospel of John was written about 95 CE. That's as much as 68 years after the crucifixion (scholars tell us it could have been between 27 CE and 33 CE.) So, if John was a grown man at the time of the crucifixion, would he have been alive in 95 CE? People died early in those days, so what are the odds?
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Claud Claud
properly, i assume it rather is the reason there are maximum of religions in the 1st place. in simple terms such as you do not understand this area of Islam, a Muslim would possibly not comprehend some area of Christianity. this could be so regardless of regardless of the incontrovertible fact that lots this subject is defined. For the sake of it, enable me attempt to describe your question in spite of the incontrovertible fact that in case you don't get it then it probable won't help lots. Jesus is of great value in Islam. We, Muslims, have faith that his venture on the earth has not yet been achieved. 40 years earlier Doomsday he's supposes to return to Earth as a King. in the Koran it states that Jesus became into by no skill crucified, yet rather went into Heaven, without loss of existence. of direction, as you probable agree, God is almighty. He can do something. as a result, that's our clarification for the way somebody else ended up being crucified. In society, chaos might reason such grave blunders. we are in a position to by no skill be attentive to for constructive how this surpassed off till we've been actual there. yet besides, i don't think of that it rather is of grave value which you would be able to comprehend this count. in simple terms from the way which you have asked your question, i will rather admire your open-mindedness and how which you admire all faiths. If all non secular human beings thought like this, war might slightly exist. in simple terms such as you do not understand this subject, there are a number of subject concerns that Muslims do not understand approximately Christianity. I for one, do not rather hold close the comprehensive thought of the Trinity. i don't be attentive to the way one component could be 3. i've got faith that basically one God can exist, because of the fact he's so efficient and knowledgeable, and the comprehensive thought of the trinity in simple terms confuses me. So yea, not information is totally universal.
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Amon Amon
whatever....you ALWAYS come across as condescending and ignorant, so you're not worth fighting with. Oldest gospel: written around (or at least) 70 yrs after the death of Christ, chances that they were eye witness accounts: probably 5% (i'm being optimistic here).
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Titty Titty
And there is a guy on the corner claiming to be Jesus... There is a guy that claims to have seen the great white whale... There is a guy that claims to be a wizard... There is a guy that claims to be have fought a giant snake to save his people... There is a guy that claims to have slain dragons... Troll... thank you for being such a good spokesman for atheism... IMHO
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