If there was a space force in military, from which branch of the service would it inherit it's hierarchy?

If there was a space force in military, from which branch of the service would it inherit it's hierarchy? Topic: Writing terms of service
July 24, 2019 / By Lovell
Question: I'm writing a book, and I want it to be believable in every sense. I'd like to know if Earth theoretically had a space force, how would it work out in terms of a command structure? Would it be more like the navy or more like the air force? Please understand that even if there will be no such thing ever, I still want my book to be logically sound.
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Jaymes Jaymes | 4 days ago
When Piers Anthony was writing his space operas, he used the Navy terminology (because space ships were built and complemented like seagoing ships) and Air force ranking because they were in charge of making things work in the stratosphere.
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Alright first i'd like to say congrats on wanting to join the service and better yourself. I have plenty of experience and much of it from the school of hard knocks. I nearly joined the Marines originally a 17 and they were not supportive so I couldn't get the waiver signed. I'm thankful for that much now. The recruiters wouldn't allow me to pick a guaranteed job and either wouldn't give me straight answers, or told me obvious BS. By the time I could make the choice on my own I wasn't interested mostly due to the lack of honesty. I was interested in traveling the world and learning a trade and knew the Marines weren't fond of sailors. So I said what the hell and joined the navy. Well that had its ups and downs but as I was in, I discovered many things about the Air Force I wish I had known. the living conditions are far better, they get paid extra if they have to live in what the rest of us consider nice housing. They have the shortest deployments (3 months usually) they are the most relaxed with regulations comparatively, The physical aspect is nearly non existent, The food is great, and they have great gyms and other facilities. Much of their funding goes towards morale for the people. They provide the most technical training and treat their people pretty well. It would have been a good choice but I didn't do my homework until it was too late. They do not accept prior service for the most part. I looked into the Army to see what was up after my tour was up. They offered bonuses which the marines rarely ever do. Mine was 10K and I knew some with 30K enlistment bonuses. They are much better funded. The marines get the left over crap from the Navy. They deserve more but they money just isn't there. Their living conditions aren't near as good nor is their equipment. I'm using an M-4 Carbine and I have a bipod attachment with an ACOG scope on my rifle. My gear was all brand new. Promotion is much faster because there are more billets. You can make E-5 in the time it takes most marines to make E-4 if they get it at all. There are lots of training schools you can attend like jump school where it's nearly impossible in the marines. They deploy for 12-15 months at a time which means more money. They highly encourage you to take civilian education courses and it helps towards promotion. These are just some of the things off the top of my head. I've worked with all branches of service and the marine hype is just what it is. I respect them but they are not a cut above soldiers. I go on 6 mile runs, do ruck marches with over 100lbs of gear, regularly train and go to the rifle ranges plus do my MOS. The Marines do not do all of the fighting while the Army stays back and other horseshit i've heard. I'm not trying to have a bash the Marines session and I respect them but I think the truth needs to be out there for you. I can direct you to a blog of countless marines that hated their experience. The Air Force has the highest retention rate of all branches and has so for the longest time. I don't know how true this is (which I believe it) but alot of the female marines talk of a glass ceiling compared to their male counterparts in the marines. Promotion is already tough too because there are limited billets.
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Air force, for lots of reasons. I got a good job and I know what I'll be doing is worth while and will help lots of people. not to mention the fact that in general the Air Force tends to be more family friendly which is important to me. the list goes on but those are a couple of the major reasons. no matter what you decide I'm sure you'll be happy. good luck :)
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like you said, it really depends on your interests. when i was stationed with the army at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, i got to train with all three....the army, the marines, and the air force. they are all good. i am biased and i have to say go army, but the marines and air force are not against my likings. any way to defend your country will be looked upon as very respected. sorry i cant give you a definate, but hopefully you see full insight on the military. thank you for your future service, from a previous servicemember to a future one, i say thank you!
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Join the Marines if thats what you want.. Otherwise you're just starting a flame war here between all the little civilians that think one branch is better.

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It really depends on what you want to do while your in the military. The Air Force does treat their people a lot better but Im the Navy and its not that bad. Being in the Navy I believe you have a lot more options... you can be a pilot, go on ships and travel different ports around the world, be stationed in the US on shore stations and also overseas on shore or attached to a ship... and even if you want to do some combat their are plenty of deployments open to go to Iraq or Afghanistan. Im sure their are pluses to other branches, I work with all of them in my job but it just depends on what you want to do with your time in service. I personally wouldnt mind the Air Force because its all shore stations which are better if you dont want to be deployed anywhere, except they usually "require" a tour to Korea. Whichever branch you choose you will get all they great benifits that come along with being in the military so since you want to get a bachelors degree I would wait till your in and just use the tuition assistance to get your degree and save your GI Bill till later after you get out to get an extra degree or transfer it to your dependents if you plan on doing 10 years or more.
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It isn't that the AF is where the "brains" should go. Just look at your interest. You seem to be asking about a university or some form of study group and not a military branch. This is why the AF will be best for you. It meets your needs. The AF is the least "military" branch and this is why it attracts certain types with interest such as yours.
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if you are doing it just for the benefits join the National guard if you wanna do real hard work join the navy or marines or air force but with the air force you got to go through the flight school

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