When Jesus (A Jew), didn't meet Gods Choosen Peoples (Jews)criteria for the Messiah, did he just make up.

When Jesus (A Jew), didn't meet Gods Choosen Peoples (Jews)criteria for the Messiah, did he just make up. Topic: Lined paper for writing numbers
May 25, 2019 / By Africah
Question: His own criteria? Now, if you want to set up another set of rules, OK, but that will NOT be according to Hebrew Scriptures, which Christianity needs so badly to verify their existence. According to Christianity, Jesus had no human father. Therefore, the discussion of Jesus as the Messiah stops here. Nowhere in Hebrew Scriptures does the Royal Blood Line continue by adoption. The Jewish Scriptures clearly state that a person’s genealogy and tribal membership is transmitted exclusively through one’s PHYSICAL father (Numbers 1:18 Jeremiah 33:17) Nowhere in Hebrew Scripture does it ever say that during the Messianic era, HaMoshiach will come back a second time to fulfill the events that had to occur during his time on Earth. And nowhere in Hebrew Scriptures does it say that HaMoshiach would be a deity. Judaism understands the Messiah to be a human being with no connotation of deity or divinity. If Christianity wants to make a man a deity, so let it – that is a pagan belief taken from pre-existing pagan doctrines stolen from the Mitraic worship, Zoroaster, Tammuz, Adonis, Krishna, Osiris, Isis, Dionysus-Bacchus, Buddha and others. These pagan myths all believed: Born on December 25 Born of a Virgin Divinely inspired and became a deity and later worshipped Had visions and revelations and taught ethics Went to school as a child and his teachers were surprised at his knowledge Performed great miracles and restored life to a dead person Birth announced by a star and a Trinity concept and died a violent death Descended into Hades and rose from the Dead Was expected to return in the “later days”
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Thutmose Thutmose | 4 days ago
It is a bit more complex than that. I will have to write a paper on this subject and put it where all can see. Basically Christianity is a perversion of Essene belief in the Messiah of Moral Judgment as described in the scroll "War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness." Saul of Tarsus took elements of the story of the Teacher of Righteousness, combined them with a more recently executed prophet and invented the Bible Jesus as a Gnostic Messiah. Several editing and rewrites later Jesus is transformed into the Jewish perfect sacrifice by 2nd and 3rd century Christians. Finally 4th century Christians, hoping to get in good with the Romans, rewrite the story again, deflecting blame for the death of Jesus away from the Romans and onto the Jews. The actual Jesus had nothing to do with the cult that developed after his death. I'm sure he would be appalled by what greedy, power seeking men have done with his name.
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Quinton Quinton
If we read the Old Testament we find that the Israelites were God's chosen people, and since God can not change then they still are. However, God gave a series of Laws which the Israelites had to obey and not many are capable of keeping the exact letter of the law. Therefore there is a problem of what happens to the disobedient. God saw this as a problem and said He would send a deliverer or Messiah. Christians believe that this was Jesus but many Jews do not. Hence we have the chosen people and Christians.
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Mannix Mannix
Let me help you out here. We don't believe Jesus was born on December 25. That is the day it is celebrated, but we know that the truth is Jesus was born in early-mid autumn. Isis was not born of virgin. And did not bear Horus as a virgin. She *ahem* re-assembled Osiris after Set dismembered him, so that she could be with him and bore Horus after Osiris was sent back to the netherworld. There are in fact, no written records from Mithraic worshippers, merely speculative interpretations of artwork by scholars. Incidentally, the artwork began to surface a few centuries AFTER the time of Jesus, so I think it is reasonable to believe that those scholars may have borrowed from Christianity when making their interpretations. Oh...and Mithras came from a rock, not a virgin. Buddha's mother was a Queen, and as a married woman, I highly doubt she was a virgin. Know your mythology, man! There is nothing in Hindu mythology that suggests Krishna was born of a virgin. In fact, his mother Devaki had 8 children before him. Kinda hard to bear 8 children and be a virgin for the 9th, don't ya think? Adonis came from a tree that was split with an arrow (or a wild boar, depends on the version) The date of his birth is not recorded. Adonis was young and good looking yes, but was a lousy hunter and *ahem* not much of a hero, and there is no hint of rebirth. No Jesus there, huh? I could go on all day with this...I had a MAJOR mythology fascination for years. As for your statements about the patriarchal line in scripture...forgive me, but I think the rules change when you are the Son of God. *shrug* I'm just saying is all.....
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Jeremy Jeremy
I am sure that I have seen it said over and over and over again that Jewishness passes through the mother. Therefor, if Mary had the correct genealogy I would expect Jesus to be perfectly acceptable. Of course, I'm not Jewish and am willing to be enlightened if I'm misunderstanding what I've read.
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Gib Gib
answer: No, I think he didn't consider himself the messiah because he didn't more than two of the prophecies and he wasn't attempting to create a new religion, just a different take on Judaism. It was Paul who likely twisted things for his Gentile audience. It's accepted by reputable scholars that the "gospels" weren't written by Matthew, Mark, Luke or John - so the first new writings was from Paul and he was an apostate Jew, combining Roman paganism and Judaism.
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