I was supposed to be a witness to a criminal case in district court?

I was supposed to be a witness to a criminal case in district court? Topic: Criminal court case steps
July 24, 2019 / By Keeleigh
Question: Well I was questioned by the police about a vehicle that was parked at my house, I told them who was driving it and didn't know it was stolen when he asked to park it. But I cooperated with the police when asked, and then I was served with a subpeona to testify. I showed up for the magistrate in March when I was served, but now I am getting a bunch of threats from the district attorney's office for charging me in contempt because of not showing up for another court date. I never got served with another subpeona. Am I going to get charged with contempt and what should I do? What is the punishment?
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Ilean Ilean | 8 days ago
This can be quickly solved. Two steps I recommend: Go down to the Courthouse (bring the Subpoena you were previously served, as it shows the Case Number, parties, etc.), and ask to view the Court's file (most Clerk's will assist in explaining what the documents mean, but in no way should/or will give legal advice). However, the Court's file may not make sense or mean anything to you, so I would probably start by calling the District Attorney's Office, and explain your dilemma/confusion to them. You should either have been served another Subpoena or received a "Notice of Hearing" in the mail (which, unless you are a party to the action, do not believe anyone could "command" you to appear without service). It is possible that there was a miscommunication between the attorneys and/or the person naming you as a witness and your willingness to appear/testify, or a false positive "service of process" made upon you. Both the Court and the District Attorney's Office will be able to answer you best. Do not wait ... this could possibly result in a fine or bench warrant. Hope this helps, and you act quickly ;)
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Effie Effie
Threats are not going to hurt you. Once you are subpoenaed, you are expected to pay attention and attend any further hearings where you might have to testify. The case was either decided/settled or continued. If continued, you should make sure you know the date and be there.
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Chelle Chelle
At your arraignment, why did no longer you ask for an APD to be assigned to you? they're appointed to symbolize indigent clientele at no fee to the customer (attributable to Gideon v Wainwright). you are able to allure your case - cite no tips grow to be appointed to you, it grow to be a criminal case, you have been on the time and nevertheless are indigent, English isn't a while-honored language, so which you had a complicated time understanding the intending, etc.
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Arlie Arlie
once you were served the subpoena to appear that made you liable to appear at the next court date just call legal aid and ask if the one subpoena covers all court dates in this case.
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Zechariah Zechariah
Insist he prove you were served. He can't because you weren't. Tell him he paid someone to serve you and they never did.
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