2002 Volvo S60 T5 with passenger door problems?

2002 Volvo S60 T5 with passenger door problems? Topic: Test case software
July 24, 2019 / By Rebeccah
Question: Every time I unlock my doors I hear a rattle/thumping in the passenger door, the window will go down, and the exterior turn signal light on the mirror will flicker. To make it stop, you have to manually lift the door lock knob. After which, everything will function normally. In addition, I've had the express window option fail, the mirror has quit working, and the exterior temp. gauge has malfunctioned. I assumed it was a computer software issue, but the dealership told me that was not the case and that I needed to replace several parts. I think they're trying to rip me off. Has anyone experienced this problem? If so, was it a software issue?
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Merrilyn Merrilyn | 1 day ago
Hmm, What parts was it that the main dealer say you needed?has any work been done on that door in the past?Did you unlock the door with the key, remote or from the drivers window switch cluster, Did the 2002my s60 have a indicator repeater built into the mirror?iv had a few with the thumping, Iv found when the central door locking motor pushes the rod up it gets stuck in the small hole at the top of the door panel, if you have been pulling the button up manually i assume the button is damaged by now,As its a tight fit and iv been only able to grasp it with a pliers or a pick,look around the top button there is a rubber grommet,remove this then test the door operation with enough room now that the button wont get stuck,if it moves freely, file out the inside of the grommet a tad using a small needle file and refit, If its still the same its time to take the door panel off and get a good look in there you should look for moving parts(ie) widow reg or the lock or connecting rods rubbing against wire's of any kind,get a torch in there and have a good look,When you lock the door with the remote does the button ever pop back up??there has been a lot of door-lock trouble given by the larger platform cars of that age, For the door electrics acting up id say the door wiring harness is frayed and shorting out, or you could have a bad connection at the a-pillar or corrosion or it could be a faulty p,d,m. get back to me with what they said you need!! I doubt its software related, as far as the express window option did you mean auto function? if so sounds like your p,d,m needs to be initialized(upper and lower limits programmed through/by the volvo dignostic system),but try this first, ignition on, hold the passenger side switch up on the drivers cluster for 30 sec's, then try the auto function again, It might work SKULLY
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Lessie Lessie
I can't speak for all dealerships, but I work as a Volvo service advisor. I can tell you that they will not sell you parts that you do not need. There are several key components to your window system, all of which may need to be replaced. They may charge alot for everything (high markup on parts and high labor costs), but you have volvo genuine parts being installed by a tech who knows what they are doing, and any problems that may occur in the future the dealership can help you with. It sounds to me like you need a master window switch, possibly a track system for the window itself, as well as a door lock assy. That is a lot of work and the parts for this job aren't cheap, so expect to pay a decent amount for the work. That's all the advice I can give. Trust me on this, independent shops will rip you off way before a certified volvo dealership will.
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