Any military issues I can write about?

Any military issues I can write about? Topic: term papers writing
July 24, 2019 / By Benson
Question: I'm writing a term paper for my government class and I want to write about an issue in the military. The only ones I can think of are "should women be in the military (combat)?" and "should homosexuals be in the military?" I'm just looking for any issues involving the military. Thank you!
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Abihail Abihail | 5 days ago
If you do choose to write about your first topic, which I recommend, make sure you get your terms right. Women are now and always have been "allowed" in combat. You can't avoid that if you have women in the military. The point of discussion is should women be allowed in Combat Arms positions. Those are positions which train to engage the enemy in direct ground combat such as Infantry or Special Forces. Good luck! Edit: Laura hasn't a clue what she is talking about so please don't go down that path. President Obama is not shrinking the military. President Obama is following the recommendations of the military and the dictates of congress who control our end strength. And anyone in service who understands the numbers will tell you that we need to shrink. The Active Duty Army officially expanded by 65K Soldiers but unofficially we were 19K over our authorized end strength. It was my opinion that when this was happening, we were over expanding for a temporary need for Soldiers. Now that we are downsizing our forces in Iraq from a high point of about 160K to a low of fewer than 1000 and in a year downsizing in Afghanistan from around 100,000 to less than 1000, we can afford to shrink back to just slightly larger than we were prior to 9/11. It is a prudent move that will save billions in defense dollars that will allows us to modernize the force. This is the natural cycle. Save money on personnel and spend money on equipment. The next time we need a large expansion we will have the next generation of equipment waiting for them. I like Gregster's idea about discussing the change to the retirement. But don't just go one way. On one hand I hate to see a big change, but I also know how incredible our retirement plan is compared to the rest of the federal government. After 30 years in State you might draw $3000 a month. I will retire in four years and draw nearly $7000. And that is strictly from my military retirement. That $3000 in State includes the money you invested in your TSP or 401K.
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Sierra Sierra
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Marva Marva
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