I dont know how to deal with my problems?

I dont know how to deal with my problems? Topic: How to write a speech about somebody
May 25, 2019 / By Shamir
Question: I don't really know how to say this so it makes sense, but Ive been feeling really down lately. I feel like no one appreciates me. I feel like everyone is always lying to me about how much I mean to them, like I'm always a second option and someone not worth caring about. And its not like i just assume that people feel that way about me cause im not naive, I can tell when I'm not I'm important to someone. I feel like everyone has a selfish motive for sticking around cause they only want something from anybody and i just so happen to be convenient for them. And I've been trying to cut myself off from these people, but I always meet new people who are just the same. I cant really explain it in a way to make someone completely understand what I'm going through, but for the past couple months , I've just been so unhappy and I don't know how to let myself trust someone enough to talk about it. But in the past month, it's just gotten worse and it's just gotten to the point where I need to do something about it. I think i know what the core of my problem is because recently there was a similar event that brought back these self worth issues I hadn't felt since I was a kid, but i dont know how to make enough sense of it to see if it's really something I need to address in order to completely move on from this. I just really hate feeling like this, and recently in my life I've met two people who Ive began to actually trust but I'm just so sensitive that the tiniest things they do even if it wasn't in their intentions to hurt me, make me pull further away. I just want to be able to trust someone for once. I feel like I've held myself back emotionally for too long cause of the lack of people in my life who actually cared about me but even though I find people who genuinely care about me there's always that thought in the back of my mind that tells me not trust them or that I don't deserve anyone like that. I into know what to do. *Don't know what to do, theres probably more mistakes but its hard to write on the here with my phone
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Newt Newt | 8 days ago
Please give me a total list of all your present problems. I will suggest a good method for each and every problem. Slow and steady wins the race. I will gradually proceed until I make you fully conversant and familiar. It is really good venture to tease the mind of people here. By the way is it your own question or have you borrowed it from somebody else. There are three types of problems, which we humans face. One is because of fate or bad luck. Second one is because of indulgence in wrong or negative thoughts, speeches or actions and the third one arises because of victimization, harassment, mental torture, cruelty meted out by others. Please don't worry at all. Be always optimistic in life with high hopes and aspiration. For each problem, there is a good remedy. Know for certain where there is a will, there can be several ways.
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Newt Originally Answered: I dont know how to deal with my mother?
hi sweeteart i take it you are the oldest one and all around the world the oldest one always seems to get it in theneck all the time ,ok youre mum is as you say controlling you ,but she is moving into new area with you being 16 and all the mistakes that she has made in her life she is now scared that you are going to start making them and i know what you mean when you say youre nothing like her but every mum gets this gut reaction that there kids are going to suddenly go of the rails ,hell i did when my kids where at youre age ,the fact is youre going to make mistakes ,we are human and we all do it but for mums we see ""oh no not this or that "so we panick i know its not fair ,but we are so used to for so long that you need us 100% that we get stressed at the thought that you dont need us any more and that is more than likely where youre mum is ,you say talking doesnt work so write her a letter and tell her how youre feeling and what you would love to have between you and her ,i hope ive helped you ,take care youre a good daughter,and youre mum does love you and she really isnt trying to ruin youre life xx

Kirby Kirby
Ok, first, take a deep breath. Ok, it seems you have a very low self-esteem which is affecting your overall wellbeing. The best advice I can give is to use positive self talk. Pick up a small object that you like, it should fit cosily into your hand. Then rub it or play with it and whist doing so, think of life as positive. Think that everyone does appreciate you. Think you are beautiful and turn all those negative into positives. Now, that object has all your thoughts stored in it. Where ever you go, where ever you are, keep that object with you. It should be in your pocket all the time. When ever you feel insecure, rub it and all those thoughts should flush back into you. Talk to your guidance councillor and he/she will advise you of what you can do. Maybe join a sports team or a social sports team where you can meet new people and get some exercise. When you exercise, your mind forgets most of the bad things. Go for a run, it'll clear your mind as well ---- add some party music to it and forget your worries. Other than that, you have to convince yourself that you are loved, that people do care about you. Those two people you've recently met, make sure you dont lose them. Tell your mind to sort itself out and that these people are trustworthy. It's all in your head, change your outlook on life and be positive! It may be hard but you have to be strong. Explore the world, there's over 7 billion people now, you will find someone who you can trust and rely on (that's why you should join a team, meet new people)
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Huxley Huxley
Girl I know exactly how you feel. I went through that phase and I'm still slowly getting out of it. Honestly, what you have to do is stay positive and know that you're blessed. Think of what you are blessed with that other people you know aren't blessed. If you feel like you can't trust them, keep a distance from them. I honestly have no one I can trust 100%, and I'm okay with that. You have to know that you always have yourself and you are your own bestfriend. Now a days, you really can't trust nobody. I've felt exactly how you felt for a year, and let me tell you, I feel WAY better than I ever did before. I promise god has something better in store for you. He wouldn't put you through any situation he couldn't pull you out of. Just remain positive sweety!
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Eryk Eryk
i completley understand how you feel. you may feel worthless but i promise youre not. there are many people that care about you even though you may not know it. if you stop talking to the people who make you feel like this for a while and if you cant find anyone who makes you feel better just dont talk to anyone. it works. i promise. after a while youll find someone that dosent make you feel like that. also you should make a tumblr. theres people on there that you can talk to that are alot better at this stuf than i am.
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Eryk Originally Answered: Should I help her and deal with my problems later?
You sound like that kind of person who has trouble saying "no". You need to take care of your education first and foremost. It's nice to help and get together sometimes but she needs to do her own work too. If it is hard to say "no", then make of list of good excuses to use that aren't too mean. Just saying "I have tutoring class tonight, sorry" is good and not mean. If she can't understand this, then she isn't a friend worth keeping around and she is only dragging you down.

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