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Essay due.please help? Topic: Role of media essay
July 21, 2019 / By Opher
Question: I have to write this essay... Can someone dumb down this essay question for me? im not a total moron..but this essay question is very confusing for me What role should local television stations play in a community, given that despite a proliferation of the number of channels and technological advances, media outlets are owned by fewer and fewer mega-corporations? Is this a desirable or undesirable situation? Defend your position.
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Layton Layton | 7 days ago
desirable, because many TV channels (meaning many options for viewers) but owned by same big companies (meaning the message delivered to viewers would be the same)
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Jackson Jackson
As major corporations buy smaller television stations, radio stations, and Internet news/entertainment sites, there are fewer and fewer local media producers. Even though technology has allowed media producers (large corporations and local tv broadcasters alike) to expand their product, is the benefit of this variety negated by the big corporations as they acquire more and more smaller organizations? When I was growing up (in the 80's) local tv stations did a lot for the community. They sponsored fund-raising events, community get-togethers, etc. Do you think there is still a place for that? Does the fact that many of these small media outlets are getting bought by big corporations make that less common? Does it matter (that is, do local tv stations really do much for their communities; would that make a difference to you and your family)? Stevejensen (below) kind of touched on this in his first paragraph: with locally owned stations, there is a much closer connection to the local community. They're easy for locals to approach and learn about their operation, or participate in local events. If these smaller broadcasters are owned by mega-corporations, they may not necessarily care about what's going on in little old Avacado Heights, California. Or, do you think it's okay for big corporations to acquire smaller media outlets, all in the name of giving the customers better quality at lower prices (so they say).
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Finlay Finlay
I will give it a try. With more choices and less control by big corporations local stations have a chance to do their own thing. It may be desirable because they can show content that bigger other stations wouldn't, things that local people care about. It may be undesirable because the local stations may not be getting the network resources they once did from the "mega" corporations and as a result they can't produce worthwhile content. Something along those lines maybe?
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Darden Darden
what role should local tv stations play in the community... even though theres a large number of high tech stuff and variety of channels( theres alot of different channels to choose from now a days)-- newspapers, tv stations, and anywhere you get news are not owned by many real big corporations -- and its getting to be fewer... do you think its a good thing or not? and why do you think that?
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Azariah Azariah
Here, I phrased the question a little differently. What should local tv stations do for us, and for the towns and areas we live in? What should we use the tv stations for? (entertainment? Informing people of local news and events? education?) There are lots and lots of channels on TV today, and we have all kinds of new technology (cable, satellite, the internet), but there are only a few big companies that own most of these tv channels. Is it good or bad that just a few companies own all the tv channels? Give a good explanation of why you think it's good or bad.
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Wenona Wenona
Look at the key words. Role + local TV + Community Megacorporations+ desirable+ not desirable? Defend
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