Which one of these comforters would go best with my color scheme?

Which one of these comforters would go best with my color scheme? Topic: Schemes of work
May 25, 2019 / By Tibby
Question: All of my furniture is maple wood, and my room is this color: http://www.benjaminmoore.com/bmpsweb/portals/bmps.portal?_nfpb=true&_br=1&_pageLabel=fh_home&np=colors/2086-60 Heres the link to the different colors: http://www.thecompanystore.com/La-Crosse®-Down-Comforter-/-Duvet/CX22x_03,default,pd.html?start=2&cgid=comforters-down&prefn1=color&prefv1=Pink Also if you don't like any of those choices, what do you think the best color would be? (I want to get a solid color comforter) BQ: What color desk should I get, white or maple?
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Best Answers: Which one of these comforters would go best with my color scheme?

Rafe Rafe | 10 days ago
Pink and brown is always nice, as long as it's a deep, rich brown. But I'm partial to pink with navy. I think they bring out the best in each other. As far as the desk goes, if you get maple, make sure the wood matches well with the rest of the furniture, or it will stick out like a sore thumb. White will work well with the color scheme, and you could use just a few white accessories throughout the room to tie it all together.
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Rafe Originally Answered: I need help with a chosing a color scheme for my first duplex apartment! :]?
You're half way there as far as the colours you naturally love..how exciting! Blue (or blue-violet) is a complementary colour of the greens and browns you mention so it's not going to be hard to make those colours 'flow' throughout your house. Browns are a shade of red or red-orange. The complementary colour of red (and all it's tints, tones and shades) is green (and all it's tints, tones and shades). If you're using (or wanting) 3 or 4 other colours that will match your brown (from the red palette) then you'll have blue-violent; green and yellow-orange: the colours of autumn!! That said you can have a bedroom with the key colour (major colour) blue, secondary colour chocolate and accent colours yellow-orange and better still you can also add yellow-greens (ie the mossy colour), orange and red-violet (burgundy type colours). With your master bathroom you can do a yellow-white (ie white with the softest yellow tint to remove the starkness) and accessorise with complementary colours from your bedroom and living area; namely 'autumn colours'. Have bright funky towells, flowers, bathroom dishes or floor mats. If you have room in your bathroom you might like to select a piece of wooden furniture a similar colour to your other furniture, to have in your bathroom as a stand alone cupboard, shelf or rack of some sort. I personally think keeping 'white' as the key colour in a bathroom is important because its typically one of the smallest rooms in the home, needs to be crisp, clean and easy to maintain. That said, you could tile half way up your bathroom walls, put on some beading (wooden or brushed steel, painted or not) and paint the remainder in a blue tint to carry through the colour scheme from the bedroom. The way I see it you've got a lot of options. If it comes down to selecting paint colours don't forget 'it's only paint' and if you really don't like a colour it's not too difficult to repaint. As well as this, buy sample pots and paint your walls (or large sheets of paper) and view the colour in natural light at various times of the day. Good luck and have fun!
Rafe Originally Answered: I need help with a chosing a color scheme for my first duplex apartment! :]?
What great furniture! That shad of mossy green is beautiful. Think of leaves in the fall. Rusty oranges, shades of green, taupe/tan/shell/beige, golden yellows, deepest reds It sounds to me like browns are the unifying color. Maybe brown striped towels with a rusty orange as the accent for the master bath. Or for something a little lighter a nice peachy orange. Hope this helps. I know it will be beautiful. You have good taste. :)

Markus Markus
Personally I would go with a lime green comforter, but I like really bright things. It would be a big contrast with your wall color. Since you already have maple furniture in your room you could keep the theme with a maple colored desk to tie everything together.
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Jerold Jerold
berry comforter too highlight the pink in the room .. and maple desk to go with the rest of the furniture .. good luck
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I think a neutral color pallet is a wise choice for the largest items: flooring, walls and couch. I would not add a bunch of more green to match the turtle tank, but perhaps some decorative pillows with some green in them would work well. I also would not go with a solid rug, but one with a pattern or at least one with texture. Otherwise the room will look bland. Use a neutral print on the curtains and rug to add texture, depth and interest to the room. The couch color you selected makes perfect sense. However, those wide pillow top arms are going out of style, so you may elect to find one that has narrower arms which will look less outdated over the course of time.

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