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Help with essay please? Topic: Good hooks for essays about school
July 24, 2019 / By Eliot
Question: I have a 5 paragraph letter due tomorrow and i need to persuade my parents to get me a dog. the instructions say to begin the first paragraph mentioning the topic but without making a request. please help me with a hook!!
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Chauncey Chauncey | 4 days ago
Dear Mom and Dad, I thought I would take a minute to write you this letter to let you know why I have been moody and crying these past two days. Chad dumped me for Becky on Sunday and I am hurting so badly inside that I just haven't been able to talk about with hardly anyone. I just feel so lonely. Chad was more than a boyfriend, he was MY BEST FRIEND. I thought about taking a hobby, but school is going to be difficult this year and will need to study a lot. I feel I need some companionship,but not with another guy, definitely not with a guy for good long while. I thought something to get me out of the house every day would be good at to give me motivation and something to look forward to after school I thought maybe I could put go to Aunt Marys' and play with Skipper, but she lives so far away that I would need a car just to get there and since I have no license yet that would not be practicable................... (Ok here you go, good luck!!)
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Chauncey Originally Answered: When writing an essay can I put a quote related to the essay above the essay?
umm, usually quotes go in the essay, in the paragraph with the topic that you are talking about. and essay's dont have figures or images on them.

Alvred Alvred
I am not sure how creative your mind will get after you have started, but I can only think of the intro. "Hey Mom and Dad, have you ever thought of getting a dog?". Though this is a question it is NOT a request. If somebody else finds something better than I did then in all means use it, I don't know what the sensitivity level is on your teacher and therefore will not request that you take a risk of starting with a question unless you find nothing better.
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Thomasine Thomasine
A good thesis statement would be: A teenager who owns a dog has a better chance of doing well in school than one that has no dog at all. A dog reinforces responsibility in the teenager keeping them more focused on their studies.
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Roseann Roseann
All kids should have dogs. Dogs benefit children in many ways. For example, it gives kids a conversation starter to make friends. Also, it gives kids the opportunity to understand responsibility. Etc., etc. Just list the reasons dogs are great for kids, and yourself, without being too obvious. For example, I think it would give me something to care for, and allow me to have the feeling of being needed in someone's life. good luck
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Mya Mya
What are the advantages to having a dog? Advantages that your parents would like to hear? Having a dog because it's fun, you're lonely, and your friends all have one isn't a reason they care about. My brother and I convinced our mother to buy us pizza because of its advantages: It contains grains (crust), vegetables (tomato; so we thought at the time), dairy (cheese), AND meat (pepperoni). We just about had the entire food pyramid covered by eating the pizza our dear, sweet, caring mother would provide for us. What parent doesn't want their children to eat healthy? So, what's something your parents want for you? To learn responsibility perhaps? To be selfless, maybe? To exercise? Perhaps they want you to leave them alone so they can have one-on-one time? Find that out and relate it to owning a dog. Show your parents (and your teacher) how you can achieve those very things they want by owning your own adorable pooch.
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Mya Originally Answered: MLA essay format: Does the works cited page count as part of the essay length?
Your numbers aren't adding up. You should send him an email even if he doesn't respond. If you send it and he doesn't respond, you can blame him, unless he clearly defined the assignment in other ways. If you just forgot what he said, then you should contact some classmates to clarify their understanding. Normally, a 6 page MLA essay would be 6 pages plus any works cited. So 2 pages of works cited would make an 8 page paper for a 6 page essay. It makes no sense at all for an MLA paper to have 6 pages or 2 pages.

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