Tuition Assistance- what Branch of Armed Forces offers $100k(+)?

Tuition Assistance- what Branch of Armed Forces offers $100k(+)? Topic: How to write a test plan for website
July 24, 2019 / By Timmy
Question: I'm transfering to a UC in Fall 2009, where tuition is about $15k/ yr, and I want tuition assistance of at least over $10k/ yr. I am considering joining the armed forces; I want the most tuition assistance possible b/c I plan to remain in college for many years, pursuing various graduate degrees. Which branch offers the most tuition assistance? Ultimately I will probably incur something like $150k in debt, and my boyfriend something like $200k, so which branch, under which program or whatever, will help the most, Without a Yearly Cap of something like $4500. AND How much of a commitment would extensive tuition assistance entail- a 4 yr contract or more? P.S. Does the ROTC help in this way? I want to learn some foreign languages- will that help with tuition assistance? P.S.S. My boyfriend and I would like to join the same branch together, and try to write into our contracts to always remain together. Will a contract allow for a commitment that my boyfriend and I CANNOT be separated if we end up marrying beforehand??? Yeah I know this is a lot to ask, BUT I figured that since recruitment levels are so low, the different branches would have beefed up their benefits. The tuition assistance isn't the only reason I'd want to join. I only ask which branch helps the most because I don't want to live with debt for years and years, and which branch helps the most would be the deciding factor for choosing among the many different branches that would otherwise be pretty indistinguishable- I don't see much of a difference b/t the Marines or Army, so I ask the direct question b/c I want to know if one has a program that better firs my circumstance. Also, I mention my boyfriend ONLY in the context of if we were married- I DON'T expect the Military to keep young lovers together, only married people. What I meant about the recruitment levels was with reference to around the time of the surge, when 3.8% of recruits tested below desired aptitude levels, and about 17% of new recruits were excused of "various medical, moral or criminal problems, including misdemeanor arrests or drunk driving," as evidence of reduced standards that I assumed were prompted by low recruiter levels. Sorry if I misled since I was thinking about the recruiting of about 2 yrs ago. See website- http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archive... Also, I was thinking about how the Army raised the age cap from 40 to 42 about two years ago. So maybe recruiting has gone up, but not without some laxed standards. See website- http://www.military.com/features/0,15240... God those responses make me feel so selfish. Thanks for making me feel like **** for trying not to live in debt.
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Rama Rama | 6 days ago
Army ROTC, NROTC, NROTC MO scholarships pay full tuition without limit. Plus a tax free stipend of several hundred dollars per month. For a Stanford undergrad, any of those would be worth around $140,000 over 4 years but at Berkeley the benefits will only approach this level for an out of state student. The ROTC courses can also be completed by graduate and professional school students and at Boalt(now renamed Berkeley Law School) this Fall the tuition is going to be over $40,000 in state. I don't see how ROTC scholarships can be used for multiple degrees unless it was a co-terminal degree program like a 4 year JD/MBA. Stanford has co terminal BA/MA's, but to my knowledge Berkeley doesn't. Any ROTC scholarship, regardless of number of years scholarship benefits were received, entails a 4 year service commitment. After serving as an officer, the GI Bill is available to pay for graduate or professional school. For health professions there is the HPSP scholarship. It pays around $2000/month plus full tuition, more in the summer when paid as a 2nd Lieutenant. On graduation, the rank jumps to Captain bypassing 1st Lieutenant. HPSP involves a direct commission as a 2nd Lt. before entering Medical School. It can follow ROTC as an undergraduate but it would not be a good idea to combine with ROTC at the undergrad level at a low cost public university like Berkeley because the active duty service commitment will be 8 years as a doctor. There are no contracts like you are referring to between boyfriend and girlfriend, or even husband and wife. There are a certain number of rotc, nrotc, nrotc mo, and afrotc scholarships specifically for those majoring in certain foreign languages. Learn more about rotc, nrotc, nrotc mo and afrotc at Berkeley: http://military.berkeley.edu Good Luck!
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Rama Originally Answered: Armed Forces?
When I was Recruiting 2003-2006 there was a Dept of Defense release a report the claimed 85% were middle class which was the 40K to 200K range (middle class)10% above that income range (upper income) and 5% (lower income) below that salalry range. It was based on the average household income by the zip codes the applicants came from. Those #s deffinatley held true in my area. The study was done becase so many were saying that were soliciting the poor with flase promsie and an escape from a bad life. That just wasn't true. We took anybody that quailified rich, poor or anywhere in the middle. try googling Military enlistment demographics and see what you find. Good Luck!

Marquis Marquis
I would strongly advise against joining the Armed Forces just to get tuition assistance. Joining the military includes an overwhelming degree of commitment, and sacrifice. You'll likely need to put off your education because you'll be so busy serving out your contract. Also, the G.I. Bill isn't free. You need to pay into that. They don't just give it to you for serving, although with the new one being developed, I'm not too sure what applies anymore. Also...you and your boyfriend will never be able to get it written into your contracts to always remain together. Even married couples aren't guaranteed to stay together. I'm also curious to know who told you the recruitment levels are low? With the economy the way it is, people are flocking to join. The military aren't really hurting in numbers right now. Go talk to an adviser at your college, see what loans, bursaries, or scholarships you're eligible for, and good luck. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realize you said you'd get married beforehand. Teaches me to read a little better, but like I stated in my original answer, there are no guarantees. You could try, and maybe get lucky, but in the end, there is the chance you'll be separated. Also, all the branches offer the same amount of tuition assistance. Good luck again!
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Jerry Jerry
There is no way that any branch of the military will guarantee that you and your boyfriend will be together in the contract, even if you are married at that time. It isn't possible. you will go where you are needed. You cannot have the military pay for you tuition and you stay in school for many years getting numerous graduate degrees. The Tuition Assistance you are talking about is for AD personnel and they are limited to 16 credits or $4500 a year max, they cannot go over that at all. If they do then it comes out of their own pocket or the GI Bill. And actually they are not short on personnel right now contrary to what you believe. Edited to add: If you want the military to pay for your college then you better be ready to commit yourself to serve in the military for at least 4 years as an Officer. You cannot go to college continuously before serving, you get your degree you serve your time. While you are AD you could look into then using Tuition Assistance to further your degree or you could look into the military paying for your Masters if it will be of benefit to them. If you are honestly serious about this, then find out from the UC you are going to what programs them offer in ROTC. Sometimes they can be full, so then you need to sit down and speak to a Recruiter. If you want help then consider the Reserves or National Guard. But be warned that you can be called up still and have to serve with any branch of the military.
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Gillespie Gillespie
you are not understanding how military service works. TA is capped at $4500 per year period, across all five Branches. you CANNOT attend college full time while serving Active duty. not gonna happen and not gonna be allowed. you do not get the GI Bill until you have served 3 years..and in no way whatsoever will to cover that much tuition.. it is based on the average tuition of a public state owned college. ROTC scholarships are hard to come by and may not cover everything. some schools for instance do NOT provide no cost room and board to ROTC scholarship holders. you don't get to make demands. you and your BF will be sent wherever you are needed, PERIOD. spousal co location is NEVER a guarantee and is not even an option if you are not married. you try and pull that crap and you will be not so politely shown the door. and FTR the recruiting levels are at PLUS 100% for the last five or six months. that's right.. they are allowing more people than they need in.
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Donovan Donovan
Your asking way to much for even the military. I suggest scholarships, financial aid and grants. As far as you and your BF staying together that isn't going to happen. Needs of the military always come first even if you are married. EDIT: The recruitment level isn't low they have been met and exceeded. EDIT2: My husband and I were both Active Duty Army. Both had aviation MOS's. There will always be times when you can't be together because of duty, schools, etc. They have a program to try and keep you together but it doesn't always work. With you wanting to do all this school it will be hard. Deployments happen.
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Donovan Originally Answered: Thinking about joining the armed forces, what do u think?
Chances are, if you join the Air Force or Navy, you won't see combat. However, there's always a chance, and you will definitely get deployed to the shitholes of the world regardless of what your recruiter tells you. If you're joining for the experience, more power to you. Find a job that gives expertise, (air traffic controller, avionics tech, engine mechanic, etc) and do that. Ask friends who have been in and see what they have to say. It's not the combat that makes people hate their lives in the military; it's the fact that you quite often have to do stupid crap, and you're held to military discipline to do it. It's 1 in the morning, and the staff sergeant decided that he needs to make sure that everyone is in the barracks... so he wakes everyone up without warning and makes you stand outside your door for half an hour while he painstakingly checks every door to make sure people aren't UA. And it's a workday. Parking lot is clean? Don't care, police it again, cause I have nothing for you to do but want you to look busy. Doing five years of that, especially when you're in a technical job, is infuriating. I'm a radio tech; I fix radios for air traffic control towers. My primary occupation right now is pushing a mop. Yep, I'm a janitor with the equivalent of an associate's degree, and I get paid about 1200 dollars a month. Awesome. It's not terrible, (I enjoy my job, or at least the decent parts of it) but it's definitely not something you want to just blindly rush into. Do your research. Mike

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