~I'm going to be a writer and i need help with somthing~?

~I'm going to be a writer and i need help with somthing~? Topic: Writing a book review example
July 23, 2019 / By Anita
Question: ok i like to write storys. i haven't gotten any of them published becuase i want to review them and all. but a lot of times i work so hard on a story then find out mounths later a story simular to my story has been published recently. so i can't pubish some of my stories becuase someone stole the idea. so i am wondering is there anything out there that will ensure whatever i write even if i don't publish it can be so no one can copy my idea. like the title of my story can't be copyied or just the idea of whatever story i created cannot be published by someone else. if there is how to i get it. and if this happens again and somone copys my story or title of my story. what do i do to like sue or get whatever they have off the marcket so it can't be published. anyways thanks for whoever helps.
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Wilson Wilson | 9 days ago
It is hard being a writer and such, but the only thing you have to have is perseverance. There are many books out there that have the same title, but guess what? Different authors! There are many books out there that have the same meaning too. A good book has a good moral in it. If you want to write a book with a very good moral or something like that, then do it in a different sort of way. For example, a story about "The Princess and the Pea" you could write about "The Prince and the Pebble." Do you get what I am saying? Thinking of titles are also hard too, but the really good thing about picking a title is having a title that is unique and that no author has thought of yet. It can be hard, but you will soon get the title that you will love. If you need any help with writing stories, ask your families and friends about this problem. They can help you. I hope you find this answer alright. Good-luck on being a writer, you'll do great! :) KEEP ON WRITING!
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September September
No one is stealing your ideas my dear. And if you keep giving up on writing every time something marginally similar to yours gets published, you will never finish, let alone be an actual writer. And furthermore, no one is stealing your titles when they probably had the title for much longer than you had originally thought of. You cannot sue or pull items off the market just because they got there first. I am a technical/business/copy writer and the material I have written is often stuff that has already been written about thousands of times. Each writer always has their own spin, their own flavor to a piece even if the subject being covered is one that thousands have already done. Finally, if your passion is to become a writer, please consider several classes in writing. Your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure is severely lacking. Far too many errors at this point. You need to strengthen your craft first and then consider publishing. No one will take you seriously when your writing is that bad.
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Nethaneel Nethaneel
You can't copyright ideas in your head. There is nothing original anymore out there, and how do you know they "stole" it, and not you? Publishing and writing takes a long time, they must have had the ideas for years. But you can't sue unless you have proof they stole it FROM YOU specifically. If you wrote something, showed it to your best friend, then she published something very similar years later, if you had proof, you could sue her. but you would need a hell of a lot of proof
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Kimball Kimball
hi, im a potential writer and when i first started into the business similar things like that happened to me thats when i started to make sure my ideas were really unique, i did market research and reseaecrhed the kind of books out there. And i came up with a storyline that i was sure no one cud steal however, since u've nearly finished urs...go on ahead publish urs. As long as urs is not exactly the same its fine. thing of it as healthy compotition. have u read the persons book whos similar to urs? Yours cud be better. dont get worried about it. let fellow readers decide if urs is better or not good luck hope this helps ppp
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Hugo Hugo
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