Decisions decisions? the husband using wifes account?

Decisions decisions? the husband using wifes account? Topic: Worst case scenario game buy now
May 25, 2019 / By Jannah
Question: I'm in the market for a gun but i have real problem , money and not just wanting one gun i wont / need two guns .... i live in a ruff neighbored and cant make up my mind if to get a handgun / springfield armory xd 9 mm or a tactical rifle/ rem 700 sps tactical 308 . one for home defense one for hunting . but at this time( one )is all i can afford and to note i already have an sks with a tasco stock and 1 thirty round clip and 1 forty round clip pluss hundreds of rounds for those mags . not the best idea for home defense considering i live in an apartment and not the best for a real all round hunting rifle that will drop most animals in north-america within at least 350 to 400 yards . its more of a combat / urban warfare rifle that fires rounds that penetrate plenty of materials . so seeing that all in all i have a gun (sks) that does do the job of either roll with the right type of ammo the idea of the 7.62x39 going through a wall and accidentally killing someone that is innocent and also not being able to really reach out and touch something / animal puts me in a bit of a conundrum . what to do ? and let it be known i do have a lot of gang members living all around me plus lots of homeless people all over the place and i have a wife and child . my concern is that the way things are going in the world would the sks fill most of that roll or to be honest if the $h!t hit the fan i would need a rifle that would put food on the table .the sks would do the job of protection if that was the case (worst case scenario) and drop animals too. so what should i do ? buy the hand gun or the rifle . i want honest opinions , which one is worth its weight in gold ? plus i do know that some time down the road i need to buy some version of a 22lr for small game but that is down the road . oh and wife hates me being so protective . i don't really have the money for this purchase but im a better safe and prepared than sorry kind of guy. and if there are any suggestions on any rifle 308 that is accurate and a handgun 40 cal that is in your best and honest opinion a quality fire arm that would be cheaper than 750.00 so that i might be able to get both (rifle / handgun) id be vary appreciated if you could give me your two cents on what make and model i should look at . wow im starting to like johns idea of using glasers for $14 bucks a six pack in the sks for home defense . do those things really disintegrate on impact ?
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Ethelfleda Ethelfleda | 3 days ago
buy a cheap used mossberg 500 or one of its many clones. like $160. 12 gauge, pump action, 5+1 shotgun. a basic home defense & hunting gun if you want/. #4 birdshot for home defense and your choice of bird, buck or slug for hunting. if money is an issue right now also consider a hi point c9; its like $150 and probably the best handgun you can buy under $400. accurate, reliable, simple, rugged and inexpensive. 9mm caliber easy to find ammo and inexpensive to practice frequently. its cheap so if you find you don't like it no big loss, wouldn't set you back too much. pretty easy to dump it too if you change your mind, price it at like $100 or tell the people on hi point firearm forums and they'll gladly take it off your hands.
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Claudette Claudette
You already have an SKS rifle. Such a rifle can harvest game animals up to the size of deer and it has an effective range of 150 yards. You could try it on larger game animals, but it wouldn't be as effective. (In an emergency, you'll use what you have at the moment.) The SKS is effective for home defense, but there are two concerns to be aware of... ~over-penetration of projectiles may endanger bystanders ~noise from firing a rifle indoors, especially without hearing protection. For home protection and concealed carry, a handgun is preferable. For home protection only, a shotgun is very effective. But it's difficult to carry concealed while outside of the home. If you don't have the money to purchase a new firearm, then don't spend yourself into deeper debt. Just make the best use of the SKS you already have. Purchase some quality ammunition intended for your situation. There are other common-sense things you can do that may improve your home defense situation and help you remain safe while traveling outside your home. I suggest reading articles about making your home less attractive to thieves and home-invaders. I suggest also reading about personal-defense practices and strategies to keep you and your family safe while away from home.
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Becca Becca
Buy a Cheap used 12 GA and load it woth bird shot. Pump would be best. When you pump a round into the chamber whoever just came in will get the heck out. Load with bird shot because you won't have the over penetration you would have with any rifle or 00 Buck but you will have plenty of stopping power within your Apt. You can pick up pump 12 GA in Mossberg or Remington for a lot less than an XD or 308 in Rem 700 and might even find you can get both. I buy used Rem 870 and used Mossberg for as low as $150 and sell them for 200-300 when opportunity knocks. If you look you should be able to pick one up for $200 without much trouble.
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Adenah Adenah
Because of financial restraints I would buy 1 or 2 6 paks of Glasers for the SKS @ $14 ea.. These are specifically made to be safe to innocents in an apt. building as they disintegrate in a wall or in your target. Again because of finances the SKS could be used in a SHTF scenario and is adequate up to 100 yd. For a pistol the best BFTB would be a Rock River 45 or a Bersa around $400-450
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Teman Teman
Neither. Buy a shotgun. Great in the close quarters you are talking about while not over-penetrating and hurting someone you don't want hurt. If things really go south you can kill deer with buckshot or buy a rifled choke tube. That tube with slugs , while not super accurate, will kill anything in North America at 100 yards. Also you can get this cheaper than either the pistol or the rifle.
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Teman Originally Answered: How to make big decisions.?
Depends what the opportunity is. You've said it's an opportunity to do something really amazing. isn't that answer enough? Will you regret it forever if you don't do it? Sometimes it's best instead of overthinking something, to just go ahead and do it. I ended up living in Spain for 9 months on a spur of the moment kind of thing, and it's the best thing I ever did! As long as it's nothing illegal and won't cause yourself or others any harm, then stop over-thinking and just do it! You will regret it if you don't, and if you don't like it, you can just leave or know not to do it again! Throw yourself in the deep end!!

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