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July 21, 2019 / By Bevis
Question: I never thought this would happen. Just in general, let alone to me. I can't believe in stuff like this, I never have. I mean, jeez, I stopped believing in God and magic when my sister began her shallow attempts to kill me. I found out the tooth fairy and Santa were fake when I was six because my sister brutally beat me and told me they weren't real. What's going on? I thought I left childish beliefs like this behind when I was young. I thought I knew what the real world was when I was young because I knew the pain of being left out and abandoned by everyone. Even my parents. This...this isn't real. I won't believe that this is what I am. No. Never. Nothing can change my pain, so how can someone contradict everything I've gone through by saying ludicrous nonsense like this? I always knew I was different, I got that from the part where I've never had any friends, but this...this is total bullshit. No... I won't believe this...but...the evidence that it's truthful...it's solid. ^^This is that thing that authors put on the back of the book to make the readers interested and curious. Tell me, are you? NOTE: This is not about me. So don't think that my sister actually abuses me, I don't even have one. Thanks for the feedback everyone, even if it wasn't positive criticism, which I take everything you said in. Be sure to acknowledge that this is only my first draft of the blurb. Thanks everyone.
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Abnur Abnur | 8 days ago
The idea itself sounds like it could be really cool...I love books where the person finds out they have powers or are not human! but this definitely isn't how the description thingies on books are written! Do it in 3rd person and include a bit more of the info from the story so people have an idea of what the book is about. The amount of rambling thinking in this would turn me off to a book. Be more concise! I don't think people want to read a person thinking the same thought over and over again just worded differently. Sorry if I said this meanly! You could do a small quote from the book and have it on the back cover separate from the actual blurb though. Just less ramble-y!
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Sloane Sloane
Hmm. No however I think that if you change the way it's written such as language, words etc it would sound more interesting. I mean I think the story you are trying to write could potentially be really interesting. However I feel you should improve a little on your writing skills so it's more intriguing. Also it's called a blurb. :P Good luck :)
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Pollie Pollie
Neither a book flap nor the beginning of a story will have the rattlings of someone's mind. Start the story with something happening that will pique the readers curiosity and make them want to read more.
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