Has the world, in fact, changed for the better or worse?

Has the world, in fact, changed for the better or worse? Topic: Homework the bad
June 20, 2019 / By Keren-Happuch
Question: While society is currently undergoing many rapid changes, people disagree about their direction. Has the world, in fact, changed for the better or worse? What is your opinion and your position on whether the world has changed for better or worse? Please include specific details and examples from your own experiences or readings to support your point of view. Best answer goes for the most convincing argument!
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Best Answers: Has the world, in fact, changed for the better or worse?

Jackaline Jackaline | 2 days ago
We don't know, in fact, whether the world has changed for better of for worse. Your subject area is far too broad to make a decent argument, even if this were the forum. I don't want to do a position paper. If I did, you would have to state humanity's purpose for being here in the first place, to reasonably argue whether or not changes are good, bad or indifferent. No man knows if the changes are better, worse or indifferent. I am of the opinion that they are exactly the way they are supposed to be at this moment, and that's good enough for me. But it's not my homework and I'm not getting graded.
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Evan, Open your mind, expand your imagination. If you want a quick fix, you could probably watch some similar themed movies and draw from those. The best thing you can do is read more fantasy novels. See how other authors did the same thing you are trying to achieve, pay attention to the wording and description techniques. Many new writers fear accidental plagiarism if they read books while writing their own. In reality, reading is a great way to learn creative writing. Giving you the answer will only hinder your growth as a writer. Best of Luck, Robin

Elva Elva
There's always room for improvement. BUT, seeing the glass half empty is not quite "healthy" per se because it's comparing the actual to an ideal. I believe we humans and humanity is meant to be improving. While the pace and the paths chosen over others are questionable, we are making progress in many areas of life whether it be health communication psychology technology etc. My personal view on some of the cultural stuff is that while embracing modern approaches, traditions are left behind without in-depth questioning of their functions. Just because traditions don't "seem" logical enough doesn't mean they were totally obsolete to start with. They helped us to get to this level. They might be irrelevant to this day and age, but I think before completely detaching from traditional approaches we must look into their not-so-obvious functions and replace those with current more modern habits. Cheers
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Christen Christen
Older people sometimes like to ***** about "kids today" while seemingly forgetting that they were the same way when they were young. I think people today actually are much more civilized than they were a few decades ago. There's much more tolerance, even acceptance of different cultures, races, sexualities, etc. The 1950's were arguably the worst decade of the twentieth century, things have been improving since. Sure there was the effort of Ronnie Reagan to bring McCarthyism back but it didn't succeed. People are much more caring these days. Look at how many kids are getting turned on to struggles for social justice. Look at how many kids are turning away from negative ideologies like capitalism and religious fascism. Yeah, there are attempts to turn kids into passive shoppers, but more and more of them are giving corporate crap hucksters the finger. Point is, we might have the most moral generation in history.
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Autumn Autumn
worse when it comes to loss of faith in Christ, morality, global warming, lack of population control, and the economy better when it comes to technology
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