Where can i find sponsors to start a business?

Where can i find sponsors to start a business? Topic: Business plan development
July 24, 2019 / By Rizpah
Question: I am looking to raise $4,000 to complete my startup package for a real estate related business. I have $7,000 already in hand or accounted for. Does anyone know sites or local areas (preferably DC area) that will do sponsoring? Thanks.
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Misti Misti | 9 days ago
The local business development center or the chamber of commerce might know investors. Also the banks have contacts or, if your business plan is good, might give you a loan.
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It is not easy to find an employer willing to sponsor you, especially if you are looking from outside the US. There are no job boards of companies seeking to accept foreigners. If you apply with online job sites as Monster.com, it will be hard to get any response whatsoever because you are competing with US job seekers that employers don't have to worry about the costs and time spent arranging for the work visa sponsorship. However, you can still: 1. Continue to send resumes and job applications to US companies. Who knows, someone somewhere might like your experience and education background enough to sponsor you. 2. Go to the US on a tourist visa, and while here try to get job interviews. Employers are more likely to entertain you because they won't have to think of spending to get you here in the US just for the interview as you are already in the US. Otherwise, consider the other routes to getting a US visa -- marriage to a US citizen, or asking a relative to petition you for immigration

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What ever you see and you feel that it is within my capability and capacity such as finance, work force, knowledge of work, financing support, technical support, space, selling team, knowledge of markets etc.
Misti Originally Answered: Iam an MBA aspirant.want 2 start a business after pursuing MBA.Any1 tel me wat kind of a business can i start?
Having equipped a valuable agency over 30 years in the past, i comprehend that any human being who has a products or amenities to promote, and who keeps their dedication can construct a valuable agency if...they receives off their backsides and commence knocking on doors. at the same time as i began I had lost my interest, had 3 teenage sons, no money, no fancy brochures, no place of work... I did have expertise and journey and that i continually did what I instructed others i ought to do. i am going to't say that once i began that I loved the chilly call promoting yet as I kept knocking on the doors I quickly began to discover clientele. it doesn't remember what number competition there looks, i.e., in case you retain your commitments and...you're someone of integrity. personality defects will do you in. continually concentration on your customer's needs. promote to their needs no longer yours. once you've something to provide others then commence knocking on doors. once you're fearful of chilly call promoting then bypass to acquaintances and friends, tell them what you need to provide agencies and ask them in the journey that they comprehend of all people who may be interested on your products or amenities. in the journey that they do then ask them in the journey that they'll call that different once you're there and set up a gathering for you. at the same time as they are dialing say something like "tell them reliable issues about me and enable them comprehend i am going to satisfy with them Wednesday at 2 pm or Thursday at 10 am." in the journey that they in simple terms provide you with a attractiveness and inform you to call the social gathering you'll no longer have an same fulfillment as a chum soliciting for that they meet with yet another chum. i will not rigidity adequate the favor to maintain your be conscious and to be of reliable personality. at the same time as we gained't continually comprehend precisely why we do not believe someone, we do comprehend we do not believe them. when you're an straightforward, straightforward human being this can come for the time of to others and it is going to get you clientele. ultimately, ascertain that what you're pursuing is your pastime, what you'll in simple terms about do for no longer something because you want doing it a lot. Your enthusiasm will rub off on others and doing what you want is in no way artwork. reliable success and God bless.

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