What happens if i don't show up for a job interview?

What happens if i don't show up for a job interview? Topic: In-n-out jobs applications
July 24, 2019 / By Hollis
Question: Here's my story, i applied at in n out with one application at 3 places, and i got an email saying i was confirmed for an interview, but no information was provided, then they called me and we scheduled an interview, but i was so excited about the idea of a job that i forgot to ask them which location!! I reallly want this job but i don't know what to do. And they're not all so close to each other so i can't drive there all at once before the interview time. :(
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Edain Edain | 1 day ago
It is so much worse to show up then not call and ask where they are located. If you don't show up they will not consider hiring you, as it shows you are not responsible. The manager will be understanding if you call back and ask for the address. They don't expect you to have it memorized prior to working there.
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Chanté Chanté
In life you are going to ought to deal with circumstances like those. the style you strategies-set them is as much as you, yet there's a ideal and incorrect thank you to deal with them. No, it won't consequence your destiny employment possibilities at different businesses, even nonetheless that's unethical. the main suitable element could be to offer them a decision and say that the two something got here up and you ought to no longer be waiting to attend the interview, ie. you're going out of city, you're unwell, regardless of. Or via being blatantly honest and saying you at the instant are no longer involved interior the situation you're interviewing for and are sorry for any inconvenience. desire this helps. :)
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Anstace Anstace
Well, you are most likely to lose your opportunity of getting hired for the job. Can't you call them?
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