My Awesome friend is racist?

My Awesome friend is racist? Topic: Our food your questions case study
June 25, 2019 / By Lunet
Question: I live in Australia, and i used to live in the "asian" area in sydney, but moved to Perth. ( I am korean btw) There is exactly 4 asians in my whole school. I used to be bullied very harshly in primary school as they have never seen any asians before in their lives. Little kids (when i was in yr 5~6) would kick my sandwich out of my hand when im eating and ask if its an asian food etc. I was grown up hurt. Now im in yr 9, and i go to a catholic private. Most of the students are very mature and are not racist. But i have one friend that is not my BEST friend but not the type i am awkward around. I like her personality and etc but many times she makes racist remarks. My friends make a lot of jokes about asian and i laugh too.they think i am offended, and they keep saying after their comment "No offence" or "i don't mean you" When im not offended at all. But when they do offend me they don't know it. There is another asian girl (chinese) in my year group and i think she's the main reason why i breathe. Asian. haha. anyway, in yr 7 this friend kept yelling at her behind her back "Go back to your country, to chingchong china" and blah blah, then my other friend thought it was funny and got involved. I saw my asian friend ignoring the remarks and keep strolling. I felt for her and i felt so bad. Then my friends turned to me and asked "Isn't it funny? she should go back!" and i was devastated that they didn't realise it would also hurt me. I asked her "But im asian too?" and she said "But ur not chinese? although i don't even know where korea is hahahha" So i told the head teacher privately and hoping it would get solved. For people out there that believe it will work 100%, it doesn't really. It either does or doesn't. In my case, my teacher was very careful to tell her that she didn't get over the habit and still does it now. The question i want to ask is, how do i tell my friends that it is also offensive for me if they keep making fun of other asian countries and they should stop saying that all dumb looking people or smelly people and stuff like that are asians when they're not? I love my guys and i don't want to make the atmosphere awkward. I also don't want to look very sensitive :l :l Its really confusing when they think im offended when im not and when they do offend me they don't know it. I don't know how to mind control. What should i do with myself? Okay, well i was meaning "awesome" of my friend when she's NOT racist. If she was just a normal girl being racist then obviously not awesome but she is very friendly and helpful and lovely but. she's racist. Which is why i guess is a problem.
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Kaylee Kaylee | 5 days ago
I'm Asian too and have been studying in both the US and UK. The difference is I'm a guy. And, when they do racist jokes, I kicked the hell out of them... :) Seriously, you should have a good conversation with your 'good' friends just like you told us. Have a sit in a nice shop, taking whichever drinks your girls like, and told them nicely like a grown up would. If they don't understand you, tell them that Australia has always been inhabited by aborigine, and perhaps they, too, should go back to their countries.
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Hortense Hortense
The group you hang around with are making hurtful comments, if you can't change them directly to be more respectful of others, and you don't want to lose their company, then throw the same idea back at them. Being that you're in Austraila, you can go along with the idea that anyone in your crew who is white is born of criminals. There's plenty of offensive crimes to insinuate they or their ancestors performed. Be creative, but not spiteful. Like if one of them happens to make a racist comment and you say "yeah, sure" in response, you can always follow it with "so how did your sheep shaggin' go last weekend?" or "Oh you criminal decendants are all alike! By the way, how'd last night's plundering go?" Something along those lines. It might just lessen their use of racist remarks if you make your comments, while light hearted, just painful enough to put them on the edge of saying they are offended.
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Edith Edith
Welcome to Australia mate! You better get used to that kind of racism. For the most part, people make politically-incorrect racist jokes but they're just that, jokes. However you'll still probably experience 'true' racism in Australia at some point in your life especially in a place like Perth that's just so-not-Melbourne in terms of being multicultural. It sucks being a minority in Oz than in a place like States. And let's not forget that you're simply dealing with stupid kids at the end of the day anyways.
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Charita Charita
I think you'd better tell her what you worried about and how you feel directly , and see what will happen next. If you are her good friend,you have the responsibility to remind her some rude behavior without aspiring to change her.
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